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14 March 2012


Loved restaurant C'est Bon, when it was being run by noted restauranteur Junelle McNaught.  Hated what she was doing at Mangostin's, an operation that mercifully got the sack.  It was reported that Junelle left C'est Bon late last year, however she's still listed on their website.  Other articles indicate that it's now owned by Nicholas Devic.  

This departure as restauranteur corresponded with her surfacing as "head censor" hired for the John MacKenzie talkshow.  We've fielded numerous complaints in the last few weeks about her refusal to put anyone on the air with opinions contrary to the "script" Cueball's been given by Gavin King and Kevin Byrne (state and local elections, respectively).  We've heard recordings of Junelle's disgusting actions in this regard, which finish with her abruptly hanging-up on the caller wishing to voice an alternative viewpoint.  Others are asked to leave their names and numbers, and never get the callback.  While we understand MacKenzie's jackboot is firmly up her backside as employer, this is never a defence for thuggery nor an invitation to leave your morals at the doorstep.


It is especially distressing that Junelle is blocking discussion of women's issues, while having in the past held herself up as a "role model" for women in business.  This has included callers who take issue with the flippant dismissal of Gavin King's published commentaries - which are defended by MacKenzie as "all being taken out of context". Apparently the truth is that Cairns' women in business can survive only by their subservient grovelling to the men who think they're running this town.

Should Junelle think she has a future in Cairns' food or retail business community, she should realise that the voters in Cairns will have a very long memory for her disgusting actions in support of censorship and blocking free discussion in Cairns, and allowing unfettered attacks by her LNP cronies on women in leadership in the community.


Dina said...

I wondered who was screening the calls. Now I know!

Anonymous said...

Junelle my belle
My estimation of you
Just fell
I hope when tomorrown dawns
Greeted by your morning yawns
You remember being human
And that nothing rythmes
No More
Since you stole the missing words

athena said...

What a reprehensible job, screening out callers who disagree with rugnut and gobsnot. Democracy has sunk to an unprecedented low in this city when goebbels tactics are used. No doubt from here she will take up a position as "Communication Officer" for Beiijing or North Korea.

Tony Hillier said...

Maybe Mademoiselle Junelle should acquaint herself with some of King's utterances at:

Anonymous said...

a bit like this blog site you hipercrite, you must be one of these Labor party thugs that im hearing about Blogger.

Frank said...

Junelle always looked after me well when I was one of her regular patrons at C’est Bon, as does current proprietor Nicholas. Last year, Junelle left C’est Bon to work for Macca, but she still continues to email me (if I recall correctly, the last email stated she was now working for Quaid Real Estate). Presumably, she retained a copy of the old C’est Bon mailing list.

Leftist Labour Thug #1 said...

That speeling all ways letts ewe down Anonymouse.... What is a 'hipercrite'? Something out of Star Trek?

Bob R. said...

Was it at C'est Bon where gobsnot wanted to "stick a fork in the eye of the waitress"?

Bryan Law said...

You’re punishment is having to live with yourself. Ugly coward that you are.

Anonymous said...

Bryan Law has found his place among the misogynists of Cairns, but he will find his new niche contradictory to his history. A pathetic case indeed! If Kristen was Christopher then maybe Bryan would be less vocal. Just shows that misogynists are across the political spectrum. Remember John Gayler?

Dina said...

Awww Bwyan needs **HUGZ** fwom widdle Snugglepot. Awwwwwww. He's feeling fwagile..

Buzz said...

Bryan Law calling someone a "coward"?? This is the same obscenity who likes to bully and harass women into fearing for their lives. yeah he's a real choice piece of scum. Lower than a snakes dick. Still getting stuck right into the women on the facebook site, you craven caricature of a man? Gives you a thrill don't it hey?

CBD Warrior said...

Well Frank, Junelle may have told everyone she had taken a job with Quaid, but she answered Cueball's phone yesterday, and when I said I wanted to talk about Gavin King's comments on Catholics, she told me "John has too many callers queued up today and won't get to you". This just before all the orchestrated calls to Margaret Cochrane, leading off with Pearl Necklace Pollard.

I guess Junelle isn't too old for whoring with John MacKenzie.

Dina said...

She was obviously the woman who told me much the same thing CBD Warrior when I phoned.

athena said...

Years ago rugnut would yell in your ear when you tried to talk about something, ie the war in Iraq, with which he vehemently disagreed. I recall trying to tell him the weapons inspectors, Scott Ritter, David Kay, Hans Blix etc all said categorically there were no WMDS in Iraq and even an Australian OSA agent, Andrew Wilkie confirmed the same thing. rugnut almost ruptured my ear drum by shouting back at me. Then he phoned "Colonel John Gray" who was then John Howard's appointment as Chancellor of James Cook Uni in Townsville, to parrot back the Australian Government's line that "Saddam is the worlds most dangerous man..." blah blah.