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01 December 2011


"Dozens of pushbikes are stolen every day in this city by the grubs".  (Grubs is the Cueball "codeword" for aboriginal teens).

The Queensland Police service deny that the number of stolen pushbikes reported is anything like "dozens every day".


KitchenSlut said...


You can find the full statistical review on crime in Queensland here. Basically anyone can manipulate this the way they want for the media, as they have, but .....

Long term statistics are generally positive. Crimes agains property were not great in the last year. Crimes against the person improved with FNQ leading the way albeit from still the highest levels in the state.

Yes, there are indigenous issues which should perhaps lead us back to the reality that some of our biggest social and economic gains we can make in our region are in closing the gap of indigenous disadvantage!

Ok, there is not much agreement on how to do that!?

Second Anonymous said...

Obviously the reprimand of Alan Jones by ACMA does not scare MacKenzie.

In the late 80's Alan Bond pressured Bob Hawke to disband the Australian Broadcasting Tribunal (which at the time was investigating if he was a fit and proper person to hold broadcast licenses) and replace it with self regulation under a toothless watchdog.

Time for Stephen Conroy to act and give the watchdog its teeth back.

Time also for the end of self regulation of the press. Police should be simple - just follow what the UK decides.

Hopefully Rupert may sacrifice a newspaper here too - lets hope it is the LNP biased ComPost.