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06 September 2011


Today, John MacKenzie opened his daily rant about Cairns with sharply critical attacks on the Cairns Amateurs.  Neither the race meeting nor the fancy-dress ball met with his approval (does anything?).

But even a broken clock is right twice a day.  And MacKenzie's criticisms of this overblown event should be taken to their logical conclusion:


Let's face it, Amateurs is a profoundly ignorant event.  At one time, Amateurs was the kind of small-town event that allowed everyone to mingle and celebrate.  Business owners, political leaders, cane growers, fishermen, hoteliers, leading corporate organisations.  All were invited.  The men all got pissed, the women all entertained each other with silly hats, and everyone went away blotto.

In 1980, Cairns had less than 50,000 residents, and some 20,000 attended the Amateurs races meetings.  It's now 2011, and in a city with triple the population the event struggled to attract 8,000 - a number up from the last two years due to changes made to the event.  The punters and public have voted "no" on Amateurs.

And the changes?  All designed to keep the "Cairns glitterati" - imports, mexicans, and others in their "special" area away from the common folk.  For example, they've now got their own, special marquees in the centre of the track.  An "upscale porta-loo truck" brought in special from Brisbane.  Security were warned to only speak when spoken to, and use "sir" and "ma'am" to address them.  And, the biggest "secret" - hard liquor for the upscale punters, while those around the rest of the track are stuck with beeeah.  But, we've made sure it's full strength.  The Amateurs transition is almost complete - one event for the hillbillies, and another for the non-hillbillies.  Next year the new "separate entrances" proposed in the Cannon Park upgrade will ensure that the two groups won't even be forced to mingle with each other.  Guess who's idea that is?

Likewise the fancy dress ball.  It used to draw over 2500 for a night out, under the stars at the Tobruk Pool.  This year, half of that attended, and complaints were widespread.  The music was bad.  The catering was horrid - heavens, people only got one prawn, and that was imported!   The event was staged in a barn.  The service was dodgy. Even the taxi drivers suffered from the laundry list of complaints.

The Cairns Pride beat unbeaten Tweed Heads before a packed crowd on Friday night, with even several pollies including candidate DJ Hunt seeing more value in a rugby crowd then a bunch of overstuffed has-beens.


There are other good arguments against the race weekend.  Cannon Park is a waste of a terrific hospital site, a huge piece of prime real estate in the growing south used barely 12 days a year.  The massive numbers of drink drivers caught out after these events.  The huge subsidies paid by the taxpayers to support an industry built around gambling.  Middle-aged women outfitted in clown costumes and silly hats.  The hugely corrupt milliners.  Even a jockey found to have been cheating!  And the obvious fact that the Gen Y's see the whole event as a colossal waste of time and resources. 


KitchenSlut said...

Shock headline: "Hillbilly backs Cueball Mackenzie!" With even a slightly positive mention for local brainless xenophobe DJ *unt!

Not sure I would go headfirst with Hillbilly into scrapping Amateurs but there are a few points KS can agree with. Such as why is the Qld Guvmint pouring $20 million into the racing 'industry' tracks at this time of budget constraints? This has previously been mentioned at Qld Economy Watch and is far more than just Cannon Park.


I suspect that the numbers here on the decline of Amateurs in a relative sense are more widely reflected in a decline of horse racing as popular enetertainment? This decline is more widespread than just Amateurs and noted recently that even the spring carnival at Royal Randwick is under threat because the grandstand is crumbling. So why is the Guvmint propping up this 'industry' in decline?

Although the loss of Amateurs altogether would be sad and deny Kitchenslut the annual opportunity to stalk the boardwalk after ladies day to chivalrously rescue drunken ladies who get their heels caught in the cracks!

Anonymous said...

Why dont Freebody the Fraud build his water Park THere. I cant believe KimSlutfreebody is WORKing AT TFS financial planners... God help the people that have money there.. i guess times must be tuff Paul freebody has cancelled his lawn mowing service at this home and carwash and taken to doing it himself in a effort to save money that the carwash is losing.. and even old Fat kimbo is back to work!

CBD Warrior said...

Hillbilly is on to something here. He's quite right - this event is dying, and can't be saved because the GenX and GenY's aren't interested. And I also agree that Cannon Park is no longer properly situated, in the midst of residential population. It should be moved to out past Gordonvale.

Charlie said...

Well, I've got to say this is the first time I've got to disagree with Hillbilly and you lot. The Amateurs is important to business in Cairns. Every September about 20,000 attend Amateur functions all up. This is good for the City; the Airlines; the Hotels and employment of our youth in particular. It is a worthy Investment for our City. Cannon Park is an ideal situation. No one wants to drive miles for an event. The Amateurs brings business to the City. It gives people somewhere to go and spend money. Every dress shop in Cairns gets business out of the Amateurs. The Taxis do well. The Restaurants do well. WE Need The Amateurs. MacKenzie of course is a dick head. He is giving the Amateurs shit because he didn't receive free passes to the Amateurs Ball or the Races. If he had received these then he would have loved to be part of the action. Charlie.