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01 July 2011


After literally months of whinging against Cairns Council by Gavin King and Cueball MacKenzie, including this week's "insider prediction" of an 5% rate rise, Cairns Council stunned the Cairns Post with a 3.4% rate rise for the next year.  Recognising the tough economy in Cairns and tough circumstances of many residents, they listened and did the right thing.  THAT'S WHAT GOVERNMENT'S SUPPOSED TO DO - REFLECT THE WISHES OF THE PEOPLE!  

The Cairns Post take?  The call the additional average $100 a "slug", instead of the "love tap" that it truly is for those on struggle street.  The only slugs are the reporters being given their manipulative story leads and having to fill them with non-facts at the bidding of this sick, politically-driven editor.

King is now attacking the "lean budget" claiming that it should be filled with "innovative measures" instead of "disappointment".    Despite the fact that King has been attacking this council and their "big spending" for almost three years now!  It's sheer folly to suggest that a council budget can be used to create jobs and stimulate an economy that has withered because of state, commonwealth, and international conditions. 

Since MacKenzie has now been given this morning's script, we await more rantings from the two biggest sacks of shit in Cairns - John MacKenzie and Gavin King!


Liz said...

What the hell is driving King? We know Mackenzie is smitten with Byrne and hates Val Schier because she defeated Byrne. But King? Is he on the TAKE for someone? Does he have Mayoral ambitions for himself? Is he in love with Mackenzie? Whatever, his behaviour is obsessional and there has to be some driving force behind it. I really believe all will be revealed in time however.

Tony Hillier said...

What this cockeyed, myopic reporting graphically illustrates is that King is driving the Cairns Post agenda, and that agenda palpably is to besmirch Val Schier and simpatico councillors ad nauseam (with a view, no doubt, to having a right leaning, pro-development council elected next year, probably with Byrne back as mayor). King has been given carte blanche by the new editor/eunoch (whatever his name is), despite his failure to make an impact in Brisbane. It is a sad reflection of the continued deterioration of our daily organ. Cairns deserves better.

Bob R. said...

King genuinely doesn't know the difference between "hard hitting" and "obsessional". However I tend to think he is in someone's pocket.
Time will tell.

Sean said...

Yet another pile of elephant shite from the King Clown himself in today's Saturday Cairns Post (read online, because I refuse to pay for it). I see he gets to stand in for his new friend Rug(less) Nut on the Channel 7 Local News as well - or was that just a one off that I saw.

KitchenSlut said...

The King Parrot also gets a gig at ABC Far North as a book reviewer. I gather this also has the crew at our local ABC somewhat confused?

hieronymus bosch said...

Has anyone else noticed that it's mainly the same 14 dribblers who ring Cueball that also troll the Cairns Post website, imparting their (brown) nuggets of (shite) wisdom?

It would upset me if I didn't take solace in the fact that most of them will soon be nursed by their mail order brides (I have it on good authority that those immigrants are OK) till their dead from old age or with alzheimers brandishing brooms and chasing the reds from 'neath their beds in 1966.


athena said...

I see where King reckons in the Weekend Post that he's sick and tired of writing about the Council and claims that he has now written his last column. I wonder what brought this on? There is some slimy strategy at play here. So he can now start praising to the rooftops every week for the next year or so, the people he wants in at Council? I dare say we will find out.

Anonymous said...

Gavin King's chief trumpet blower Gavin King has announced in several thousand words that he will no longer write about politics. Who cares?

athena said...

I'm under no doubt that we will start seeing these gushing, slobbering mawkish tributes to candidates in the next CRC election, from the pen of King. I have no doubts there is a "team" (see cabal) of weasels waiting in the wings for the free PR to start.

Terry Vance said...

LOL athena. Could it be that Colonel Cush and "his team" are waiting to be suitably introduced (***fanfare***) to the people of Cairns? Yes, we can wait and see.