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05 February 2012


It looked to be a fizzer as it was being organised.  Using Facebook & Twitter, and shunning the mainstream media, left wing but good intentioned Cairns political hacks tried to fill the vacuum of political discourse with today's Candidate Forum in City Place.  I counted about 100 in the audience - subtract candidate relatives, partners, organizers, bloggers, the guys that didn't know how the PA system works, and the media and I would guess about 40 were really there to gain some knowledge.  Good for these pathetic candidates, bad for Cairns.

From the opening (typically 25 minutes late) moments, it was clear that this wasn't going to be easy for the independents, especially with all the LNP candidates missing.  First on the chopping block was North Queensland Party's candidate for Cairns, John Piva.  He had what he thought was going to be a gangbuster opening, asking the sparse crowd "are you happy?", thinking that a representative crowd of Cairns voters would shout "NO!".  To his chagrin, the ALP-sleazeball audience shouted "YES", and "WE LOVE OUR LIFE IN CAIRNS".  It was at this point I searched for a spoon I could shove into my eye.  Piva too was stunned by this mule kick.  But he soldiered on, making his points about Cairns not receiving our fair share of government revenues and vowing to "bring back the dosh" to Cairns if elected.  

Next up was Kirsten Lesina.  Sadly, she's got overcooked pasta for her spine as she spruiked all the so-called Anna Blight Labor government achievements, while standing just above a campaign sign so heavily photoshopped it looks like her father.  Not one word of criticism for her Labor parents, Desley Boyle and Steve Wettenhall, beaming broadly as their pupil played every bullshit note in the Labor Party songbook at her first political eisteddfod.  When she stopped at her applause lines, Daddy Wettenhall, centrally positioned so the ALP minions could get their cues, started the applause of the Labor acolytes.  A pathetic display of party politics at its sewer level lowest.  I needed a good scrub-up after listening to this. Yuck.

Finally for Cairns was D.J. Hunt, missing his standard-issue Akubra.  Like Lesina, Hunt is a local and apparently related in some way to the Tom Pyne family.  Nothing better than a little political inbreeding.  Hunt grabbed on the Piva theme about funding for Cairns, then turning to his bread-and-butter issue, crime.  He did a credible job of explaining why bail reform is so important, as well as the easy parole being given to repeat offenders.  The unsaid part of the "crime fighter" agenda is the cost.  Prisoners in Queensland cost the taxpayers over $300 per day - more than almost every hotel in Cairns.  Want to increase those incarcerated, Darren?  Someone in the Katter Party is going to have to explain where the dosh is coming from.  We'd be better off putting them in empty hotel rooms on the Nard, give 'em $200 a day, and let them boost the Cairns economy.

Hunt then latched on to another populist idea that he's obviously done zero research about.  He said if he's elected he will immediately establish passenger rail service between the city, Gordonvale, and Redlynch.  He called it "cheap" and "cost effective", said it could be done "quickly", and then said it would remove "hundreds of cars from the CBD" and eliminate council's need to build a new car park on the soon-to-be vacated main post office site in Grafton Street. 

This is just insane.  Darren's now channelling Bob Katter.  He'd make more sense if he just promised us the each a flying car from the Jetsons. Or even better, a Monorail!

Even in densely populated areas of Australia, the cost for rail is born by the state governments giving massive subsidies.  The less dense, the more the subsidy.  The state subsidy for Brisbane rail passengers almost $10 each trip.  PLUS the fares, even after they were raised some 40%.  Hunt has made this pledge apparently thinking he can swindle the Cairns voter with this idea.  IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.  NEVER.  TAKE IT TO THE BANK. 

The verdict?  Organising forums using only Facebook or Twitter gets to .1% of the Cairns population.  Pip Miller was credited as PR for the forum.  She should go home and slit her wrists, so poor was this PR job.  As should the rest of us, if this is the "best and brightest" of Cairns political aspirants.  We're well and truly fucked.  Sad, really.  No choice at all.

It's Sunday.  I like cartoons on Sunday.


h. bosch said...

Spot on mate! Some of these fuckwits running for Council/State seriously think they can win an election sitting on their arses Twittering and Facebooking to 500 people, 80% of which don't even read their dribble.

Miss Conduct. said...

Another glib and informative description of the apathetic Cairns political sceane.
I waxed my bikini line and took the dog for a walk.
Sounds like I didn't miss much of value.

CBD Warrior said...

Spot on, from another brief attendee. I too was disgusted with the bias shown at this so-called non-partisan forum. I think the blame can be laid at the feet of Geoff Holland, who's known to be manipulative and extremist. It was also sad to see the Toastmasters used in this way.

Anonymous said...

But Hillbilly where were the LNP? If they had the decency to actually participate the crowd would have been a bit more diverse. The Toastmasters are a reputable group and it was downright ignorant of the LNP not to be part of this forum. You would have to say, though, that the ALP candidates did speak the best and what they said verifies that they are the better candidates!!

Neil said...

Never mind Hillbilly. The lovely Linda will be there on April 4th or 5th (I need to check the dates) speaking during the Council Election forums. Such a talented speaker is bound to draw the crowds. I am so looking forward to it. I shall be there, in the front row, with a giant bunch of roses!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the LNP had a BBQ, Footy sign on, door knocking event to attend and decided to miss this, what appears to be biased, event!!! Maybe after all is said and done the people who attended this sham did so in support of some unseen person or were they paid to attend and show support for one person who is still on the Council payroll and is also campiagning for State gov!??? Shame Ms Lesina, Shame you don't even remeber berating others for doing the same!!! Boss Hog.

Curly Joe said...

The ALP Candidates and Katters Australia Party Candidates responded to a community request to engage with the community and make themselves available to explain their policies and to answer questions. It was downright rude and arrogant of the LNP not to also respond. Frankly, gobsnot's "no show" didn't surprise me. He's a gutless wonder, all spit and fire when he's hiding behind a newspaper or on a radio station, but a craven coward when it comes to fronting an audience face to face.

bogan said...

Neil mate, you might have to forget them roses hey when you go along to listen to the lovely Linda speaking. I reckon the cops might think you're one of them stalkers or something. You know what they do to stalkers these days hey? Mate, the cops don't muck around any more. They taser your balls hey.

Anonymous said...

So Anonymous 21.20hrs - You think maybe the LNP believe that attending a BBQ, door-knocking, footy sign or being seen in the new Merc. with name splashed all over it is regarded as a better option than discussing with the people of Cairns in the City Centre their election attributes at a forum conducted by an independent group i.e. Toastmasters. I think they may have their priorities wrong, don't you?

athena said...

This was a deliberate show of arrogance and contempt to the community by the LNP. It does not auger well for their style of Government, if, AT THE VERY FIRST CALL, they cannot respond to a community invitation. Very, very piss poor! Oh..maybe they all want to just get up and talk at an LNP rally?? Yeah! Once again, Val Schier has shown the snivelling, gutless, gormless cowards up. Val has stood and faced on at least two occasions, I attended, a very hostile audience. She stood there on the stage, on her own and handled herself with great dignity.
Obviously the LNP representatives have got no stomach, no guts whatsoever for face to face community consultation. They are frankly, unfit for public office.

Liz said...

This is indeed a public display of arrogance and contempt on behalf of the local LNP. To all deliberately boycott the very first call to attend a public forum! Don't they believe they are answerable to the public? Don't they believe in community consultation? I have never witnessed such public contempt from a political party in election mode, ever. I can deduct that the public mind-set of the local LNP is one of non-democratic values where they have rejected the democratic principles of "of the people, by the people...". Perhaps they should just hang the Swastika over their LNP logo and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

The LNP will come up with some cunning sophistry as to why they didn't attend and attempt to make as much political mileage out of it as they can. I'm waiting to hear it. This boycott was deliberate so I believe they intend to make something out of it.

Neil said...

athena, I too, attended a public meeting at the Creswell Hall near the Cairns High School some months back. It had been organised by Mackenzie and the anti-Cairns Entertainment Precinct crowd. Yes, there was Val up on the stage, with no friends around her, facing and speaking to a hostile audience.
She conducted herself superbly with self-confidence and well articulated replies.
Despite the interjections and shouts from the audience, she maintained her composure and dignity. In effect, Val behaved like a Mayor or public figure should - with calm composure and dignity. I was impressed. By direct comparison, the LNP candidates have demonstrated extreme cowardice and an unworthiness for public office. Finally, might I point out that King ruthlessly demonised Val in his columns for years. However, at the very first opportunity to publicly demonstrate his abilities, he fails to show. That really says it all, doesn't it?

h. bosch said...

Yes, I am sure the LNP candidates are crying in their cornflakes this morning at missing the opportunity to speak to 0.001% of the area's voters!

Goes to show how social media is so OVERRATED. Try using traditional media to put out the call next time.

Tony Hillier said...

Why were the forum sections for Barron River and Cook not covered by HW or the Compost? And don't trot out the old deadlines-to-meet excuse.

Steve Wettenhall, who gets a rough deal from the meedya (probably because he doesn't trot around ostentatiously or skite his achievements) was easily the most articulate and impressive candidate on show at Sunday's shindig. He would have had Trout for dinner. Gavin would have been king-hit!

And, no Gavin, I don't have any affiliation or even any affection for the ALP, or any other political party, come to that. The current State government may be encountering difficulties organising the proverbial piss up in a brewery, but the LNP seem incapable of even turning up at the party!

Second Anonymous said...

If LNP candidates are too busy to attend forum then they are probably too busy to be our elected representatives.

Neil said...

bogan, you repulsive piece of fecal matter, you obnoxious troll of obscenity and sadism, I am ignoring your provocative and turgid comments from now on.

Nanna Kay said...

Neil you made the best point of all when you brought up how King ruthlessly mocked and demonised Val for years, but at the very first opportunity to meet the public, he failed to show. Yes, I have seen Val as well facing a hostile audience all fired up by Mackenzie and King. I wonder how King would manage under those circumstances if he cant even show up at a non threatening community forum? Sook sook, sookie boy. He just isn't candidate material.

Neil in Holloways Beach said...

I just discovered this blog today.

I read it front to back. I was mesmerised at all the things I didn't know about the "insiders" running this council and region. All of what I've read rings true - I always thought there was something fishy about the calls to John McKenzie's show, and now I know I was right all along. I'm glad one of the insiders has decided to inform all of us about the behind-the-scenes situation.

If this blog needs financial support to keep running, count me in!

Mr. Ramsey said...

McKenzie and his hilbillies have been screaming for more parking in the CBD for years. Today a new parking station was announced, which was immediately attacked by McKenzie, because of its supposedly "rainforest look" design.

"Now they want us to live in a rainforest instead of a city"he screamed.

Yes you fuckwit, that's what tourists come up here for: rainforest and reef.

He obviously prefers the concrete bunkers that his mate the former mayor is so fond of.

The first person to call in today was the deputy cockroach Maaaarge, to tell us about "the wind" during the weekend.

What the fuck does Maaaarge know about wind, except for the fact that she is an old windbag?

The constant free advertising for political candidates that Mckenzie supports is becoming seriously embarrassing. It is so blatanty obviously that he must be seriously deluded if he thinks people don't notice, even though he is mainly preaching to the converted few.

Miss Conduct. said...

Val's such a b1tch.(Hair flick)
She wouldn't listen to me when I told her how to talk, walk and get the boys to like her and ditch those lefty mates of hers.

We need a wonderfull wonderfull warrior to take charge and be a man and sort Cairns out.

Anonymous said...

Neil from Holloways, sorry to burst your bubble, but this site is considered more humorous than informative.

The naivety of many comments to this article in particular demonstrate a brain dead audience. King spent 5 hours door knocking on Sunday, he met more people and answered more questions than 10 of the epic fail forums put together.

I look forward to the left wing loonies countering my post if the site owner dares to publish it.

Ed in Edge Hill said...

To the Anon criticising Neil in Holloways, you're not comprehending the clever analysis of the Hillbilly Watcher. Some attack the site claiming that it's Left. Some attack claiming it's Right. The beauty is that it's neither. This post about Sunday's collective is spot on, and captures accurately what happened. More and more read it and come to rely on this insiders view.

Sam said...

King revealed just what a gutless sook of a creature he is. Can't even front a crowd of people. Goes to show what sort of politician he would make. Yeah as the people above have pointed out, Val Schier has shown him up for what he is, a craven, spinless little toad.

Miss Conduct. said...

Well said Sam.
The King is a Fink.
A spineless Merc driving ex journo with LNP backers that will put their money where their minds are.
The few that read these comments will laugh and make up their own minds on Eday...... The rest will go with what ever bullshit they are told to beleive by spin doctors and a toxic commercial media.
F#k em all I say!

Anonymous said...

Neil - Don't you dare ignore Bogan. Someone has to tell him and it seems that you do a stirling job. Crikey, you wouldn't really deprive me of a good belly laugh would you, seriously?

Organiser said...

We contacted all local media including the Cairns Post, Cairns Sun, Radio stations and TV stations weeks prior to the event. Only some radio stations chose to run things about it and the Cairns post had 2 small articles about it. We cannot help that it was not picked up by the media and hence we resulted to social media. What else could we do?