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06 October 2011


"I didn't change my name and come to
Cairns because they're looking for me.
Next question?"
Councillor "Sno Bonneau" (in quotes as his real name is reportedly Maxwell T. Brown), is known to be at best an irrational member of council, and just as bizarre in his private life.  Living in a run-down property in Saxon Street Clifton Beach, Brown/Bonneau is known as "The Developer's Friend", responsible for the ghetto-like projects built by the now-bankrupt Udo Jattke's Glenwood Homes.  

Brown/Bonneau previously reportedly managed a news agency into bankruptcy prior to his council election.  He also ran the Northern Beaches News, a news-less publication that he owned until warned by a previous council CEO that it was a conflict of interest.  Sold to a  new sucker, they found that no one was interested in paying for an advertisement in a paper NOT owned by the councillor - so it would seem paying for favours was the primary driver of this business.

However councillor Max has been expanding his influence peddling over the last few years, despite the downturn in the development community.  Doing business under the business name "Cool Breeze Promotions", this business who's ownership has been routinely shuffled among Bonneau family members for the last 12 years, is now the subject of complaints filed by fellow councillors for his blatant financial ties with almost two dozen developers and others with Development Approval applications before council.  In at least two cases, voting "aye" on council payments for promotion and marketing work then subcontracted to his own company, Cool Breeze.

In a FOI request to council, Brown/Bonneau's thuggish behaviour towards the public has been previously documented to council by angry citizens.  Brown/Bonneau's tactic of choice is to give a developer a summary of the complaints filed against their projects and the name and contact details of the objectors!  This is a blatant violation of Queensland law, which allows project objectors to maintain their privacy thru the approval process at council.  Ratepayers so contacted by these developers have angry letters on file at council about Brown/Bonneau's conduct.  Privacy laws however prohibit the public from finding out what, if anything, was done to punish Brown/Bonneau for this illegal conduct.  The double-standard at work.

Brown/Bonneau was also the real "black hand" behind the public housing approvals at Bluewater, while deftly blaming the project on former federal MP Jim "What Me Worry" Turnour.  The screaming neighbours bullied and intimidated the weak Turnour, while Brown/Bonneau sat on the sidelines after having taken huge reported "campaign contributions" from Cairns Blue P/L, the developer who also reportedly funnelled money to the Brown/Bonneau family by engaging "Cool Breeze" to produce several throwaway promotion pieces used in the Bluewater sales office.

John MacKenzie has continually labeled the vote for the Entertainment Precinct taken without Brown/Bonneau as "illegitimate".  This despite the fact that council and state laws provide for the resolution of tie votes in exactly the legitimate way taken by council to get the project approved.  With Brown/Bonneau on many and frequent absences from Cairns on these now routine overseas junkets, perhaps MacKenzie and the Cairns Post should be asking the councillor about his business interests and his failure to represent his division properly.    We understand a detailed and documented complaint on these and other issues has been lodged with CEO Lyn Russell, and is under investigation at the Crime and Misconduct Commission. Perhaps it's time that Brown/Bonneau or whatever his name is front up with the public and explain his actions, and those who claim council action on the Entertainment Precinct was "illegitimate" start asking Maxwell T. Sno "Cool Breeze" Brown Bonneau who he's really working for.  It certainly isn't the ratepayers.


Bus. Op. said...

Bonneau has a long history since his election in 1995 in taking absences and leave from the Council. He also manages to avoid any exposure on controversial Council issues, unlike those like Rob Pyne, Mayor Val Schier etc who front up to explain and listen to angry residents and who therefore cop the flak. Bonneau is just never around to listen to angry residents! He openly flaunts his connections with developers because in the past he has gotten away with it.

CBD Warrior said...

There's got to be some reason a guy would move to Cairns and change his name from "Brown" to "Bonneau". A little more investigation is in order from the community. Where did this guy come from, anyway?

And the ASIC register shows he's now put one of his companies in his children's name? What's up with that?

CBD Tarzan said...

Max Brown isnt such a bad name either and to change it to Sno Bonehead?
So are his Family all Boneheads too?
One must declare ones interests hey Mr Warrior!

Michael P Moore said...
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Michael P Moore said...

I've heard that the CMC finding on Cr Bonneau is now completed and the Council should be advised of the result any day now. Who's next? ;-)

Bob R. said...

I can't believe what Alan Blake said in todays "Cairns Post" about his own non-disclosure of financial interests....
According to the Post he said,
"The CRC Councillors were confused about their obligations to declare financial interests in the Chamber because they hadn't been properly briefed...."
So why is it that only two Councillors, Blake and Bonneau, seem to have been "confused" enough to be investigated? It would seem that none of the other Councillors were "confused".