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23 January 2012


For readers of the Cairns Post online:

Many of the Cairns Post online web pages have serious Adobe Flash coding errors that cause the pages to continually download data from the Cairns Post servers.

This high data rate (about 2GB/hour) can easily burn thru the "data quota" on most Australian internet accounts.  (Why we're charged for data usage when virtually every other advanced country in the world have unlimited data is a discussion for another time).

We've repeatedly attempted to get the Cairns Post to fix this coding error, but they don't respond.  Given that it's also News Ltd., who knows if something nefarious is going on?

Be advised. . .


Anon No. 4 said...

you can take it for granted that, as it's news limited and especially the cairns post, something nefarious is going on.

My guess would be that the compost is data mining its visitors - and probably passing on info to its good friends gobshite and stench.

Anon No 5 said...

What a stupid stupid post Anon No 4.
And an even more stupid guess.
I suppose a dip-shit blog like this attracts the nutters like Anon No 4.
Get off whatever bullshit benefit you are on Anon No 4 and get a job!

Neil said...

So what does this mean for those of us who do regularly visit The Cairns Posts online news site??

nomooremike said...

I can't replicate this, or anything like it.

I tested it with three different browsers and the only movement is a very small amount when an ad changes.

CBD Warrior said...

Don't leave the pages open after reading them, Neil.

Otherwise you'll be up for huge data charges.

Ed in Edge Hil said...

I was able to see the same huge data downloading when a Cairns Post webpage is opened. Not all of them - the worst was the page about Dunk Island yesterday. Seriously something wrong here.

Neil said...

But what if you post an online comment which takes a while to compose and write? Does anything happen then? I often use my office PC to post comments, so can't afford for anything to happen to it.

Anonymous said...

I have an ongoing issue on my computer where I have to uninstall java and re-install it. I am not literate in such things btw. Just mentioning that when I cannot open some websites and think I have this problem again I always go to Cairns Post website to make sure because it never works when I have this problem so confirms for me that i need a jave re-install. So basically saying it is more fickle than most websites and perhaps an expert can figure out why from the symptoms I mention.