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19 September 2011


Gavin King running for state parliament.  A bloggers dream. Like shooting fish in a barrel with a fucking Uzi.

Here's the first in what should be a never-ending series of items now being catalogued about this cretin, and flooding into this blog from our eagle-eyed readers.

Gives expanded meaning to the "Can Do" party.  I'm sure most women in the community will pass on any LNP cocktail parties knowing this might be the result.  

The Queensland LNP is rumoured to be adopting this policy as an authorised legal defence of the charge of rape.  We're just waiting for Gavin to tell us "how much alcohol can a man give his date to absolve him of raping her later".


Bus.Op. said...

So if a man drinks to excess and is raped, then the same rules apply? Of course if it happened to gobsnot himself, it would be a very different story.

Anonymous said...

OMG! WTF! FFS! This must mean the shortest political career ever. A win win for everyone!

parabola said...

Well if being drunk can get you off rape why stop there.
Rupert Murdoch staff were drunk when they were hacking, and the Wall Street Bankers, well, they just got blotto,what a way to go.

Terry Vance said...

King's columns reaffirm over and over his deep seated misognyism. His columns repeatedly attacked women in public office with spite, malice and venom compared to the very infrequent mild side swipes at the men in public office. It doesn't surprise me that he blames women for being raped. King has been born into the wrong country. He would make a very good Ayatollah in a country practising Sharia Laws. He would be very happy living in Saudie Arabia.

athena said...

Good point Bus. Op. If a drunken man is raped by another man, then it is the fault of the drunk? Gav is too one-eyed and too much a woman hater to even consider this.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr King should read his column to his colleagues, especially the drunken yobbos, male and female, who bullied and threatened staff on two occasions at the Court House Hotel last year.

Maybe he should read it out aloud to the male yobbo colleague who then went on to assault young Mr Mangifesta later in the evening.

Other patrons watching these drunken idiots knew they were from the Cairns Post because of crap like this: "Do you know who I am? I'm from the Cairns Post and I'll fix this joint right up."

Raewyn Dowd said...

It's horrible that this happened and I feel for the family.
She should have taken the offer of her colleague to walk her home I just feel that if she had done this she would be safe today. Her colleague is riddled with guilt now .