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17 October 2011


Independent MP "Crazy" Bob Katter, who just a week ago went feral on LNP candidate Gavin King on the cueball MacKenzie radio program, has renewed his opposition to imported bananas, despite the continual shortages and stupidly high prices of this popular fruit in Australia.  Banana farmers are among the highest paid farmers in Australia, and have resisted rationalisation of their business and competition from imports, with loudmouth Bob being used as a one-man tannoy.  

Katter, as MP for a prime banana growing area, is apparently the beneficiary of this banana farmer largess, and Katter has confirmed that he's been assured there are no gay banana farmers anywhere in the electorate of Kennedy.  Katter routinely hectors the parliament, the media, and the blokes in his local pub that the "banana farmers need a fair go", and this means blocking import of Filipino bananas which are exported around the world with no reported problems, according to Biosecurity Australia.    

A recent banana rally held in Innisfail was held to celebrate the return of high volume production of this fruit after cyclone Yasi - a rally organised by the Australian Banana Grower's Council (ABGC), the marketing arm that speaks for 1200 Australian banana farmers, from the comfort of their offices in Brisbane.  No living in Tully or Innisfail for these highly paid lobbyists!

The ABGC is supplying merchants and others in the banana business with yellow shirts and hats, expecting their "fair go" message to be worn by unionists, lefties, and everyday folk who've been suckered into this ignorant hillbilly argument.  Even "Psycho Bob" has been seen wearing a banana hat in place of his usual Akubra.  Sadly, these shirts and hats, and some of the printed material as well, has been manufactured in China and Bengladesh, instead of giving Aussie workers a "fair go".  The ABGC is so dedicated to the "fair go" for the hard-working banana farmers, that their marketing is geared around screwing the hard-working textile and clothing manufacturers in Australia - in effect, taking advantage of the "trade liberalisation" that Bob Katter attacks like a rabid bulldog, while contributing to the collapse of the Aussie clothing industry and dudding the low-wage workers that are increasingly unemployed in this business.

Katter has famously been quoted as saying "I'm not in the business of being conned".  Sorry Bob, too late.  You've had a big banana shoved up where the sun don't shine.  And you were dudded by your mates.  Good on'ya Katter!

So who's speaking for the low-wage textile workers who are getting screwed by the wealthy banana farmers and their high-priced lobbyists?

And why should anyone support the banana farmers who can't seem to extend their demands for a "fair go" to other fellow Aussies?  


Anonymous said...

well said, i recon he's a friggin nutter, heard him singing on the idiot box last night, what a tosser.

Anonymous said...

And he has a glorious record of zero contribution to the advancement of te elctorate of Kennedy.

He couldn't even stop the Howard Government from opening up the nation to Philippines banana exports.

Anonymous said...

How disgustingly biased and misinformed. Your talking about perhaps several hundred dollars worth of hats in comparison of a massive banana industry. Besides, Bob wasnt in charge of ordering the hats, and even this rant over it is surprising.

Yes, bananas cost alot. Most of the industry was destroyed in Cyclone Yasi. But the price has gone down alot, and if our industry is to survive then the Australian bananas must be sold in order for our growers to make more. And to say that they are the highest paid farmers is a complete bunch of crap. They might be high now, but thats to recouperate from sustained heavy losses and infrastructure spending.

Katter stands for Australian farmers to stay in operation. Our once independant country can no longer feed itself because our dairy, farming, sugar and other industries such as tourism and manufacturing (unrelated to food but important) have absolutely been butchered because the government does not support their own farmers, like other countries do.

Next time, try to at least justify your bias on real facts