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20 July 2011


This would be funny if it wasn't so abusive of the Cairns community.

The Roy Lavis Family are listed as "Proud Sponsors of the Cairns Show", which this year means that they're going to publicly immolate their personal funds after bankrupting CEC Group (Warren Entsch, MP for Leichhardt and CEC Group boardmember), financially crippling or bankrupting dozens of Cairns families, and failing to pay Superannuation and other entitlements to their battler employees. Lavis deemed it appropriate to sponsor the FIREWORKS SHOW. 

The Lavis family has money to burn!  
Despite their company bankruptcy!

They even paid to have their own family logo designed! WRONG!  It belongs to the administrators - see below!

The Cairns Show website also advises:  "Roy Lavis also supports the Cairns Show Goat Competitions"  Write your own joke here.

As pointed out by writer Kitchenslut below, the "Roy Lavis and Family" logo looks to be identical to the "CEC Group Logo".

As this logo is "intellectual property" of CEC Group, it would seem to be STOLEN property from the CEC Group Liquidators.  If you have contrary information, 
we'll be happy to check it out.


Late this arvo after a flurry of phone calls, the Cairns Show website organisers mercifully removed the advertisement for the Lavis family's sponsorship.  Glad to see someone has a sense of ethics.

Now if we could just get John MacKenzie to stop spruiking this Lavis family that has caused so much damage to the Cairns community, 
along with their mates Tom Hedley and Udo Jattke - the greedy three.


KitchenSlut said...

The CEC website is now gone, however this does actually seem to be the exact CEC logo. Consequently, one would have thought this was the intellectual property of CEC and not the Lavis family?

KitchenSlut said...

I note an online post in the Cairns Post today on a move to remove the show CEO? Curious ....

Anonymous said...

Does Lavis still own his mansion on the hillside at the top of Mansfield Street? If he does he is obviously not short of funds judging by the party and the live band blasting out over us plebs below at the moment. It's just gone after midnight. I suppose even supposedly 'broke' rich people don't have to abide by the law or show consideration for others in the neighborhood, but I'm sure anyone else would have had a visit from the boys in blue by now.

Anonymous said...

Daughter Kellie was married at the residence recently so may have been that celebration, but rumour has it the house is due to be taken by the bank .....obviously the fireworks were a kind of statement...Out with a bang?!!