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20 February 2012


Anne Marie Whelan of Kewarra Beach has "made the blog" previously.  She's a "go-to" girl in the Cueball MacKenzie closet, who is always willing to vomit up anti-everything nonsense when he calls on her, as he did today.  Mental bulimic Whelan "refunded" on cue some spectacularly wrong nonsense.  Then she used the rest of her time to shill for her failed swimming pool construction business.

Firstly she calls the Marino proposal to expand Redlynch Plaza as "sound" - despite the fact that neighbours to the project, already inundated by a parking shortfall at the centre, have objected to the expansion which doesn't include enough parking, has parking ramps and giant outdoor lights planned a few meters from their rear gardens, and other unneighbourly intrusions on their amenity and life by the Marino family developers.  I'm sure the residents in Redlynch aren't happy that a Kewarra Beach busybody like Whelan has decided their amenity should be sacrificed on the altar of over-development.  Anne Marie then compares the legally-filed objections by Smithfield and Cairns Central centres, "big corporations" with the Marino family, who she calls "poor locals".  If the Marinos are too poor to build this expansion, why are they being allowed to take this risk?

Anne Marie then barfs up her Mackenzie-required diatribe like the good monkey she is.  Whelan claims that "Cairns Regional Council appears hell-bent on sending one message - we are closed for business".  Hello Anne Marie, you know the revised expansion was APPROVED by council, don't you?  No of course you don't, you're too ignorant to even get the facts before opening your pie hole.  Councillors did their job, and balanced the need for development with the need for citizens to have their property interests protected, and from degrading their housing investments.  This isn't "closed for business", you ignorant cow.  This is council doing their job.  The fact that other shopping centres are empowered to lodge legal objections is a legitimate area of discussion, but as a State matter it has nothing to do with council.  This is just typical John MacKenzie "mudslinging by proxy".

The reality of Cairns Council has been exactly contrary to Ms. Whelan's anti-council script (written by the MacKenzie black hands).  Of course we've had a slow economic period - as any longtime Cairns resident knows this is par for the course in Cairns.  However as development projects again stirred this time last year, Council acted proactively to encourage the developers by waiving some $4million in council fees to get projects underway - and underway they now are!  Housing permits up, commercial projects underway (including the massive Masters project in Portsmith), along with huge government projects at Cairns Base and the Entertainment Precinct.

Whelan was then given 4CA time to spruik her dead pool construction business.  Other pool companies are still continually employed as they are installing modern, cost-effective, and energy efficient pools.  The pools being installed by M&A Designer Pools P/L are overpriced and unwanted garden albatrosses.  Not unlike the owner.  Who isn't likely to get any new business when she shows how easily manipulated she is by Cueball MacKenzie.

Anne Marie Whelan, the Hillbilly Blog "Jackass of the Day".


Nanna Kay said...

Hopefully the Marino family will build a shopping centre right alongside Whelan's house. Then maybe she might understand a bit more.

Anonymous said...

I found it extremely ironic that she went on and on about how how the Ipswich Mayor declared he would approve any good construction projects, and that in doing so, made it clear Ipswich was "open for business" and the city flourished as a result, whereas CRC hasn't done the same and therefore have announced they are "closed for business".. Excuse me, but they've spent the past 2 years trying to get the CEP ready to build, and people like HER and MACCA have made it downright difficult with all the crap they go on with basically every single day ad-nauseum to try and stop it proceeding. Talk about HYPOCRITES. Get the CEP underway, bring back some confidence in the city and bugger off Mackenzie and all your hate filled side-kicks.

Anonymous said...

I regularly listen to John MacKenzie and ABC for local news and current affairs. However I just totally cringe whenever Ann Marie Whelan rings in for her two bobs worth of "poor me". The same goes with her letters to the editor. I notice John MacKenzie seems to be in awe of her every sentence! My advice to Ann Marie is stop whingeing about your life and business, and just get on with it like everyone else does in Cairns. Call or write when you have something positive to say.

Anonymous said...

Cueball, Byrne and Anne Maree etc obviously believe their chosen political party has such poor candidates that they could not possibly win without constantly manipulating the public with lies. Unfortunately some morons believe everything these wankers say without question. The negativity of these lying loudmouths is the only thing holding Cairns back .........

Mr. Ramsey said...

Ann Marie rang McKenzie some time ago to whinge about the local weather forecast.

Apparently dry and sunny weather was predicted, but it started raining instead and hubby was about ready to concrete a pool based on the previous day's weather forecast.

I'm surprised she didn't blame the Mayor for that as well.

Major projects are constantly being delayed because business rivals use legal avenues to delay potential competition. So why don't McKenzie and his cronies not make a song and dance about that, instead of falsely blaming the Council for it ?

Smithfield Sam said...

I'm a regular shopper at Bunnings Smithfield, and a few months ago and Anne Marie (employed there) started chatting me up. In less than a minute she was trying to sell me a swimming pool. I wonder if Bunnings knows what she's doing on their quid?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Smithfield Sam for alerting the public as to the whereabouts of "poor me" Anne Marie Whelan. Do not approach Bunnings Smithfield, Kewarra Beach or 846AM Airwaves if you do not wish the sky to fall in.