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15 November 2011


Barry Neall has organised another public meeting of John MacKenzie supporters on Wednesday night at Crosswell Hall, Cairns High School.

The two presenters he's bringing to the meeting are Dominic Mobbs and Willoughby Councillor John Hooper.

Dominic Mobbs is an "independent financial adviser" who's currently involved with the Fijian dictatorship government in several projects there, and has previously worked for US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's Bain & Company.  We've reviewed his planned presentation and conclusions, which are:

• But other things being equal, rates could be reduced if the Precinct does not proceed.
Rates can be reduced too if we stop sealing roads, close the libraries, shut the parks and sport facilities.  So what?

•  The Precinct has a distinct cost to ratepayers, so there is obviously an upward impact on rates as a consequence of the Precinct.
This is grossly incorrect.  At the rate the Cairns resident and ratepayer base is growing, we easily can "grow into" a project of this size.

• Rates must be higher than they would otherwise have to be compared with the project not proceeding.  
This is the same as his first observation, restated a different way.  He must be out of arguments already!  Councils get paid to provide community services, and they cost money.  That's what "progress" is all about.

• By all means, market the benefits of the complex but CRC should not pretend it doesn't come at a cost to taxpayers.
No one at Council has pretended this project is free, at least not at the meetings I've attended.  

So Dominic Mobbs has nothing to add, but he will wave his arms around a lot and talk about what he sees as deficiencies in the plan.  So what?  The Fijian press has referred to this Mobbs as "rejects from their own countries . . rewarded with money from a rogue military regime".  We should take advice from a guy who takes blood money from dictators??

The other visitor is Councillor John Hooper from the Willoughby Council.  Hooper was an opponent to the wildly successful and award winning Willoughby Council Concourse, their Entertainment Precinct managed by Cairns EP manager Linda Cardew.  Sadly, Hooper is subsisting solely on sour grapes during his visit to Cairns where he's found a few supportive hillbillies.

Hooper has been found to be "evasive", "unbelievable", an "evidence fabricator", and other serious ethical lapses during a Supreme Court case where Hooper was found owing $1.88 million to his solicitor.  Hooper stooped so low as to fabricate emails, and then refuse to have his computer examined for the fraud.  Nothing like being affirmed as a liar by a Supreme Court judge!

Such are the kinds of people willing to speak out against the citizens of Cairns, organised by the Division 8 Liar Candidate.

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