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15 July 2011


In an extremely emotional (psychotic?) attack Thursday morning, Cueball MacKenzie used a complaint letter in the Cairns Post to launch an attack on politicians and bureaucrats who, in his view, are out to destroy Cairns. 

The letter lamented the closing of the Australia Post shop at Orchid Plaza, which now requires users to go to the Main Post on Grafton Street, or the Post Shop in Cairns Central.  In MacKenzie's sick twisted world, his attack on the federal politicians was climaxed with his shouting into the microphone "We elect these people to defend us against these boofheads who take these decisions that destroy our community".

Sadly, in the case of the Orchid Plaza Post shop, MacKenzie is misguided and wrong.  The Orchid Plaza shop operated at a loss.  As the lease came due, the greedy landlord (a member of the Cairns community) offered a new lease with a minimum 18% INCREASE IN RENT!  This greed has extended to the rest of Orchid Plaza which currently has 12 empty shops, and a landlord (much like most of the Cairns CBD landlords) who are happy to have an empty shop making a "paper" loss they can use as a negative-gearing benefit.

The questions should be posed at the greedy Cairns CBD landlords who almost universally have raised CBD rents while tourist visits and customer base halved.  Guys like MacKenzie mate "Unsir" Bob Norman are the CBD landlords that apparently who he's protecting.

The Australia Post attempted to sell the Orchid Plaza shop to a private operator, but there were no takers.  The free market has spoken.  

Clearly MacKenzie again has NO facts, and NO concept of how business works.

An hour later MacKenzie had completely forgotten the "bad politicians" as he welcomed "boofheads"  Joe Hockey and Warren "I'm Not Nuts" Entsch into the studio, and spent the next 40 minutes kissing Liberal arse. 


Bus. Op. said...

As a small business operator within the CBD, I confirm that rents and leases are at their highest level yet. The likes of Mackenzie doesn't have the intelligence to understand that. He is in my opinion growing more and more irrational. Someone once left a post here asking in humour if Mackenzie has the first signs of "korsakoff's syndrome"? Something is happening inside his head.

athena said...

"Psychotic" is the word. His rants are more and more irrational and he displays increasing levels of totally inappropriate emotion. Reports that he screamed at his golden haired, blue eyed boy, Gavin when King disagreed with him, adds a further disturbing dimension. Pity we can't talk privately with King who just might have the sufficient intelligence to realise he mentor is losing a screw or two.

Bob R. said...

Dunno about Entsch being "nuts", he's the type of politician who licks his finger to see which way the wind is blowing before he says anything, and we have lots of THOSE types..hey Margie Cochrane? As for Mackenzie, something is missing up top along with his hair.

Anonymous said...

Maybe John's in love. It sometimes does that to your hormones you know.

curious said...

All this about "love"? Does someone know something we don't know? Come on....come on......let us know...puhleeeze!

Barbara Cartland said...

I've often wondered if we are not hearing an impassioned heart bleeding and craving for an unrequited love over our airwaves. k.d. lang composed "Constant Cravings" following a brief but apparently unforgettable relationship with a married woman. The song was a public expression of the singers emotions. Love, lust and its emotional depths are understood in the heterosexual community, sadly that same community is ignorant of or chooses to ignore the same depths are there in the gay community. As the singer Meatloaf sings, "I would do anything for love...", you wonder if a certain lonely, rapidly ageing man about town is doing just that.

Joe Bloh said...

Jesus blardy Christ. Got to confess whenever I hear rugnut praisings up Byrne and organising another "poll" about who is the best Mayor, I hear that old Supremes love song..."I will follow you, wherever you may go.... Blech. VOMIT.

Kill the Greedy Landlords said...

My family, with three struggling shops in the CBD, have written repeatedly to the Cairns Post and Gavin KIng trying to get some attention on the landlord gouging problem. They've ignored it. This problem is by far the biggest problem in the CBD, and the reason for the 100+ empty shopfronts.

Bob R. said...

ROFL Joe Bloh. I'll never hear that stupid soggy chicks song again without thinking of rugnut and feeling my guts heave. Christ almighty we knew rugnut and Byrne were good mates, but hell, you don't bloody go as far as rugnut has gone, for a mate. Must be about time he organised another "poll" for Kev's benefit hey? VOMIT