4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News

4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News Led by John "Cueball" Mackenzie

13 October 2011


Are the people running 4CA bipolar psychotics?

Yesterday, hundreds turned up on the Esplanade in support of "Ride to Work Day", this year celebrating the (almost) completion of the bikeway between Aeroglen and the CBD, and continued expansion of main road protections for bicycle users around the city.

Happy people including our mayor rode in support of cleaner air, fewer cars on the road, and better health - all benefits to those who even occasionally use our growing facilities.

The event was co-sponsored by Cairns Radio 4CA who broadcast live, and morning host Mike "Locco" O'Laughlin reported on the happy, enthusiastic crowd as they completed their variously long rides, to rest and enjoy a breakfast on the foreshore of our wonderful Esplanade.  An idyllic morning for the Cairns community, fair dinkum, all promoted by community resource 4CA, among other community sponsors.  Locco is a positive Cairns spruiker in everything he does, and an enthusiastic supporter of moving Cairns forward.  Hence his good ratings and healthy advertising rates. 

Then, the 9AM hour strikes, and this same 4CA begins spouting vitriol, negativity, and bile, led by radio hostie John "Rugnut Cueball" MacKenzie.  As luck would have it, he organised several of his same 15 daily callers to "talkback" about the wasted money spent on the bikeways that "no one uses"  Issued orders by their dark master, they dutifully called in support

A theme continued by LNP candidate for Cairns Gavin King, who still is being given an hour a week on 4CA, with no pretense of offering the other fine candidates equal time.  A transparent media manipulation of the electorate, and likely a violation of the electoral laws.

Which 4CA do you listen to?  The "Dr. Jekyll", Go-Cairns, Go-Taipans, positive and community inclusive 4CA?  Or the wicked "Mr. Hyde" 4CA, with his repulsive opinions, community-devisive diatribes, and small group of trolls and acolytes doing his evil biddings?


Curly Joe said...

I would rather listen to Locco any day mate. He has his own opinions on things but he is willing to listen respectfully to others with different opinions. Most important, he is a cheerful sort of fellow and some of his cheerfulness does rub off on you as you listen to him burbling on.

Anonymous said...

wacko knobjobs like Cueballare seriously damaging Cairns' reputation as a bike city. there are millions of bucks to be made for promoting this place as a serious off-season training centre - just look at how Canberra does it!

But the frenzy he whips up against bicycle riders is unquestionably turning people and all those dollars away.