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17 February 2012


Two (smaller) cruise ships docked at the Cruise Terminal today.  All the shitty little industrial boats forced to work 100 meters up the inlet.  

Proves we have plenty of port space for everyone, and validates the use of this area for the Entertainment Precinct.  Plenty of space even for our navy allies!  Dredge the inlet and everyone be happy!


Anonymous said...

They want Us to give up a great location for CEP so some dinghy can park there.


Anonymous said...

35 cruise ships this year sitting out at yorkeys, fair enough there are some tour companys that pay P/O and all the other cruise lines huge commissions for tours that are sold on the ships , but if those ships were able to pull up at our cruise ship terminal that cost tax payers $13 million, all the business's in Cairns would reep the benifits, Newman has said if LNP are voted in they will dredge to allow those cashed up ships in, but what if he's not, is the Labor Government going to Give the business' in our great city a helping hand and dredge, as it has to be done its a huge growing industry.

Di Forsyths toyboy said...

What a stupid comment, but so typical of the standard of intellect of this blog site and some of our councillors.
You know the ones - those that what to put a shitty arty farty centre right there, right in the middle of a tourist port - now fucking dumb can they be?
$250 million for a thousand bums on seats every 3 months - fucking dickheads.

Terry said...

That last comment was sent at 21:29. Didn't realise Mackenzies love bunnies were still able to stay up that late.

Anonymous said...

the more cruise ships in our city the better our economy will be as it will be a back up when the airlines decide to pull out or go on strike.

mrsteadi said...

Glad I found this blog but I think it should be renamed the "I'm a FNQ Redneck who can't see beyond the end of my nose" site.
My gawd, if there were more people like you in the world we'd still be living in caves rubbing two sticks together to make fire.
I wish the council and others would quit promoting it as the CEP, it will be so much more than strictly about entertainment, which redneck cretins can't appreciate anyway by the sound of it.
I do contract work at the convention centre and there is the opinion that with larger improved facilities, Cairns would play host to major conventions, conferences and the like which presently go elsewhere due to the CCC's inability to accommodate. Look beyond the obvious folks, the world is not just about you and what you want!

Anon No. 4 said...

I recommended the rather wonderful existing shed to an upmarket overseas client, who loved it and especially the fact that tourists would be moving through the area, hopefully in great numbers. It was too small for her purposes, but she will definitely be back if the entertainment centre gets built.

Second Anonymous said...

I wonder how many potential tourists google 'Cairns' to plan a holiday and then come across all the negative comments and blogs from tourist operators complaining that governments do not do enough to attract potential suckers for them extract cash from?