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09 February 2012


One of the announced Mayoral challengers for Cairns Regional Council is a bloke named Ian Thomas.  Thomas is said to be a cashed-up blow-in from the Gold Coast.  While he has some developer credentials from Cairns 15-20 years ago,  it's unclear why that experience is relevant two decades later in a fast-growing city he's been absent from.  While asked by us and others several times, he refuses to answer the question - "Why are you running for Mayor of Cairns".  Perhaps he's out of pension money.

We intend to look at statements by the council candidates about what they WILL do.  Not their critiques and other negative attacks.

Ian Thomas starts the discussion, in his diatribe on health care (not a council issue), by saying on his website:  "Indigenous people living north and west (of Cairns) . . .are not part of our official population".  I'm sure they'll be happy to hear that!

Thomas has already shown to be a prickly sort, and he's apparently has the misguided opinion that Facebook is a "voter manipulation tool".  Using a well-known backdoor, he's "purchased" supporters for his Facebook page, apparently not realising he's bought more Filipinos and Nigerians than live in all of  Australia!  So he apparently thinks this corrupt practise is going to fool people.

Widespread reports indicate that posts asking probing questions or critiquing his proposals are promptly removed by him from this page, with the posters blocked from further comment.  He also removed himself from a local election discussion page when he became the butt of ridicule.  Prickly old fart, already showing him temperamentally unsuitable to lead a group of independent sorts on council.  (Herding cats).

Many of the statements made by Thomas in person, and on his website, show him to be clearly delusional.  He somehow believes that the position of Mayor is akin to that of Fidel Castro - Thomas apparently hasn't read the job description.  No Mayor can make unilateral decisions on the budget, on the EP, on council contracting.  "Mayor" doesn't mean "dictator".  The danger always with electing a so-called businessman.  

In a "tradies's meeting" he organised Tuesday night at Cazaly's, Thomas began to unveil his campaign strategy, which looks to be based on exaggerations, unachievable promises, lowbrow ideas, and flat-out lies.  Fortunately for him, the turnout of his "tradie mates" was pathetically small.

First of all, he guarantees for two years either no rate rise or 2.5% - his campaign literature says both, so we're not sure which promise he's going with.  On the radio Tuesday he told John MacKenzie he was going to get $30 MILLION in spending out of the council budget.  Of course with no indication what he's cutting, just the usually "I'm cutting waste" bullshit.  

When commenting on the planning work done on the new Grafton Street carpark, his plan is "simple slab construction without all the extravagance" decorated with "hanging gardens".  No comment on how much maintenance would be required for his "hanging gardens".  

He's the only Mayoral candidate who "guarantees" to stop the construction of the Council-approved Entertainment Precinct - despite the costs that would inure for doing this.  Some believe the costs of canceling contracts would be upwards of $20 million.  Let's see him sell the idea of wasting $20 million on nothing!  He has also said he'll take the current design work and re-use it on an appropriate site.  As anyone experienced at construction would know (isn't he?) this is an impossible suggestion.  This isn't a shitty little block house like Thomas was well known for building around town!  You just can't plop it down anywhere!

Thomas makes no bones about destroying the arts support by council - he's often quoted as saying that arts facilities run "at a loss", under the delusional idea that council services should make a profit! 

In his talk to the tradies, he says he's going to "get their jobs back" by forcing council to hire only local workers.  Funny, but this would be a violation of the Trade Practices Act, as well as several Queensland state laws on contracting by Local Government.  This is a piece of populist nonsense that pollies with no ideas trot out from time to time.  Why are big national firms used to build things like the Council Chambers or Entertainment Precinct?  Because there are no local firms with the size, skill, financial support, and acumen to build these projects.  Look at how mismanaged our "big" local firms have been.  Hedley.  Glencorp.  CEC.  CMC.  All gone due to mismanagement and in some cases fraud - while the national firms had no problem surviving the downturn.  Ratepayers want their contributions managed professionally by council, not flogged off to some locals just because they're locals.  

Council currently provides some "weighting" to local bids to encourage local contractors, their policy is here.  There is no way to guarantee all bids go to local contractors, however.

So Ian Thomas - tell 'em what sounds good, promise things you can't deliver, make up shit if you have to - - - that seems to be the mantra of this candidate.  



Anonymous said...

Apparently Thomas turned up at a fancy dress party with a potato taped to his penis. When asked what he was, he replied "I'm a dictator".

Jokes aside, this guy will only get the looney fringe vote, much like KAP candidates in the State election.

Mr. Ramsey said...

This man had a string of business failures in the Cairns area. If the media applied some scrutiny to his business past all sort of interesting details would come up.

When he was building Lego Land (behind Raintrees) he used to call McKenzie from all over the place. A lot of the time he was not in Cairns and then the banks suddenly pulled the rug from under him, which led to a fire-sale of his assets, much bitterness and several failed business ventures afterwards.

There are also some questions about his mental stability. Definitely not good credentials for a future Mayor.

Tony Hillier said...

By all accounts, Thomas would be very bad news for the arts & culture scene in general in Cairns, in the fortunately very unlikely event of him being elected mayor.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at this site:


It's the site for Andy Strickland who is (or was - it's not clear) for Sherrif of Spartanberg in North Carolina. Thomas' site is a copy of Strickland's, including all the North Carolina specific headings.

To be fair, people like this do really make the election interesting.

Mr. Ramsey said...

I think it will be a choice between Val and Bob.

Thomas and Cochrane are just a sideshow.

Neither will be effective Mayors unless a majority of councillors will support them.

Anonymous said...

Agree Val or Bob, except WHO IS BOB. Is this the new way t get eelcted, do nothing say nothing, promise nothing LOL.

Anonymous said...

That washed up newspaper boy was on Rugnut the other day, what a waste of sperm. HE has no confidence in winning he's seat, so why bother running

Anonymous said...

Wish cueball would stop talking all his friends into running for office, Locco, King, Tommo (and the rest) and have the balls to stand himself, then he would see how popular he is.... NOT

Ron said...

never heard of him.

Nanna Kay said...

The kindest thing I can say is that he has been away from Cairns for so long that he just cant come back and expect people to either remember him or to take him seriously. I thought he left town with the dogs barking after him all those years ago.

Anonymous said...

Ian Thomas thinks that if he says it, you should just believe it. Don't dare question anything that he promises - this will earn you a mouthful of his accusations and rude remarks. If you're a woman, don't show any initiative, or that you have a brain in your head. Apparently women are allowed to vote now! What will they come up with next? Back to the kitchen woman! Barefoot, pregnant, yeah, and and keep your mouth closed!

Keep making your empty promises Mr Thomas. WE all vow to expose you for the failure that you've already proven you are. Your business's failed. Who in their right mind would vote YOU in as mayor? You couldn't keep your own business's afloat, what makes you think you could actually successfully run a CITY?? The only thing we'll see of Ian Thomas when he FAILS at the Council Election, are the tyre marks his ute leaves on the Bruce Highway as he squeals out of town, headed back to wherever it was he's been hiding all these years. Good riddance.

Leigh Dall'Osto said...

An interesting take on things once again. I must confess though to being slightly disappointed that I have just read an entire article on Ian Thomas and there is no mention of the phrase 'lies and obfuscation'. I honestly thought there was a rule about placing that phrase with anything written for, by or about Ian.

Anonymous said...

I like his nerve coming back into town after leaving owing people money and now asking the same people to help him fund his campiagn as he is broke, not cashed up!!! Boss Hog