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02 December 2011


Singapore Airlines today announced the first service of their new discount airline, Scoot.  

Residents of Cairns will all recall the "promise" in 2009 from then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his Minister for American Buses Anthony Albanese that the government would only approve any new foreign service to capital cities if the service included a "triangulation" with a regional centre.  This "promise" is apparently akin to the other Kevin Rudd Labor promises, "no carbon tax", "we'll floodproof the Bruce Highway", and "it's only a cold sore", among others.

So why isn't Scoot being required to do what was promised to us by the politicians, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, and Anthony Albanese?  Scoot is exactly the kind of low-cost service that would pump tourists into Cairns, a destination that is light on premium traffic but big on low-cost holidaymakers.  As anyone with a whit of sense knows, Cairns lives or dies on air traffic.  While our "leaders" are obsessing about "web strategies", "marketing campaigns", and other insipid business ideas from no-nothings like Andrew Griffiths, every business person in town knows this is all irrelevant if people have no flights to get on. 

Time for a little "please explain" from TTNQ, Cairns Council, and our federal members Warren "Don't Wake Me" Entsch and "Crazy Bob" Katter.  Cairns' state MP's clearly don't have a clue, so don't bother with any of 'em.


Anonymous said...

do you think this new budget airline would be able to afford to land in cairns? tiger suffered up here to the point all their flights were done in the middle of the night (which no tourist would want to deal with) and all their flights were delayed due to unpaid fuel bills. cairns airport will charge them a premium for services and make it uneconomical.

Clinton said...

As a Pilot and a Cairns community member, it is time to demand change. Cairns has become a hostage to the current airlines back door deals and in return we are now paying a higher price for a lower service.

The solution to the proble is to demand of the federal government the opportunity for and open sky agreement where any carrier can enter and depart to an additional country thus creating dog leg travel (singapore - cairns - china) this is the only way forward.. However there are additional forces at play here and they include the tieup deals from current airlines that prohibit new carriers from entering airspace. Furthermore the sale of Cairns airport has further eroded services and encouraged the back door deals this is the first hurdle to overcome. Unite as a community and demand change