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11 July 2011


While Cueball MacKenzie took "holiday" in Cambodia and Thailand for three weeks, doing what old unmarried men do in these places, Cairns Mayor Schier and much of the council continued their solid work in securing broad community support for the proposed Entertainment Precinct on the waterfront.  Some leaders like former Mayor Tom Pyne waded in for the first time as details have begun to be clear and offered their full support for the project.  Some spinless cretins like MP Warren Entsch backflipped and offered his support after seeing that only political damage will befall those on the wrong side of this community issue.  Even Cairns Post loudmouth Gavin King stunned Macca when he reversed his opinion against the waterfront site, as evidence is clear all future port activities will by necessity be moved further up the inlet where the industry is located.

On his return to Cairns, ol' Cueball was left holding his limp pud; all the leaders deserted him!

So the last two days he's begun a new line of attack.  As Cr. Rob Pyne ably answered Hillbilly attacks during the Council hour last Friday, Macca today decided to use unfairly edited clips of Cr. Pyne's answers to smear both Pyne and the rest of Cairns Council!  A new low in tactics by MacKenzie, to be sure.

One caller, "Col" from I think Lotus Glen called Pyne "bloody arrogant" in these replayed answers, and then showed how truly ignorant the MacKenzie audience is.  When discussing a vote made by former Mayor Tom Pyne at a Local Government conference, that Col suggested was opposed by the community, he calls Pyne "arrogant" for calling his affirmative vote "democracy".  Col suggested that this isn't democracy, but communism!

Perhaps a little education in the Australian governmental system is in order for the 4CA Hillbillies.   Australia is home to a REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY.  That is, we vote for representatives we like, or admire, or who've bought us stubbies over the years, and we expect them to analyse the issues and vote intelligently.  Sometimes, we may not agree with their vote.  And if they vote against the majority wishes enough times, maybe the next time they'll lose their seat.  But REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY doesn't mean the people have a right to a referendum on each and every issue.  That's a "Direct Democracy". . . .and believe me, I don't want just any Hillbilly boob voting on every proposal.

One caller last Friday insisted to Pyne that we need a referendum of RATEPAYERS ONLY.  He said everyone else's view was "irrelevant".  Despite the fact that even renters pay rates, albeit indirectly.  That's the same thing they said when they blocked women from voting, and aboriginals, and immigrants.  That's communism.   

Look at it this way - ours is a government where we elect thinking, educated people to think and act for the rest of us - most or whom are too stupid or lazy or ignorant to understand the issues.  This means you, Col!


athena said...

Mackenzie is becoming increasingly marginalised, with listeners deserting him in their hundreds. This is why his behaviour has become so bizarre lately.

Billy said...

Has his 'rug' grown back since the overseas trip???

Bazza said...

This replaying of snippets from the past is the same crap trick that the moron alan jones uses, things are certainly desperate.

Bus. Op. said...

He's got his back to the wall (so to speak) so we can expect him to get more vicious and irrational. The thing is to keep turning the heat up on this lying liar and his lies. He gets more irrational the more shit is thrown at him, so keep it going folks!

hieronymus bosch said...

These fuckwits are NOT representative of the community. The idiot fringe are just a really loud minority. They still think there are socialists in government ffs!

Bob R. said...

The good ole Compost is till referring to the Entertainment Precinct as a "volcano". Saw that crafty Margie Cochrane on TV last night, doing her usual duplicitous stunts. Supposedly presenting the new designs, but slyly adding something about the "costing". God help us if such a dithering fool becomes Mayor.

Bob R. said...

I note in the online comments section of The Cairns Post, the new tactic is to dramatically exaggerate the cost of the centre.

Bazza said...

I make reference to the CP (Crap Pot) article written by Daniel Strudwick Tuesday 12th July.
" The secret is out, how you rated CRC coucillors performance" which was clearly aimed at Val Schier.
I have submitted two comments in the last 24 hrs and they have not been posted.
Yesterday CP page 2 there was a clarification that the survey was BROADER.
My comments stated that they don't write with all the facts so as to create negativity. Also they all should go to Townsville as they are of no use to us.
It appears they don't like my truth or is it just you Daniel, imagine when most go south we will be left with Danny&Gavvy, will be amusing.
I also supplied all the words to the clarification, seems they didn't want too many seeing it.
AN article in THE CAIRNS POST yesterday on individual councillor approval ratings may have given the impression $30,000 was spent entirely on this survey.
The questions were asked as part of a broader Community Attitude Survey that cost $30,000 to gauge public opinion on the Cairns Regional Council's interaction with the community, basic service levels and areas of concern or importance to the community.
The council stresses the three questions relating to councillors formed a small part of the survey.

Slimy bunch, could be reason for a media investigation with this mob.