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17 September 2011


Cairns Council meets this week to finally get started with the Entertainment Precinct.  It's been a known fact for at least fifteen years that the current 600 seat Civic Theater is grossly inadequate.  Built on the cheap when the city population was barely 40,000, the current Civic Theater is a travesty.  Bad site lines, no acoustics, the sound of airplanes roaring overhead, a fly tower too small to accommodate most traveling shows and a stage so small the Queensland Symphony can't fit on it.

Unlike the previous Mayors, Val Schier started out her term with hostile media, led by John MacKenzie and Gavin King, that made no secret in their support of the loser, Kevin Byrne.  Schier was elected fair and square, and yet was attacked by our hillbilly talk show leader from day one, along with several other councillor winners.  Is it any coincidence that the target of these attacks were all women?  Paul Freebody exposed the underbelly of Cairns politics for all to see, calling them "witches and bitches" to the delight of the hillbilly listeners of this radio sewer.  Cairns residents wanted a change, and voted for a new direction.  

This direction included a world-class cultural precinct alongside our world-class Great Barrier Reef, world-class Rainforest, and other world-class attractions.  Does Cairns deserve anything less?

The project has the support of the vast majority of the public, the city leadership, our Federal MP, State MP's, the Cairns Post, the Cairns Chamber of Commerce, and most of the public.  However this small but vocal minority of hillbillies and malcontents led by Mr. Cairns Negativity, John MacKenzie, has served to stir up this minority group with using lies, misdirection, and tons of absolute bullshit.

Despite the nonsense being spewed daily, Council continued to make decisions for the benefit of the entire community.

Cost?  In line with what the community needs.  By the time the whole staged project is completed, Cairns population will be close to 200,000.  A great waterfront location in the CBD.  A project the whole community can be proud of.

There are a few hard cases on Council, who for a variety of reasons will vote "no" on any proposal brought forward.  Paul Gregory doesn't give a shit about entertainment or culture, despite his division sending the most students to Eisteddfod this year in a substandard facility.  Sno Bonneau?  Does this fucker do anything for anyone?  Is he even alive?  What does he do for his pay?  He votes "No" on most everything unless a developer has greased the wheel.  Marg Cochrane has been attempting to build her bid for Mayor on being opposed to everything our current Mayor does.  Two-faced Marg has attacked key decisions on the project despite voting "Yes" on all of them!  If she votes "No" on this proposal, she's clearly underestimated the wishes of the voters, who won't forget her self-serving positions.  While Cr. Blake was lobbying early for a different site in the CBD, the business community has voiced strongly to Blake that he should vote "Yes" for this project, which will inject both needed jobs into the community as well as another CBD anchor project.  Blake, the subject of personal attacks by other bloggers in the community, needs to swallow his pride and take a principled stand.  Otherwise he'll be out at the next election.

Of the balance, the two "quiet achievers" are the biggest mystery.  Linda Cooper, who ousted Annette Sheppard in the 2008 election, has built a strong following in her division.  With Sheppard taking a position against the Entertainment Precinct project, and angling for another run at the seat next year, Cooper would underpin her accomplishments with a "Yes" vote on the project.  Likewise Nancy Lanskey, based in Edmonton, should take a page out of Cr. Pyne's book and vote "Yes" as a reflection of her constituents.

Councils have two jobs for the community.  Delivery of day-to-day services, and delivering infrastructure projects for the future.  This is how communities move forward.  Time for the "silent majority" in Cairns to make our voices heard!


CBD Warrior said...

Great analysis, hillbilly! Mackenzie and his hangers-on have all the council scared of their own shadows. The few that are actively involved in their divisions, like Rob Pyne, know that the objections to the project come from a handful of whingers who complain about everything. The vast majority are either in favour of the project, or they know little and don't particularly care.

If there ARE councillors sitting on the fence, they need to man up and vote "yes' for this project.

athena said...

Well said Hillbilly. When individual Councillors are too scared to make the decisions they were elected to do because they fear bad mouthing from a radio shock jock and his conga line of sycophants, then they shouldn't be in their seats.

Bus. Op. said...

Mackenzie is inciting the hillbilly mob this morning. Oh and wouldn't you know it, Sno Bonneau, aka the Phantom is AGAIN OVERSEAS. So I gather he won't be voting on the Precinct on Wednesday.