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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News Led by John "Cueball" Mackenzie

12 March 2012


Only a slimly, scummy, ethics-less braindead ratbag like John "Cueball" MacKenzie would spend three hours attacking the left, and then running paid advertising on their behalf that attack LNP candidate Campbell "Can of Doo Doo" Newman.  FIVE commercials today, sandwiched between unfactual vicious attacks on the hand feeding him.

And the sleaziest of commercials they were too - negative attacks on Newman's character, with the required "disclosure" at the end read so fast no one could say who was responsible!

And MacKenzie will doubtless be back on his knees aurally fellating Newman later this week, at the same time he's getting paid to rubbish him! "Here's the LNP candidate, don't pay any attention to these ads I'm running for the other side!"

It's the media bizarro world.  Only when the pollies figure out that the root of our problems is these ratbag media noisemakers and cut them out of the loop will the people get a real voice in their government.  What's going on at 4CA is media corruption, pure and simple.  


Anonymous said...

Might be off topic, but can you tell me anything about the campaign signs all over Cairns. Are they legal? Is it really necessary for campaigner's to plant so many of these along our public roads? the only reference I could find on the council site was about local law 28, which seems it's necessary to get permission for a sign posted in a public place.

Dina said...

I confess I haven't heard them. Shame on the ALP for using rugnut when they could have used other voices!

athena said...

I'm still reeling in shock at the horrendous commerical by the KAP Party over "gay marriage". Now Hillbilly tells us that rugnut is spruiking ALP radio commercials! What the hell has gotten into the ALP that they use him?? Cairns is abundant with young actors and actresses and various radio announcers. I'm disgusted.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said,

Example of civilised correspondance.

EMAIL FROM MAYOR VAL SCHIER (in response to earlier emails):-

Thanks for the email Michael. The removal of the trees has angered many people. Whilst it’s not possible to turn back the clock, Cr Leu is moving a motion at next Wednesday’s council meeting – which I will support – in relation to the next step in remediating the site and ensuring that there is an agreed policy about coconut management.



Cr Val Schier
Cairns Regional Council


Dear Mayor Schier,

I thank you for your response and acknowledgment of the distress this action has caused. I understand from radio reports today that Deputy Mayor Margaret Cochrane, along with Cr. Leu, will be moving in favour of mature coconut palms being reinstated at this site in addition to other flora as part of the remediation of this site & I sincerely hope that, with your support and that of council as a whole, this shall proceed. I look forward to learning of the final resolution of council on this matter and hope that any coconut management plan will offer a greater amount of protection for these palms in future, as they are an important part of our cultural, environmental and symbolic heritage.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that the Labour Party would even bother to pay for time on 4CA. Surly it must have been organised by someone from down south who has no idea what is going on with the media in this town.... Save your money ALP, you will NEVER get value on 4CA as the three unquestioning followers of 4CA wont be voting ALP but LNP as instructed by Cueball .......

Whale oil beef hooked said...

Don't you worry 'bout that Anonymous.
The ALP never pay for anything.
It's always union money.


The blog has received additional abusive emails from "Michael Weitzmann", that we choose not to publish. This is for three reasons:

1. He's a liar.
2. He's abusive to other posters here, and elsewhere
3. We have no way of verifying his identity.

He has claimed to have received various email responses from Mayor Schier on the Port revisitation project. However in his Cairns Post letter on the subject, he attacks Mayor Schier claiming "deafening silence" from her on the subject. Obviously two statements in complete conflict - what many refer to as a "lie". Then he goes on to spruik Margaret Cochrane on the back of this lie. She should be ashamed of this kind of support.

This "Weitzmann" identity has only appeared at the start of the election cycle. Colour me suspicious.

The blog has also received "secret information" that, if published, would bring disrepute to the blog much like the Ozcar affair did to Malcolm Turnbull. The IP address has been traced and we're well aware of who's the likely sender.

We're not quite so gullible.

Anonymous said...

So is this a problem to you Whale oil beef hooked? At least we know they are not puppets to the likes of 'National Treasure' Clive Palmer.

Mr. Ramsey said...

Political ads, erectile dysfunction ads (the nasal spray scam), second hand cars, dodgy real estate developments...Macca flogs it all!

Bob R. said...

Weitzmann has also written a likely story on the comments section of The Cairns Post, praising up Margie Cochrane for saving all the coconut palms of Four Mile Beach. Yeah, right.

Whale oil beef hooked said...

No Bob ...

Margie Cochrane didn't save them
Val Schier didn't save them
Julia Leu didn't save them, but ...

John MacKenzie got replacements replanted.

All power to the radio man.

Oh the hypocrisy !!!


30 minutes with Campbell "Can of Doo Doo" Newman, and all we got is Status Plus jingles.

MacKenzie didn't play of yesterday's anti-Newman ALP attack commercials while he was on the air.

Funny that.

Ananamiss said...

Will other parties get their 30 minutes on air with Macca? Or did Can of Doo Doo pay like other candidates were told they had to?

Anonymous said...

I have not heard any ALP ads yet on 4CA. Is John MacKenzie the voice of the ads or are they just featured on his radio show? I suppose some people will do anything for money!

Second Anonymous said...

Instead of recorded commercials the Labor party should have booked "Live Reads" which would have forced Cueball to say the words himself - as he does for many sponsors.

Would like to see 4CA install a webcam as many stations do so we can see what happens behind the scenes - If so I'll start taking lip reading lessons. Suspect it would be more interesting than the program broadcast.

Destiny Prophet said...

Earlier tonight I was watching how he scrutinises his change at Coles in Cairns Central - he watches the check out ladies like a hawk as they count it out despite making a point of knowing and using all their names.

Anonymous said...

its all over for you Labor thugs. haaaaaaaaaa

nomooremike said...

Michael Weitzmann isn't hard to find, or his politics, he even offered to do volunteer work for King.


athena said...

Is Weitzmann, lying bore???!! Their rants sound similar.