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14 September 2011


We'd like to apologise to our readers.  

We said previously that the LNP, in their preselection of Paul Freebody for the state seat of Cairns, couldn't have been any more stupid.

We stand corrected.  It seems that they can.  Almost makes you think that Kirstin Lesina is being consulted to name her own opponent. 


Anonymous said...

Dunno about a bigger fool. It's patently obvious King got the dirt on Freebody with that email and turned it into the scandal which effectively finished Freebody. It's also obvious he has used his position at The Cairns Post to shamelessly promote himself whilst being paid to do so. King has demonstrated the type of self-serving cunning and unscrupulous behaviour which today typifies so many politicians.

Charlie said...

I can't beleive it either. The best thing that could happen is that he doesn't get endorsed and doesn't get his job back at the Paper. We'd all be better off that way.

Mick of the Mooroobool said...

So now we have another Murdoch Muppet vying for an elected position in Rupert's Limited News Party. Now it becomes clearer why Tony doesn't want an inquiry into the Murdoch Empire!
Towball MacKenzie must be pleased.

Gavin Gobshite said...

Another nail in the coffin of the Cairns Post.
Now we know that the campaign against Val Schier by Lickspittle, Rugnut and the Cairns Post isn't devoid of context: it is a politcal campaign run on behalf of Lickspittle and the LNP.
It used to be that journalism was an honorable profession, governed by a code of ethics, driven by a desire for the truth and carried out in the interest of the community.
But it's the likes of Lickspittle and Rugnut who have destroyed all that with their blatant dishonesty, their complete lack of ethics, and their willingness to use journalism for their own tawdry purposes and for their own personal advantage.
It is no coincidence that Lickspittle is employed by the Cairns Post. This horrible rag is owned by probably the most corrupt corporation in Australia. Its chairman and chief executive, Rupert and James Murdoch, have presided over extensive criminal activity by its editors and journalists.
In Australia it presides over wholesale corruption in the NRL and Melbourne Storm.
Its Australian CEO, John Hartigan, is described by a judge as a person whose word cannot be trusted.
So it is appropriate that Lickspittle should be a journalist working on one of Rupert Murdoch's scungiest rags.
It's also no coincidence that such a person should be standing for the LNP.
He is a fan and arselicker of Paul Freebody, another person with no ethics.
He is a fan and arselicker of Stench himself, a man responsible for millions upon millions of dollars of debt owed by the company he ran to hundreds of Cairns workers and contractors.
They all deserve each other.

CBD Warrior said...

I love reading this blog. It is by far the funniest, and most insightful views on the inner workings of Cairns. While I've heard speculation on who is writing it (including a more irreverant Michael Moore, if that's possible) it's clearly someone who's a local, and who has grown up with all these players.

Good on'ya mate.

Anonymous said...

I tried to find the transcripts of Coffee with Little Lord Fauntelroy, where he is known to have lied, as pointed out by various people on various blogs.

But surprise, surprise.

I can't find them.

they've been taken down by the Compost to protect him (and them) from his own dishonesty.

So much for the public's Right to Know and the transparency and accountability of the Cairns Post and the Murdoch media empire.

What else is he hiding?

whale.oil.bef.hooked said...

"King has demonstrated the type of self-serving cunning and unscrupulous behaviour which today typifies so many politicians."

With credentials like that, I'm suprised he's not standing as a Labour candidate!

Anonymous said...

Check this out on the ABC web site or Google it: News has been at it in the US too:

News Corp shareholders file new claims

Labor said...

The only problem with your observation W.O.B.H. is that Gavin isn't running for election in the British Parliament.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if King used News Corps resources to hack Freebodys email? Regardless of hacking, King exposed the "scandal" with obvious glee.

Anonymous said...

See today's Cairns Post, Page 2: ... "Mr King could not comment" ...

Could not comment? Whaaaaaat?
This must be a first for a would-be politician.

makes me wonder hopw he's going to fare in Question Time: "Sorry, I can't comment."

Media conferences: "Sorry, I can't comment."

Matters of Public Importance: "Sorry, I can't comment."

Grievance debate: "Sorry,. I can't comment.'

It appears that when he wants to serve up excuses and self-justification for his own wrong-doing he can serve up plenty of comment - a full page of self-serving drivel that the Cairns Post would never ever publish for anyone else who falls foul of the law.

But he comes over all bashful when asked his first political question.

Didn't he know what to say? Did he have his mouth full?

I'd like to answer these important questions for you, but I'm afraid I can't comment.

Anonymous said...

King didn't expose that Freebody email. Infact the post's coverage downplayed the incident compared to the tv's and the national media. The question here is whether King's LNP membership caused him to influence the post to downplay any criticism of his party. Someone should call Media Watch

Anonymous said...

"LET THE GAMES BEGIN!" King has served up the worst meanest shit against Labor in Cairns in living memory. So he's dished it out (and how), now he can expect to get it right back. Wonder how he will cope?

athena said...

What has Gavin King achieved in Cairns so far?
1. He has divided the city of Cairns to unprecedented levels and incited the rednecked element.

2. He has effectively destroyed the election chances of the entire Cairns Regional Council.

3. He has resurrected misognyism in an area with a strong history of anti-women feeling.

4. He has totally destroyed any credibility The Cairns Post may have had as an impartial media.

All this in his self-serving greasy quest for a political career.

This man will do ANYTHING, anything at all for power.

Reject Redneckism said...

Athena, I agree with all of ther above, except the bit about destrying councillors' chances of re-election. He's probably done the opposite.

What I am genuinely concerned about is the misogynism Mr King and the Cairns Post are fostering.

I am at a loss to understand such hatred and contempt for women coming from a person and an institution in a position of power and influence.

athena said...

Reject Redneckism, I understand what is behind it, and so too do other people. King has some problems understanding who he is, so therefore it is all "women's fault." The comment he made in his column about fish and plastic bags was the cincher. He's one confused sick fuck.

Curly Joe's wife said...

He has attempted to soften his anti-women stance with the last couple of columns in The Cairns Post. Yet as someone pointed out, in the online comments of The Cairns Post, they are so transparent as to be laughable. If he is naturally biologically gay, he wouldn't of course be the first man to marry, produce a child and live a duplicitous life, living in the shadows, always fearful of being found out, but presenting to the world a "normal heterosexual family man." From what he has done already, I believe he is the type of man to do this, always with a eye on his "career" and let's face it, gay politicians in Queenslands LNP at the moment don't have a chance.

Ed in Edge Hill said...

I'm with you, Curly Joe. Gavin King is more in the closet than even Entschy. Wonder how they're all going to explain it to the Member for Kennedy.

Bob R. said...

King has had a polarising influence in Cairns.

Bus. Op. said...

"...do ANYTHING for power..". I felt a shiver down my back when I read that. I agree, athena, King has deliberately created an angry, disturbed, divided community in Cairns. He's exploited the rednecks and their prejudices and bigotries against blacks, art, culture, education and women.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what a threesome!

Anonymous said...

I thought he'd left the Cairns Post. His personal page on their web site is till there today.

I suppose the Cairns Post will also give him free advertising for his campaign.