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26 December 2011


Andrew Griffiths is one of Cairns' biggest "posers".  Like most self-appointed "motivational speakers", he has little in the way of real and practical business experience, outside shoveling bullshit about his own career at the audience trying to sell his books.

Griffiths is often on 4CA self-promoting, and is a known Cueball MacKenzie associate.  It's never been clear if the appearances by Griffiths on 4CA are paid-for ads, or just gratuitous self-flagellation by MacKenzie.  As a resident of the Edge Hill area, Griffiths is often seen at a local coffee house stuffing his pie hole with various pastries - at least until the owner of said establishment implemented business changes recommended at a Griffiths seminar that cost them thousands, and returned bugger all.  

Griffiths own website says that "The "Andrew Griffiths" name has become synonymous with smart, practical advice. . "  This on a page entitled Insipid Inspired Presentations.

So it was no surprise to see in last Saturday's Cairns Post a letter from Griffiths that shared with all of Cairns Mr. Griffiths "smart, practical advice" - it's OK to run stop signs!

The rant by Griffiths shows the depths of "entitlement" this guy thinks is owed to him.  He asks "why do we need one police car and officer sitting and waiting for motorists on a quiet back street". Is he stupid? As many in Edge Hill can attest, the police are there because speeding arseholes like Griffiths have been running this stop sign for some time, with one retired resident walking her dog almost cleaned up by a car much like Griffiths own luxury-mobile recently.  Hence the complaints to the Queensland Police Service, and their attempt to bring some civility to the area.

These complaints about the police from a guy who expouses his talents in teaching "customer service".  The QPS have shown they're responding correctly - why then is this fat fucker so angry?  $300?  Like his buddy MacKenzie, Griffiths thinks that HE should decide where to apply policing resources.  He dismisses the valid complaints of local residents, his neighbours, as "plain ridiculous".  

What's ridiculous is the arrogant sense of entitlement that the media posers have bestowed on themselves.  Griffiths, who's apparently never done an real day's work in his life, is boastfully suggesting that he's much better positioned to determine where to apply policing.  What a boob!

Griffiths chequered history includes his long history of acting as mouthpiece for the CEC Group lies that were routinely given to the media - CEC lies that continued right up to the day they went bankrupt.  Ask yourself how the statements Griffiths made in late January could have been proven to be so false less than 12 weeks later.  And how many more Cairns battlers, tradies, and investors, were duped into further losses by these statements made by Andrew Griffiths??

Griffiths most famous book is entitled "101 Ways to Sell More of Anything to Anyone".  This is exactly the corrupt business philosophy that has motivated millions around the world to "Occupy Wall Street"-type demonstrations.

Moral compass?  Don't be silly!


Neil said...

You are correct to bring this matter up in the way you have, Hillbilly. If all people behaved with the arrogance and superciliousness as Griffiths in believing they can just snap their fingers and order the Police Force around, frankly our crime rate would spiral out of control very quickly.

KitchenSlut said...

He was robbed at a restaurant? I known that experience at several establisments but especially when foolish enough to be the last to pay on a split bill and pick up all the leftovers!

Maybe the break-ins at his business were corporate espionage in search of elusive management secrets?

Anon No. 4 said...

Just as bad as Gobshite's self-serving load of rubbish when he was done over. And what is is that these petty lawbreakers have in common? Wealth, influence, white skin and total lack of shame.

Anonymous said...

his one of these dip shits that would like to see the poor get poorer and him get richer and at any cost.

Anonymous said...

The police action in Edge Hill that resulted in Andrew getting pinged is a ongoing operation to target a house load of hoons living in Woodlands St. These idiots drive like manics throughout Edge Hill without and care for other road users and hopefully the police will catch them before they kill some innocent bystander.

KitchenSlut said...


Andrew now has a problem with airline check-in! His idea for a market for luggage weight is neat as long as he is prepared to include his own bodyweight in the equation?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the article on "Griffo". He is nothing but a self-serving, smug shit who actually has very little to offer in regard to advice. Cairns is a great spot and I know one way it could get better - bye bye "Griffo"