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15 April 2012


As we muddle thru the various divisions and various candidates, we're finding "team" candidates who clearly aren't on board with all their Mayoral team leader's positions.  This is no starkly evident than with the Entertainment Precinct approved by the current council but the subject of grossly misinformed criticism.  

We can report that at least two of the "Community Alliance" don't support Marge Cochrane's suggestion the project should be moved across Wharf Street, and at least one of the "Unity Kevin Byrne" team with similar feelings.  

This points up the absurdity of any kind of "team" or "party" politics in local government elections.  Local elections are about community service and engagement - having deep roots in your community that allow you to determine what your division would like, but even more importantly what the city should look like 10 or 20 years hence.  It was the reason the Entertainment Precinct site was approved by a UNANIMOUS VOTE of council, which sadly a few have decided to run away from.  Like any big growing city, we've discovered that the waterfront is for the people and that port operations can easily be handled elsewhere.  We've been blessed with an in-town port for cruise ship visits, and we've developed a commercial port both further up the inlet as well as in nearby Maroulyan.  And in the future when the petroleum tank farm is relocated, we'll have more public land for our use in Cairns.

Then there's longtime Labor leader and ALP activist Richie Bates.  Bates has tried for public office several times, antagonized friends and other ALP leaders, and always projected a hard-line Leftist ALP view of life.  Richie Bates was a strong supporter of the Council-approved Entertainment Precinct as recently as just before Christmas last, where he was heard to be strongly critical of the "LNP reactionaries" running Cairns and calling for strong support of Mayor Val Schier and her reelection.

Then Bates had some kind of epiphany akin to the religious sects who teach homosexuals to go straight.  With no ALP "team" to run with, Bates sniveled his way into the Manning Byrne Unity Team.  He's turned into the king rat of all rats, the taipan of Labor snakes, suddenly conveniently embracing all he has attacked his entire adult life.  He's gone heteropolitical, sworn off his Labor mates, and gone back to "man-on-top get it over with quick politics".  Bates wants to be part of a team that fires hardworking union workers at Cairns Council.

Or has he?

Either way, it proves the point that anyone who expects any of these team members to embrace team policies is naive or drunk.  What better way to get poked by a pig?


nomooremike said...

Bates has made various appearances on the 'other' blog, but NEVER comes back when questioned into a corner.

The man is a self-promotion whore.

Whale oil beef hooked! said...

"It was the reason the Entertainment Precinct site was approved by a UNANIMOUS VOTE of council, which sadly a few have decided to run away from."

Geez ya dumb Hillbilly blogster - and a female one at that.

The sneeky vote got up because Bonneau was away and the mayor used her casting vote when he returned.
Since when is it fair that the principle advocate gets 2 votes?

Must be a labour party thing?

Tony Hillier said...

There was nothing out of order in that vote, Beefy. The mayor was merely exercising her prerogative.

Re: Master Bates. Perhaps he is playing Trojan horses!

Anonymous said...

Whale oil you really do sound like a cracked record, you know, boring and from the last century. We've got the picture -you hate Labor (that's how they spell it by the way). Can you think of anything interesting and informed to contribute or is that beyond the ability of your narrow little mind?

Anonymous said...

And now Bonneau is away permanently and won't be missed at all.

Anonymous said...

A very smart move by Shier - class act and deserved of another term in office. Well done Val.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at the Council minutes of Dec 11 2008 to see who voted in favour of the precinct. Stop making shit up Mr Beef Hooked.

Anon No. 4 said...

Bates will certainly be part of a team that will axe the jobs of all his union mates if Manning and his mob get in.



I am absolutely disgusted by you and your comments and not just those about Ian Thomas.
You are the one with zero credibility. You obviously don't know Ian at all.
If I saw you in the street I would spit in your face, but you are too gutless to show your face but you hide in your insignificant blog.
I am not going to hide so you do the same, if you have any backbone at all.

Leigh Holman.
Business owner,True local, born and bred in Cairns.

(EMAIL from account chelsea@svscairns.com.au)


Anonymous said...

well come on you guttless blogger anwser Leigh's comment, you who works for the Cairns post, ya just a piece of shit and you will get it soon or later.

Anonymous said...

Bates has really lowered himself by attacking Val in the way he has. Claiming that Val is responsible for the unemployment ques is absolute bullshit Ritchie. Val has done an excellent job as Mayor without a team backing her. She has releid on Independents for votes to get things done and she has done very well at this. Ritchie you standing as a candidate in the LNP Unity team and you being a member of the Labor Party makes you a LABOR RAT. I hope you get everything thats coming your way as the ALP never forgives its RATS. You have sold your soul for 30 pieces of LNP silver. Charlie

Destiny Prophet said...

I notice if you google Cairns Council Election, the first listing is a paid Unity ad.

athena said...

Hillbilly, I think you under-estimate Mr Bates who seems a shrewd, calculating character. I don't know him that well, but I would believe he is more than capable of "connecting the dots" in relation to the Entertainment Precinct. Perhaps you should focus more on some of the other candidates, as naive and trusting as small town simpletons with matching IQs, running round and parroting ad nauseum Mackenzie's "white elephant" and "monument to an ego". If it wasn't so bloody disturbing seeing such gullible, childlike naivete, it would be funny. Unlike those impressionable hayseeds doing the parrot act, I believe Bates knows what he is doing.

nomooremike said...

Why do you spoil your own blog by allowing this crap....?

"well come on you guttless blogger anwser Leigh's comment, you who works for the Cairns post, ya just a piece of shit and you will get it soon or later."

Liz at work early said...

What are you doing there, nomooremike? It seems to me as if you are endorsing the explicit threats to Hillbilly from good old "Anonymous". This blog is all we have to counter the Goebbels style propagandists in this city. It's all we really have to counter Mackenzie and his littany of lies, misinformation, deceit, political chicanery and hate campaign. Whereas Terry Vance's fiction blog "Cush over Cairns" analyses quite well, I think, the role of media "shock jocks" in steadily eroding and undermining democracy, he doesn't address the specific issues of Cairns itself. "Hillbilly" does, and he gives us insights and information we can't get anywhere else. We need "Hillbilly"!!

Liz said...

Oh dear, I seem to have misread you, nomooremike. My apologies. This is what happens when one is trying to read while listening to the office answering machine!

Terry Vance said...

My understanding Mr Hillbilly, is that Richie Bates "did not snivel his way into the Manning/Byrne Unity Team". He was actively canvassed and solicited so that Manning could try and project a "non political team". Bates will be the most difficult position of all in a new Council, especially if it ends in a divided Council of 5 Unity/Alliance representatives and 5 Independents. I am not an expert on local Government elections, just an observer for the purposes of writing my blog, "Cush over Cairns". However, I believe we do stand a chance of seeing such a polarised Council elected. Whatever, as a Division 5 resident myself, I don't want Blake who was an inept and unethusiastic representative, to be re-elected. If it is correct that both Locco and Blake are exchanging preferences, then I have no choice but to vote for Bates. I note the comments of athena above, and hope she lives up to her nick, ie "wise".

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should use their real names.

Olivia McDonnel


Regarding the "attack" email received from Leigh Holman at SVS Automotive (referenced above).

We've noted that this business is now advertising on the 4CA MacKenzie "Morning of LIes".


'nuff said.

nomooremike said...

I've used SVS Automotive for years, but have been pissed off lately by his charges, this was the excuse I needed to go somewhere else.

Dean said...

I reckon it would be hard finding decent candidates willing to give up a decent job to become a thankless(except for $) councillor. Hence the standard of candidate we see in some/most divisions.

So Unity chose Bates to show an unbiased ticket. Deep down they probably hope he loses, Blakey's not as hard to deal with as some others.