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10 January 2012


Well the holidays are over, silly season has only two weeks to go, and the slate of potential candidates for Cairns Regional Council is starting to form up at the starting gate.

We intend to be front and centre with commentary on the candidates, their stated goals and policies, and other pertinent voter information.


The three announced candidates for Mayor are the incumbent, Val Schier along with current Division 8 councillor Margaret Cochrane and former Cairns developer and blow-in Ian Thomas.  Still to decide are rumoured candidate former Mayor Kevin Byrne currently working in PNG and former Port Authority chairman Bob Manning.

Cochrane clearly has been anointed by John MacKenzie with the 300 or so hillbilly votes, however her changeable, two-faced views on the Entertainment Precinct have undermined her credibility with voters we've spoken to.  While now taking a position that we should "sit" on the project for two years, she voted to approve the Trinity Inlet site and various other procedural approvals over the last two years.  

Likewise Ian Thomas (Jaerok P/L, t/a Tropic Coast Developments) has made the Entertainment Precinct the cornerstone of his campaign - he says he'll kill it altogether.  Given that contracts will be negotiated and signed by the election date, this is the worst of all possible alternatives.  It would cost the ratepayers tens of millions in cancellation fees, engender claims and lawsuits, and do nothing to get the needed Civic Theater replacement underway.  Thomas has also made other ridiculous statements that have shown he has no interest in the arts community - he keeps referring the the "loss-making" that the arts community facilities cost the council.  Really no different than the loss-making of the sports facilities, or bin pickup or the libraries.  Thomas has been bitch slapped by the "social media inhabitants" from Cairns on places like Facebook, and he's asked to leave several of the discussion groups when the heat has gotten to much for him to handle.  Seems the Cairns community isn't very interested in a guy that has lived in a million-dollar Gold Coast waterfront home for most of the last ten years, only to blow into Cairns at election time as the "developer's best friend".  We know how that ends - badly.  However Thomas is already throwing big money at the startup of his campaign, and the printers, web designers, and t-shirt printers are rooting hard for this cash injection into their business.  

And with the EP project now underway, it would seem any candidate building their candidacy on delaying/stopping/changing/moving the Entertainment Precinct is selling stale bread.  Except of the hard core hillbilly naysayers, Elvis has left the building.


Steve Brain - look for this soon-to-be ex-digger to be touting his military service.  Should make him a hit with serial pest and convicted copter-slasher Bryan Law.  During his first appearance on the Cueball hour, MacKenzie aurally fellated Brain to the delight of the usual callers.  


One term councillor Nancy Lanskey announced she would not stand for the division again, which will now be contested between Leigh Dall'Osto and Paul Drabble.  Lanskey has been an effective and well-liked councillor in her division, one of the fastest growing areas of Cairns.  She's overseen effective service delivery in this new area, and Ms. Dall'Osto exhibits a similar focus and engagement with the division which should see her do well with these residents.  Drabble is a grocer, and member of the "cafĂ© class" with no record of any community activism. So far he's spouted all the buzzwords; "vision", "accountability", "sustainable", "engagement", but one senses he's running using "Politics for Dummies".  


Rob Pyne - likely unopposed.  For good reason.  Like Lanskey he's been engaged, visible, and has shown leadership on the Entertainment Precinct issue.  


Former Councillor and Kevin Byrne sidekick Terry James is said to be running for this division seat along with Link Up caseworker Nick Thompson, with the seat currently held by Kirsten Lesina.  Lesina, who is preselected by the ALP for the state seat of Cairns, will apparently be running for her council seat first with the state election mooted for May or June.  Lesina is well liked by her division, and Terry James is seen as a neanderthal throwback to the secretive and closed Byrne council.  It's looking possible that Lesina could be unseated in this division by voters unwilling to return her for just a few months.      


In the most interesting race, the CBD encompassing Division 5 sees the bitter "Invisible Man" councillor Alan Blake running against union lackey Richie Bates and Family First member Yodie Batzke.  Batzke looks to be running hard to get some kind of government position, having first attempted to get preselection to the federal seat of Leichhardt held by Queensland Nutjob #2 Warren Entsch.  (Nutjob #1 is of course Bob Katter).  Bates, who tried and failed for preselection to the seat the ALP selected Lesina for, made a big production out of resigning his ALP membership and denouncing his former union hacks.  

Fortunately, there are rumours of two more likely candidates for Division 5, so all is not lost.


Linda Cooper, like Rob Pyne, looks to be a shoe-in for reelection to her seat.  Former councillor Annette Sheppard is said to be hoping to top up her pension with a few more council years, but as one Redlynch resident recently said, "Annette sends us running screaming from the room".  


Di Forsyth is being challenged by last-place spelling bee finisher Steve Grasso.  Forsyth was subjected to a slanderous campaign by Warren Entsch and John MacKenzie last year, including Entsch's referral of Forsyth to the CMC.  The CMC acted quickly rejecting all the allegations out-of-hand.  Grasso, who's building his campaign on state issues like dredging the inlet, apparently has little understanding of what a local councillor does.  He keeps harping on the "independent councillor" theme, but as an LNP member this isn't ringing true.   


Division 8 is the seat being abandoned by Margaret Cochrane.  Two of the challengers for the seat include Barry "Martin Tenni" Neale, and Tanya Brooks-Cooper.  Neale, who runs the nascent "Residents Against Crimes" website (who runs the "Residents For Crimes" site??) is the candidate who's making the leap from daily 4CA caller to council candidate.  This alone should see him get about .5% of the vote.  Tanya Brooks-Cooper is so far the best organised of all the announced candidates, and seemingly the only one that understands retail politics.  She's been out door knocking her division and meeting her potential constituents.  Hard work usually pays off at this level of political engagement, we wish her well.  


Nobody knows what the fuck Sno "Max T Brown" Bonneau is doing.  Some say he's running for governor of Utter Pradesh.  Bonneau doesn't even live in this Division.  This leaves the other announced candidate, the unemployed and some say unemployable teenager Jack Wilkie-Jans.  His candidacy announcement to the Cairns post was filled with seedy and disgusting photos of himself in mostly various states of undress, and looking like a demented gypsy.  He's so far running a completely Facebook/Twitter campaign.  Do people in Division 9 hate Bonneau this much?  


Julia Leu, the so-far unopposed Port Douglas councillor.  Despite widespread disappointment with her in Palm Cove and Clifton Beach, she's well liked in Port and likely to be tough to unseat.


Many of the candidates are already trying to stake out their territory on Facebook, Twitter, and via blog sites.  While interesting, this is for most a mistake.  People vote for candidates they can look in the eye, and converse with.  The web is not that place.  Candidates who think the investment of time and energy in things like Twitter will assist their candidacy are in for a rude shock.  

Councils are non-partisan.  Some of the current candidates are attempting to attach the ALP moniker to their opponents, with the thought that Labor's brand is so damaged that this will undermine their opponent.  This is like Belling the Cat.  Most of the electorate can see thru this nonsense.  


Driving the Cook Highway at 9:30 this morning, a police ute tailgating drivers from Trinity Beach all the way to the airport. In some places drivers going 80k had this ute five meters or less from their boot!  

No signals exiting the roundabouts.
Sitting on 95 in the right lane in the 100k section of the highway between Yorkey's and Holloway's.  

Who's policing the coppers?  This is pretty deplorable.  And there was no "L PLATE" on this ute, either.

Resident history of reporting Police for bad driving has limited value.  Hence the photos that were taken.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how wrong you are.

I'd elaborate and give my name, however you won't allow comments from me.

CBD Warrior said...

I look forward to continuing coverage of the election by this blog.

Tony Hillier said...

Quelle surprise: Anon y Mouse has started using his spellcheck. C'mon elaborate Mr Mouse — we want to know your real name.

With the election looming, it would be a good time for a few HW posters to step out behind their nom-de-plumes.

Anonymous said...

Gee im so glad i look at this pathetic site, as it gives me a good idea what idiots we have living in cairns and there seems to be a lot, but hey its good for a laugh.The run down on candidates for CRC means cairns is up shit creek, and there should be at lest one aborigine on council to complete the sewage plant.

Second Anonymous said...

What a surprise that Anonymous is a racist. What next? We really don't need to guess.

Strong rumours that a liked Prime Radio jock will announce this month that he is taking on Blake the snake.

The real Anonymous said...

"Lesina, who is preselected by the ALP for the state seat of Cairns, will apparently be running for her council seat first with the state election mooted for May or June ..."

You gotta be jokin' Thrillbilly.
Gordon Bennett.
How can she ask the Div 4 folks to vote for her when she will abandon them a couple of months later for a seat in Brisbane State Parliament?
Geeez ... it's bit rich.
And you and your syncopathic aliases have no comment on this nose in the trough behavior?
Typical Labour/Green attitude.

Mr. Ramsey said...

Ian Thomas failed to tell the public that the resorts he built are crumbling and that the Lego Land units he created are of similar inferior quality. And why should Cairns have a former bankrupt and used car dealer for Mayor ?

Lessina well liked by her division ? Not really. Even many die-hard Labour supporters are not happy with her performance.

She is the classic, carefully groomed Labour politician for life, with no real world experience, that we don't need.

Nick Thompson sounds like an interesting candidate for Division 4.

nomooremike said...

"you and your syncopathic [sic] aliases"

Yes Mr Anonymous, thanks for the "syncopathic" reply.

Anonymous said...

At least the useless daddy's little boy Bob Norman is not running for mayor.

Anon No. 4 said...

Lesina announced she was standing for Cairns yonks ago. Thompson announced he was standing for division 4 yonks ago. similarly there are other candidates announced for other divisions.


Editing of Division 4 inadvertently left out Nick Thompson. Fixed.

Mr Dobolina said...

I see about a week ago, the 'Ian Thomas for Mayor' facebook site, that the number of 'likes' jumped from about 45 to over 1000 in the space of one day, but has not risen much since.

Rumour has it he bought his 'likes' from one of those companies that selld them in blocks of 1000 for about $100.

Ed in Edge Hill said...

Mr. Dobolina, you're absolutely right. This is a known scam - poor old Ian Thomas has little understanding of the "internet generation" and is being taken for the fool that he is. He must of been tipped off on this "purchase Facebook likes" from Paul Freebody, who bought some 12,000 for his failed waterpark. That's more Facebook likes than Facebook has users in North Queensland. Nothing like rich people being exposed as wankers.

Terry Towelling said...

I'm sure Mr Thomas feels he can garner anti CEP support from people like serial pest commenter fuckwit Phil Crockford from Mt Sheridan who commented regarding the sports story in the Cairns Post today. Some crap about how will they hold sporting activities at the CEP. Obviously the new comments policy of the Compost still brings out the village idiots from under their padded cells.

Anonymous said...

Ian Thomas and Paul Drabble = Dumb and Dumber. There should be a basic test they need to pass before they can nominate themselves.

Anonymous said...

Fuckwit Phil from Forest Gardens is at it again today, making his usual unfounded comments about the CEP in the article about Bob Manning running for mayor. This serial pest is so fucking stupid!!!

Anonymous said...

you idiots must be really missing John, no one to pick on but ones from the crap post.

Second Anonymous said...

Hillbilly blogger - please give us more. We are starving for quality info.

As for the new policy at ComPost, seems that the (very few) bloggers are not internet traceable, facebook, twitter, white pages etc.


Which one is Macca or Gav???

Anonymous said...

We are sick of the crap from Smith and Jones. Fuckwit Phil is so stupid that he continues to post crap as Phil with two surnames from Forest Gardens or Mt Sheriden. What a dickhead and former union hack who hates Labor and women., Aborigines and refugees. Wanker of the year award to retard Phil.

KitchenSlut said...

I was curious that under the new ComPost policy of only comments with full genuine name that someone called "Jo Blow" seemed to make it through the moderator?

chris forsberg said...

Hello Hillbilly Bloke - your advocacy
for any and every candidate who is mildly or drastically Left of Centre
is absurdly obvious - as is your ill-informed shit-canning of any and every candidate who is mildly or drastically Right of centre.

ZERO cred, mate - indeed, PATHETIC.

chris forsberg bayview heights

Anonymous said...

Gee Mister Forsberg, it would appear that you have discovered a blog that doesn't serve your extreme right wing points of view that you have made glaringly obvious in posts on other blogs. And just how do you think we should regard your credibility Mr advertising man?

Anonymous said...

More crap from "John Smith" in today's Compost, rabbiting on that there was never a vote on the CEP. Where do these fuckwits come from? They simple spew shit from their ignorant mouths day after day. There was a Council vote shit for brains and the decision cannot be overturned, so stick that up your nose. We live in a democracy you fool and each elected Councillor was able to cast a vote. Crawl back under the rock where you came from Mr Smith or whatever your name may be.

Division 3 voter said...

"Rob Pyne - likely unopposed. For good reason. Like Lanskey he's been engaged, visible, and has shown leadership on the Entertainment Precinct issue."

What a pity Pyne is unopposed. He's visible OK, no question there, point a camera and Pyne is there like a shot.

Try and get an appointment with him though, and see what he's really like, you'll be ignored, as I have been, THREE times.

He ignores requests to see him, and doesn't answer emails.

Maybe I should set a camera up somewhere and whistle!

He needs challenging, voting for the CEP isn't enough, he should find time to answer the concerns of those who voted for him.

If he is unopposed this time around I will spoil the ballot.

Neil said...

Chris Forsberg, I don't know if you are correct about Mr Hillbilly, the blogger of this site. However I am a conservative, Liberal Party, voter. I read this site and Vance's "Cush over Cairns" because I too,like Mr Hillbilly and Mr Terry Vance, am greatly concerned about the lack of journalistic standards and ethics in this city. To see unsophisticated people being manipulated and stoked up by media demagogues and deliberately polarised over something like the Entertainment Precinct is, in this modern age, unconscienable, reprehensible behaviour. I also am disgusted and revolted at the way the Mayor, Ms Schier is treated by Mackenzie and previously by Gavin King. Their behaviour again is not the sort of behaviour I want to be associated with. I like to think there are still some of us conservatives around who do have a sense of ethics and personal standards. Oh, and incidentally Mr Forsberg, I am not the only "tory" contributor to this blog.

Liz said...

Chris Forsberg, I would like to endorse Neil's comments above. I, too, am a conservative voter who arrived in this city just three years ago and found myself in the midst of what can only be described as a "war" being undertaken against the first elected woman Mayor of this city by local media representatives. The objective was patently obvious. These bullying thugs were using their position of influence to try and force the Mayor into resigning. When that didn't work, these thugs then used the Entertainment Precinct to incite and inflame the unwary members of the community. As if that wasn't enough they then deliberately and with calculation further polarised the community by pitting the issue of sports facilities versus arts facilities. The Cairns community are being shamelessly and ruthlessly manipulated by, I suspect a group of scurrilous individuals who have a vital pecuniary interest in certain waterfront land. I am deeply suspicious and will be watching very closely the results of this Council Election and its aftermath.

Neil said...

Astutely put, as always Liz. May I say again how much I enjoy reading your comments!

bogan said...

Jesus Neil youre that fucken oily communing with women you give us all a bad case of the squirts. Liz, Neil wears his pants up under his armpits and skols other blokes beer when they go for a leak.