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26 October 2011


A major increase in tourist numbers as the result of new direct flights from Singapore is due to be announced by Singapore Airlines' new Jetstar-type subsidiary "Scoot".

In a project spearheaded by Cairns Mayor Val Schier and TTNQ CEO Rob Giason, Cairns is looking to be in the first wave of destinations announced by Scoot when SQ makes their new service announcements shortly.

Service will be provided by reconfigured SQ 777 long haul aircraft and will be timed to connect with services from Europe, the Middle East, India, and other Asian destinations.


nomooremike said...

This is good news, we need a cheaper route for Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Hopefully around $300 Cairns to Singapore.

KitchenSlut said...

It continues to amaze me that not more has been done on the airline agreement struck earlier this year between Australia and China to encourage flights to stop in northern airports enroute south? More critical business links from afar through China! I would have thought this would be towards the top of the policy list of any current candidate for state guvmint?

Recent Reef Casino report indicated they think it may be two years for direct flights? Really?

D.J.HUNT said...

You might remember one candidate has K.S :) I have repeatedly called for the Premier to release, as she promised she would do, the details of the subsidy that was provided to Southern China airlines to fly direct to Brisbane airport instead of Cairns.
This was at the peak of our downturn in the tourism industry locally and instead of fighting for those direct flights to come here our local elected state members were incapable of fighting for us, so the subsidy went to Brisbane Airport instead.
To have this link with the India/Asia market, coupled with direct flights from China through someone like Southern China Air and then Air Asia would turn Cairns into the airport hub between Australia and south east Asia.
It is certainly an issue I will continue to advocate for

Clinton said...

There comes a time when one must realise that Cairns is in a hole that large it might s well be a mining pit all due to the labour govt. It has alway been my suggestion to make cairns a self regulated airport and have an opeskys agreement the only one in oz this would enable the region to have many more flights and lots of full hotel rooms and maybe some new hotels. all we as a community need to do is lobby for the agreement and create change first stop is rob gleeson at TTNQ get rid of him he is all 80s and so too is Desley Boyle, we need new leadership with that spark like the japs had back when they first came to Cairns.