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21 December 2011


In a stunning twist of events, the John MacKenzie-created anti-Val hillbillies have turned against their dark master and his sidekick, LNP misogynist candidate for Cairns Gavin King.

The first call to King at 11:15 was from Wangetti hillbilly butch queen Karin "Pearl" Pollard, who stunned King and Cueball with her announcement that she's signed up for the North Queensland Party as the result of King's stance on the now approved Entertainment Precinct. When questioned by King she admitted she didn't even care about what the NQ Party stands for on the subject!  Pearlie was her usual abusive and hostile self, but surprisingly she's turned the abuse on her former allies now that they've exhausted this stage of their anti-Val campaign.  Give us a little song, Pearl!  

Pearl was followed shortly thereafter by Raj Patel, who jumped on the anti-Entertainment Precinct early on in a transparent attempt to promote himself as a council candidate now that his printing business is on the skids. He's taken a plank from Division 9 councillor Sno "Max T Brown" Bonneau, who failed at operating a newsagency (rumoured to be the only failed newsagent in Australian history).  Patel also attacked Gavin King's support of the announced LNP position that it will not block the Entertainment Precinct if they should happen to win government in the next Queensland state election.

Raj was oddly upset that Gavin King now has no backbone, no views, and nothing to say unless it's been approved by his dark masters at LNP headquarters.  As a candidate, King's clearly been told to shut his fucking mouth - so perhaps he's also got LNP meeting tapes after being taught the technique by former candidate and washed-up car jockey Paul Freebody.  With buddy MacKenzie finger-quick on the hang-up button, it's clear a hillbilly lynch mob is forming, and they now have Gavin King and his poodle-like candidacy in their sights.  

The hillbilly contingent still doesn't realise they're just tools and fools in the MacKenzie media spin machine.  He's now desperate to move the topics on to something else, as he and King look for a new ginned-up "crisis" to exploit in their search for LNP votes.  Pearl, Raj, Stuttering Bill from Brinsmead, Peter from Smithfield, and the hillbilly organiser Barry Neall - you've all been media raped.  Sign on to the next campaign or you're just another whinging wanker.  

Gavin King:  Misogynist, Anti-Catholic, Hack Journalist, Can-Do Poodle.  His CV is growing every day, embarrassing Cairns every day.


CBD Warrior said...

King was clearly stunned like a tuna by Pearl's attack on his candidacy. He stammered and stumbled, and finally his attack dog personality came out, when he questioned Pearl about the policies of the NQ Party towards the Entertainment Precinct. King has been swindled into this race with the erroneous assumption that the community was against the Precinct. It's becoming clear now that there was little active opposition, and those opposed are more inclined to vote for non-mainstream wankers. King's been hung out to dry.

Buzz said...

What the hell did King and Mackenzie expect? They played their hillbilly idiot audience like violins on the Entertainment Precinct issue. Ranting and raving away for years against it while codemning the Mayor at the same time. So then King goes and says he will support it because his political party does...obviously the hillbillies are going to realise they have been taken on a ride.

Mr. Ramsey said...

The former member of Australia's most corrupt state government is now claiming that the site is unsuitable because it is contaminated with DDT. The shit was probably dumped there when he was a Minister.

Wonder what they will come up with next ? How desperate are they to scuttle this project and why ?

Rate rises ? Electricity prices have gone up way more than rate rises have, because of the enormous demand for air-conditioning and the additional cost of providing the infrastructure to support the extra demand for electricity.

So why don't they have a whinge about that ?

athena said...

Pearl's onair hissy fit hopefully will teach Gavin King a lesson about politics. When you condemn something loud and long and with passion, people NEVER EXPECT you to support it. People EXPECT you to come up with an alternative. People don't like DOUBLE TALK. The fact that King is now supporting the Precinct adds fuel to the likes of the legions of Pearls out there who become disenchanted with mainstream politics.

Mr. Ramsey said...

Pearls before Swine...

King sounds more and more like a politician everyday and soon will be indistinguishable from those he has been attacking and lampooning for years.

And all those liars who are campaigning on reversing the CEP decision will be shown up for the cretins they are.

Anonymous said...

i used to listen to john alot but lately it seems very boring and always complaining about what ever the council or government do and as soon as someone gives there opinon and is not to his lnp liking he cuts them of, nah im over his negitive show.

Dina said...

King is about to learn the lesson of the boy who cried "WOLF!" too often, I think.

Anonymous said...

They have got a readily manufactured crisis to go all out hysterical over, stoking the hillbillies up into massive panic attacks and racing off to get prescriptions of PROZAC. Look at this issue of "dredging the port" and "cruise liners". Wait and see this will be one of the election issues.

Second Anonymous said...

Dear Hillbilly blogger,

While the text is correct the image of Pearl (apart from the fangs and blood) almost makes her look attractive.

This is not the image I see when she speaks/spits bile.

Classical history has more appropriate images.

Have not heard much from NQ Party candidates - except from Queen Bee Beatrice who is not a candidate. Not even John Piva who used to work for Prime Radio.

A bit strange don't you think.

Also there is no candidate for Mulgrave - although the NQ Party "spokesperson" Chris Forsberg has been an active blogger in recent weeks . . . I wonder.

KitchenSlut said...

RAJ as a Councillor?


Wait on? Let me reconsider that emotion!

*sob* *sob* *sob*

bogan said...

Gavin "can do only what CAN DO NEWMAN tells him" King hey? That'd be right. ROFL ROFL Yeah, I bet he's learning real fast that he has to dance to the faceless men in Brisbane too. hehehehe.

Anonymous said...

So let's get this straight:

Can do King really can't do without can do Newman's say so.

That would be right.

Anonymous said...

So let's get this straight:

Can do King really can't do without can do Newman's say so.

That would be right.

Fu Man Chu said...

Regarding King:


bogan said...

rofl Fu Man Chu, that's a bloody good one hey.

So King no can do until can do Newman says he can do. ROFL ROFL
It says it all really doesnt it.

Anonymous said...

Just had a gander at King's election facebook site. Yep he's mastered the art of political double-talk alright.