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08 September 2011


This week on the Cueball show has been dedicated to protecting the North Queensland farmer.  In true MacKenzie style however, it's exposed the underbelly of the farming community and done little to engender confidence in them.

Yesterday, a representative from the FNQ Milk Producers spent ten minutes giving crooked answers to straight questions.  He claims that the "milk war" at Coles and Woolies is damaging the dairy farmer, but refused to explain how they were being damaged if the farmgate price hadn't changed.  Pure double-talk.

"Janice", Marketing Director Mungali Creek Dairy
Today we got to hear from "Janice", who claims to live in the tablelands.  She first launched into a commercial for the Jonsson Market, claiming that it was started because the two supermarket chains were demanding higher quality and lower prices from the Jonssons.  Why this is a bad thing isn't exactly clear - isn't that the goal of every business?  Why should farmers be exempt from competition and increased productivity?  This was exactly the goal of the farm reforms instituted by John Howard.  Too many small and unproductive farms keeps costs too high for everyone.  Look at the banana industry.  Stupidly concentrated in one small area, continual political manipulation to block imported bananas that would cost Australians only 20% of what we currently pay for bananas.  And yet the banana farmers, like the dairy farmers, are all driving Mercs and living the high life.  Just like the Jonsson's, despite the failure of their market experiment.

Then "Janice" started in on the cheap milk at Coles and Woolworths.  Baited on by John MacKenzie, "Janice" said that Coles and Woolworth's were "squeezing the farmers and watering down the milk".  She never however did explain in any detail about this serious allegation.  WATERING DOWN full cream milk would be a serious breach of the law.  "Janice" needs to explain this in more detail.  Is it Coles and Woolworth's who are doing this product adulteration?  Or is it the farmers doing it on behalf of these vendors, or their own pocketbooks?  

"Janice" then went on to sing the praises of Mungali Creek Dairy.  Are they watering down their milk, too?  Is "Janice" employed by Mungali to spread false rumours about the other milk retailers?  Does she think you can say anything on the Cueball show because it has the equivalent of "Parliamentary Privilege"?

"Janice".  Our John MacKenzie 
"Hillbilly Jackass of the Week"

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