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10 February 2012


Deputy Mayor Margaret "FLIP FLOP" Cochrane - does she know what she believes?  Just a few weeks ago, she announced that her plans for the Entertainment Precinct, if she is elected Mayor, would be to "put the project on hold for two years and think about it".  Even "Black Hand" Byrne ridiculed this idea.  Funny that.

Today, her newest policy is to move the Entertainment Precinct to where the Port Authority headquarters building is - even though there is no offer from Cairns Ports for any use of this site (and which most agree is best used for an additional hotel in support of the convention centre).  Her comments today mark the THIRD position FLIP FLOP Cochrane has held on the precinct - for she voted "aye" to approve the site on the waterfront, where all the planning was then done based on her affirmative vote! (Page 128 from the agenda of 11 December 2008). Not only did she vote to approve this site, but she seconded the motion to approve made by Alan "Trouser Snake" Blake, a motion carried unanimously by council!  For those interested, she also voted "aye" to fluoridate Cairns water supply at the same meeting.

This isn't the only affirmative vote that FLIP FLOP Cochrane is now running away from.  She then went on to disavow the several-year planning process for the CBD renewal, as well as her vote to approve the new parking station in Grafton Street!  She touted her own ideas that she tearfully explained were rejected by "the engineers".  

What kind of person votes approval and then attacks the decision in order to curry voter favour? A dishonest person, that's who.  My mum always told me that withholding the truth with the intent to deceive is a lie.  That's what FLIP FLOP Margie is doing.  This should be a matter of investigation by the CEO of council, except with Cochrane clearly unable to perform the duties of mayor and basically unelectable, she'll be retired by April 30.

Cairns doesn't need a dishonest Mayor.  

Of course if this flip flopping and dishonest representation of her previous votes is due to Alzheimer's, we of course mean no offence.  



Second Anonymous said...

Hillbilly, the flip-flop graphic you used shows fish. Fish have a backbone - unlike Cr. Marge.

The Deputy-Mayor does not have what it takes. She is shallow, lacks vision and enacts every issue as a political manoeuvre - with poor tactics, goals and results.

One thing rings loud and clear - After four years in the deputy position she gets F for failure.

Given past performance this candidate does not deserve to be on the Mayoralty ballot paper.

Linda's Toyboy said...

Thank you Hillbilly, for your unbiased account on how and what Deputy Mayor Margaret Cochrane actually said on the John MacKenzie show this morning.

Gee I'm real glad I missed it ... not!

I mean I might have formed a completely different perspective had I heard her version, not yours.

Bus. Op. said...

It confirms my suspicions that she and other members of the old Byrne "Unity Team" were somehow "got at" during or after 2008 to change their voting on the Entertainment Precinct. All the way through this awful debacle there has been the stink of outside interference.

bogan said...

she says she does but she doesn't
shes a flip flop flip
shes a flip flop flip
neener neener neen.
she says yes but she means no
shes a flip flop flip
shes a flip flop flip
neener neener neen.
my ode to Margie.

Anonymous said...

Flip flop. Belly flop Cochrane. We need a leader who unites, not the CEP division all over again.

Curly Joe said...

A leader who "unites" Anonymous? Just who led the charge against the CEP, destabilised the Council, and polarised the city with his endless raving and rantings hey??
Who wouldn't let the Cuncil get on with the job they were elected to do? Who kept on interfering the entire term of Council and wouldnt let up?

Nanna Kay said...

I think we have already agreed this Mayoral election will come down to a two horse race between Schier and Manning. Cochrane will be useful in directing her preferences to Manning.

Nick said...

Manning will win hands down. He'll then come up with all sort of excuses why he can't keep any of his promises on the CEP (like building it in Martin Munro Park ???), blaming the previous council, the state government and so on.

If he does manage to scuttle the current project, then it will be very interesting to see what will happen to the waterfront site...

Curly Joe said...

We all know Nick what will happen to the waterfront site. Huge ugly high-rises like Habour Lights will be approved and built there. Manning and company will find enough excuses about not "dredging" and the land not being of use to the Port Authority.

Margie's Soccer Toy Boy said...

Margie has been hanging around the oung fellas in soccer and footie for years..now tell me why does a middle aged woman hang around young men for?????? Margie is the original COUGAR, only after a bit of young meat. Shes the original Maggie May.