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08 July 2011


Last December, this blog reported the still-secret plans for the Cairns Post to move operations from Cairns and consolidate them with their Townsville operation.  We were widely criticised and attacked for what was described by Cueball Mackenzie as a "bullshit story".

Stuck sneakily into this week's newspapers was this easily-overlooked handbill which announces with maximum Gavin King spin that the big weekend edition of the Cairns Post will be printed "at our sister site in Townsville". . .the ugly, deformed sister apparently.  The benefit for Cairns?  More colour ads and "sharper printing". 

What about the massive SKILLED job losses 
we got in return, Gavin?? 
 What's the timetable for removal of the 
rest of the Cairns Post jobs???

Oh, and by the way - the paper won't be a "morning paper" anymore, because they can't get them here fast enough from Townsville.  They get it out Saturday morning in Townsville, but screw Cairns, read it on Sunday, mate! 

Obviously News Corp is a private company (run by criminals led by the Godfather Murdoch who break laws to get their stories).  But the next time they start to complain about the state or private companies taking jobs from Cairns, tell them to shut the fuck up.


Gavin Gobshite said...

If you thought the News of the World phone hacking scandal in the UK couldn't happen in Australia, think again.
Rupert Murdoch's News Limited owns the Cairns Post, where ethics, honesty, social responsibility and accountability and the public interest are spat upon daily by attention-seeking grubs like Gavin King.
And remember that News Limited is one of Australia's most corrupt companies, owning Melbourne Storm where it allowed fraud and financial deception to flourish, and the NRL, where drug-taking, sexual offences and betting scams are regular events.
Even worse an Australian court recently revealed that the company's chief executive, John hartigan, is a liar.
THis is from the ABC today:

Bruce Guthrie was sacked by Murdoch's Herald Sun and has written a book about his time as a Murdoch empire editor.

He says he is not surprised the phone-hacking scandal has led Rupert Murdoch to close the News of the World.

"Knowing the culture of the company, which is shoot first, ask questions later, and that there is a distinct lack of process at News, I'm not surprised this has happened," he told ABC Local Radio.

"I think the company has given us the greatest journalistic scandal that we've ever known.

"And I think with this announcement overnight that they've given us the greatest journalistic stunt."

He does not believe Mr Murdoch's News International will give up its share of the UK's lucrative Sunday tabloid market.

"I would like to have money on the [daily] Sun, which currently publishes on Monday to Saturday, coming out as the Sun on Sunday, probably Sunday week," he said.

Mr Guthrie said the decision to close the News of the World was a ruthless but ingenious business decision.

"Three days ago someone registered the domain name Sun on Sunday," he said.

"So forgive me for being cynical, but I would have thought that all they've really done is manage a bad brand out of existence and will replace it with another one."

Former British deputy prime minister John Prescott, an outspoken critic of Mr Murdoch's media empire, described the move as a typical management stunt by the Australian-born mogul.

"What he does, he gets rid of problems," Mr Prescott said.

"And in this case, nobody in the senior management who are clearly involved in these matters, Rebekah Brooks a clear example, none of those go. But the poor old workers at the News of the World are going, and there's no doubt it will become the Sunday Sun."

Today, News Limited chief executive officer John Hartigan (remember - he's the compulsive liar) told the company's Australian journalists "the behaviour that has been uncovered at the News of the World is an affront to all of us who value the integrity and credibility of good journalism, the reputation of the company and our own reputations as professionals."

"Phone hacking is the antithesis of everything we stand for. It is a terrible slur on our craft," he said in a statement to staff posted online.

"I am confident that the practices that have been uncovered in the UK do not exist in Australia, at News or any other respectable media outlet."

What crap.

The other thing to say about all this is that the closure of the News of the World will also be a carefully designed stunt to protect Murdoch father and son, who undoubtedly should take responsibility for their company's criminal actions and their morally reprehensible hacking of murdered people's mobile phones.
What Murdoch has done is stab hundreds of his own employees in the back to protect himself and his son.
Those of us who know News know that all this is just SPIN SPIN SPIN and LIES LIES LIES.
Just like what goes in the Cairns Post, formerly the world's second-shittiest newspaper.

Bob R. said...

So our week-end newspaper is going to be a "magazine" available on Sundays? Bloody hell.

Gavin Gobshite said...

That's right. when are the rest of the employees there going to get the boot.

because they will.
The rest of this rag is a certainty to go to Townsville, and in the long run all that will be here in editorial is the editor-at-large Gavin King (because he can suck harder than anyone else in the building.

And what is the cost of this disgusting secret betrayal of Cairns?

Can someone tell me how many man-hours does it take to prepare and print the weekend dump?

Why didn't the Cairns post announce the shift from Cairns and the loss of all those man-hours, given its campaign to keep jobs in Cairns?

Why did it try to keep this a secret?

The Cairns Post has been trying to hide the fact that it is taking a huge amount of work away from Cairns all the while it is attacking governments for doing the same (and it's stories on the State Government have been hysterical rubbish, like the rest of its so-called news).

Not only does this take work away from Cairns, it gives Townsville printers a big advantage over the Cairns rivals, which may mean the death knell for at least one local printer struggling with a lack of work, and even more people out of work.


Tiny said...

The accounts department is being "relocated" to Brisbane on the 1st of August.

Anonymous said...

How many jobs in the accounts department are they going to rip out of cairns when we need them the most??

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. This from today's Australian owned by phone hacker Rupert Murdoch and sister publication of the cairns Post:

APPLE is working to resolve a security hole in its iPhone and other mobile products that German authorities warned could allow cyber criminals to access confidential information or intercept phone conversations.

Not to mention immoral News Limited journalists-criminals.

And funny how one minute the News Online page was carrying a story on the UK phone tapping scandal and the next it wasn't.

Just goes to show what sneaky, low-life people - and I use the term advisedly - the publishers of the Cairns Post are.

Charlie said...

Isn't it strange that MacKenzie hasn't been giving the Cairns Post a big rev about printing in Townsville. He's ripped it into Val since the day she got elected. He's ripped into the Cairns Cultural Precint since it was announced. for years he's ripped it into anyone and everything that he didn't like or want. Yet here we see a local employment business transferring the printing of the paper to Townsville and the Accounts Department to Brisbane. Not a word of critism from MacKenzie. Once again he is showing the double standards we are all familiar with. Can we arraqnge to transfer MacKenzie to Townsville as no one here will miss him and I am sure no one in Townsville would want to listen to the self serving idiot. Also where are all MacKenzies callers on the issue. No one word from Bob Norman, Martin Tenni and his band of loyal dickheads. I mean last week the Cairns Post served it up to the Qld Government for not transferring Public Servants to Cairns and he's the same Paper sacking staff in Cairns and moving their business out of Cairns. Seriously they have lost all CREDITABILITY. I seems to me that as The Cairns Post is anti Labor, MacKenzie and his loyal dickheads are all anti Labor this is why they aren't bleeting loudly like they normally because they are support their Tory mates.

Terry P said...

On a lighter note, this skit from 1996 Fry and Laurie should surely be going viral soon as the world revolts against The Space Lizard and his evil minions like Gavin King.

Charlie said...

Folks I am sorry to be writing here again. I don't like to voice my opinion as often as this, but I can't help myself. To-days Cairns Post anf the king on Saturday has caused this. I tried to be objective and read the full story so that I could understand and form a view on what Gavvie was on about. Well its all about him again. As a journalist do we need to see his larger than life photo? I don't think so. I had to read more than 75% of his article before I got a feel for what he was trying to tell us. The last 25% he told us he was missing out on some things and it was all synical bullshit. Meaningless waffle. Nothing of consequence. All about him. Normally I wouldn't have bothered reading it but as I have been critical of King and his bullshit title "Editor at Large" I thought I'd read it to see if he had anything worthwhile to offer. Nothing. I certainly felt the article confirmed my opinion of him as an attention seeker big head. Is there any chance we can get him transferred to Townsville now that his paper is getting printed there and in doing so sacking local Cairns employees.

Tiny said...

In response to anonymous at 20:13.

There's 8 either going or already gone from the accounts department.

Bob R. said...

Christ, I've known some of the women who have worked there in accounts over the years. I guess they would be unjemployed now. What about advertisements? Are they staying?

Sam said...

Sadly, this is what technology can do.

Anonymous said...

The Cairns Post i barely worth reading anyway....very poor reporting...just look at the history of CEC and Nick Dalton's pathetic reporting on how fabulous the company woas doing..right up until their demise.....that's just one example...real hillbilly rag is the post...good riddance

Anonymous said...

The Cairns Post i barely worth reading anyway....very poor reporting...just look at the history of CEC and Nick Dalton's pathetic reporting on how fabulous the company was supposedly doing..right up until their demise.....that's just one example...real hillbilly rag is the post...good riddance

Bus. Op. said...

With modern technology and the corporate imperative to continuously increase profits, I predict the entire Cairns Post will ultimately be relocated in Townsville. Local news will simply be sent in via poorly paid stringers in various towns by email, mobile phone or skype to a central location. It would be simple enough to do.

Anonymous said...

always look on the bright side ... dah de dah de dah ...

We could replace the bums we have now with people wiuth brains!

Charlie said...

MacKenzie has been sacked by Channel 7 News Spot. He's been replaced by Gavin King who read the spot to-night. Bummer...

Job Seeker said...

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