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09 October 2011


Gavin King, the new Cairns LNP twat, twitted thusly:

Apparently a not-so-subtle threat against those who would deign to opine about his majesty, the article linked is a reference to a court ruling that would force Google into revealing the source of comments made about an individual on the Gold Coast.

A legal intellect ol' King is not.  Firstly, he's a public figure so it's open slather on him and his family, who he's pushed into the pit with him.  Secondly, he's being pummeled with his own words, archived by his News Ltd. masters.  Thirdly, Gavin, you can go fuck yourself, mate.  You don't scare anyone, and we're all ginned up to give you a taste of your own medicine.  This isn't Labor talking - it's all those who you've defamed and disgusted over these last few years, including your mates at the Courier Mail, who are now salivating like wild dogs at this opportunity to get square.  You reap what you sow, dickhead.


Anonymous said...

What a prize goose. Dear Gobshite, if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen, you pathetic little wanker.

You've defamed, belittled and misrepresented just about every politician in the State, especially the women, from the coward's castle of News Limited.

I've never heard one of them whining about it or threatening to sue - they cop it sweet. After all, they are public figures.

So just STFU and eat some of your own shit sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

Geez, what a coward. He's all high and mighty and quick to bag everyone when a journalist, but as soon as the tables are turned he goes and hides behind the law. How pathetic.

Kings public statements regarding rape victims is a far worse offence than Freebodys silly email. Newman needs to step in and sack the far north LNP leaders.

Even the most hardened LNP supporters I know, those who will abuse you if you dare mention that a Labor policy has some merits, think that King is a buffoon. They will be voting for Katters party whilst King is candidate.

nomooremike said...

Believe me Gavin, you don't want to know who I am, if you threaten me, which is what you're implying, you won't be opening your big mouth for a while.

Terry P said...

Pursuing that line of thought as someone who seems adept in the art of defamation would definitely ensure Mr king will not even get a look in to being elected. I'm sure the many enemies he has made as a Murdoch mouthpiece will make sure of that. Also I'm wondering if the anonymous pseudonyms that talk to McKenzie could also be included.

Bob R. said...

Christ, the atmosphere in the kitchen is warming up and he's starting to whinge and threaten already...sheeeeeeeeeesh! What'll happen if he's elected as an MP and all the whingers, bellyachers, whiners, moaners and all those cheery happy souls get onto him about roads, hospitals, schools, fuel, water blah blah blah.

Curly said...

and this is the fella who thought it was so fucken WITTY to rip into all the local representatives, and who singled out the Mayor in particular for the bloody worst of his poison. How would you like to get the same treatment hey Gav?

nomooremike said...

Here's a similar comment from the prick's Facebook page ..

"I love reader interaction. Having emailed a very angry chap who constantly bags The Cairns Post and myself in anonymous comments online, I politely suggested we meet in person to discuss his concerns. His reply: "I would rather stick hot infected needles in my eyes." So that's a 'no' then? Rightio."

He doesn't explain how he was able to email an anonymous poster, so at least a part of that is bullshit.

Bus. Op. said...

If he is reacting this early in the piece, what's he going to be like once the stoush is in full swing? Hey?

KitchenSlut said...

At Loose Change I directly challenged Gavin King on a blatant statistical lie he had not withdrawn. I also emailed this to him directly and challenged him to take defamataion action on my accusation that he was a liar ..... no word from him as yet after a few months??

CBD Tarzan said...

All I can add to the bucketing of the self proclaimed King is suck it up princess you will fall on your own sword. The sooner the better.

CBD Tarzan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sayin Nothing, Just Watchin said...

By Christ, it looks like the chickens have come home to roost, alright. You should nip in and read "cairnsblog"! King is copping a verbal flogging from one of his own party. Errr, what was that about reaping what you sow? Say no more, say no more.

rugnuts hairdresser said...

Good point Bob R. Once he's got the "HAPPY" crowd after him, the bitching, moaning, whining malcontents who would whinge for weeks if they won Lotto even, how is he going to cope?

Anonymous said...

Gav you are a pathetic bully. Big and tough behind the PC and News Limited masthead, but you are exposing the real you quicker than I expected. Welcome to real politics not armchair critics. You're now a public figure and about to cop what you have dished out for years. PREDICTION: You won't last and will pull or be dumped before voters get to tell you what we really think of you.

Bus. Op. said...

There are worse things than copping a bit of a verbal bucketing. I've been at a couple of gatherings where the Mayor faced and dealt with a very hostile crowd after being well and truly sparked up by both rugnut and King. The Mayor conducted herself with courage, dignity and grace and I don't mind saying that I was impressed. Later on the wife and I spoke with her and she just amazed us by not complaining or whinging about her treatment.
Would King have the same stoicism and resiliance? Would he be able to face a room full of hostility with calm and self-control?
In all my life, I have never ever seen such a hate campaign conducted against any public figure as we have seen against the Mayor. It has been obsessive. How would King cope if he had two media figures working in tandem to rip into him day after day, week after week, year in year out?

Anonymous said...

Yes well everyone has had their little bit of joy over King's come uppance, now how about a bit of attention shown to THE EVENT of the year - Americans finally standing up to corporate power. I've got an uneasy feeling that Washington is going to quash this "Occupy Movement" either through legislative means or by brute force. Keep your eyes on what's happening.

Anonymous said...

The point being, Bus. OP., that Gobshite ran the hate campaign!

Michael P Moore said...

Here's a good Twitter follow! KingGavSays

KitchenSlut said...

Unless i'm mistaken in my luddite ineptitude,

This tweet has now been removed?

nomooremike said...

So the prick has deleted that comment from his Facebook page, it's still on Google though.

It was obviously bullshit, he should employ a proof reader, they're employed to pick up on obvious gaffs like that.

Anonymous said...

Removed, you say, KS? Removed?

Just like the Compost removed all the transcripts of his morning online shats.

What about News Limited's Public's Right to Know campaign, KS. What about that, old chap?

Was that all just Gobspeak from Gobshite, KS? Was it, old bean?

nomooremike said...

Women were happier before washing machines, apparently.

It even came with a warning, ".... a warning to any feminist reading this column. You may want to turn the page now because I am about to write about the rise of washing machines and the corresponding decline of happiness."

Michael P Moore said...

Yup, Gav's Tweet was there and now it's gone. Tweet, tweet.

KitchenSlut said...

Gavin has posted on his neglected Facebook page linking to his new LNP bio. Unlike his composted parrot cage commentariat comments he has mostly abandoned facebook presumably because of negative comments there! Lets join the dots?

Mark Beath: I note that your bio does not include your experience as an 'investment banker' in Sydney included in your Wikipedia entry? Any reason for that? So why has your tweet on blog defamation now been removed?

Anonymous said...

That may be a very telling omission by someone for whom the truth has long been a minor inconvenience.

He has repeated the merchant bank claim elsewhere - I will try to find other references.

Anonymous said...

from Crikey! today:

Newspaper article from: Crikey (Online) Wednesday 12/10/11 Page: online

Here's @LNPInsider on ex-News Limited hack turned endorsed LNP candidate Gavin King:
"We really need to take some light off r-pe blamer Gavin King.".
Well, indeed. King's columns for the Cairns Post - one of which, as Crikey has previously pointed out, offered unfortunate "uncovered meat"-style analysis - continue to attract attention.
Enemies have today pointed to another one from 2008 in which he describes the sight of the Pope on TV as an "image of horror and doom", a man who "attracts lunatics and fruitcakes as followers".
Meanwhile, the Catholic Church is an empire "responsible for evil deeds" and he has "unshakable thoughts of loathing ...for what the Pope represents".
"Surely," writes Crikey's tipster, "Cairns' Bishop Foley and the thousands of Catholics in Cairns would find these comments deplorable and a disqualification to serve the community in public office. One also has to wonder what Tony Abbott, his federal LNP leader, thinks of his new party member and candidate's views on his beloved Catholic Church.".
Quite. Former party secretary Joel Harrop quit last week - as revealed by Crikey - but King is taking it all in his stride.
From his Twitter account yesterday: "My brilliant campaign team has had a huge few days of work as we ramp up our activity now I've left the Cairns Post.".

Bus. Op. said...

King's poisonous comments on anyone ranging from young Halloween Jack to the Pope are in line with the Murdoch media's rancourous hate mongering. King, Hull and Guppy would all be enjoying themselves immensely in the USA at the moment where the Murdoch media machine is in top gear attempting to discredit the "Occupy" movement. Yes, Murdoch's "journalists" are describing the protestors as "hippys, druggies, bums" etc etc and claiming to have interviewed people who say they are drug addicts and only present at Occupy Wall Street for "free food."
Gavin King would be in heaven right now writing for Fox News or CNN.

Bob R. said...

I suspect the journalistic troika on King's campaign team would all relish being in the USA right now Bus. OP., as would rugnut of course. What a chance it would be to spew their toxic vitriole without any restraints.

Liz said...

I see where the protestors at Occupy Wall Street have turned on a FOX NEWS journalist and chased him out, chanting "Fox News lies, Fox News lies!" I feel it is a start. Moreover social media is both fuelling and reporting the rapidly burgeoning "occupy" movement and ignoring the corporatised media machine. It is a clear sign that the role of the corporatised corrupted lying media machine is on the decline.

KitchenSlut said...

With regards previous post that the comment has been removed I should clarify that it does seem to still be there. I did challenge King on this dirctly who claimed it had never been removed. Regardless, as commented above there were obviously several people who couldn't find it on the day. Let's just put it down to a technical glitch!

With regards to posts linking anything in this with OCW I would regard those as stupidly counter-productive. That is not a comment on OCW itself but the ideoligical attempt to link the two, beyond any News Ltd connection, which is only likely to hurt support for what we are talking about here!

If you wanna know why the left is in trouble politically that's it ..... dumb as dogshit!

Anonymous said...

KS, if you wanna know why greed is in trouble politically, look around Cairns.

And whoever Liz is, she did no more than simply link News Corp with falsehood and the greed machine.

Those are points that you yourself have made.

Liz said...

Thank you Anonymous. I have kept an eye on American politics for the past couple of decades and seen the way the political left has been ripped apart by the media machine. Those left wing politicians who dared speak out against free market capitalism, the war in Iraq etc, like Denis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinnon were demonised by the media. There have been others since the 1980s who only served one term in congress or the senate, all victims of a machine which would not take any opposition to neo-conservatism. I have read opinion pieces on Cynthia McKinnon in particular and the words of mockery and hate match the style of Gavin King. America today is in deep trouble, for which the media machine played a pivotal role in being aggressive propagandists and head hunters for the neo-conservatives as well as spreading lies and misinformation.
No-one should forget the way the media sold the war in Iraq to the public with outright lies.
I stand by what other posters in here have said. King would fit in well with Fox News.

KitchenSlut said...

Anonymous, you are quite correct and in fact I was the ONLY online identity in Cairns laying into Hedley and the financially engineered structure of his Pub Fund which has now crucified millions in local wealth!

I don't recall much support from the left apart from some scant blog commentators when I first started to raise these issues a few years ago on the verge of the GFC and managed to get coverage in national financial media on Tom Hedley?

However, in practical terms my criticism if you have understood it is that here we have a broad based expression of concern and some dimwit wants to put the whole thing in their own narrow ideological framework!

Consequently, I preceive the comments of Liz as actually positive for Gavin King? Which is why I have labelled the left as STUPID! Liz has driven a divisive wedge into the broad based concern. That is why it is just fucking STUPID!

By the way with regards your comments on my previous efforts the old Hedley Pub fund is still subject to lots of corporate action from the evil Wall St death star Goldman Sachs. What a perfect target for the cause. Greed, incompetence, and the biggest Wall St firm. So why are you not out occupying the Yorkeys Knob bottle shop whichnis one of their properties?

Sorry, but some of us put out a lot of emotional capital on this stuff well before the GFC when we were way out of favour from the politics of all persuasions!

Oh, and to reiterate Liz is stupid not because of any of her views but because she has just driven a wedge into the momentum of a broad based concern .....