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12 April 2012


He continues to offer up the statement that the Entertainment Precinct project is on "strategic port land".  He asserts this means for "direct port operations".  This is a bald-faced lie again being told by Bob Manning.

The "CityPort Masterplan" was proposed by Manning, developed by Manning, with many of the projects in the planning area approved by Bob Manning while CEO.  All of the land is designated "Strategic Port Land" in the Masterplan! 

This means that Manning had no problem allowing the construction of the Harbour Lights monstrosity on Strategic Port Land.  He allowed the construction of the Marlin Marina on Strategic Port Land. The Hilton Hotel?  Strategic Port Land.  Kick the FNQ public out of the Cairns Yacht Club, because Bob Manning wanted this as Strategic Port Land.  The current Cairns Ports board offered up some of this Strategic Port Land to  Cairns Council for the Entertainment Precinct.

Strategic Port Land doesn't mean it's all directly to be used for the unloading of ships.  Manning's chant Strategic Port Land is bullshit.  Even Manning's little map concerning the port shows NO "heavy port" operations in the Strategic Port Land area.  Just one cruise ship.  You can't have "heavy port operations" in the middle of a city!  

Bob, that's two big lies this week.  When do you begin to tell the truth??


Anonymous said...

Is he going to have his palm greased for buying up the Hartley Street site and doling out a bit of corporate welfare to an old mate? That's what I want to know.
Long John Silver

Whale oil beef hooked said...

Of course it is entirely appropraite to site buildings such as the Shangri-La, Harbour Lights and the Hilton where they are - right next to an operating marina, you fuck-wit.
As for the Cairns Yacht Club - geez, that was Anna and Desley, your Labour Party mates that gave the CYC the arse. Manning was well out of it.
Speak with Di Forsyth - she was betrayed by the labour dogs.

At least the people of the Cairns region can now have a say about do they want this CEP that was foisted upon them.

Suck it up Hillbilly - suck it up.

athena said...

Just what does he plan to build on this "strategic port land"?? Notice how he hasn't once said anything else but "necessary for ports expansion" and "strategic ports land". Why exactly is this piece of land strategic? After all the bullshit about there being a lack of "transparency" over the Entertainment Precinct, why can;t he tell us exactly and precisely what he is going to do with it??

Jack Sparrow said...

Good point athena. Why all the secrecy? Could it be because a few mates want to put up a few more Harbor Lights there?? Maybe a few palms are going to be greased into the bargain?

CBD Warrior said...

You're right on the money there, mate. The only thing "strategic" about the CEP site is the strategic amount of dosh that will get shovelled into some developer's pockets when this waterfront land gets flogged off for some more shitty units. What was the hurry to get the Yacht Club off this "strategic" land? It was going to be flogged off to the Darwin-based owners of the Hilton Hotel, only to see them and their developer partners get cold feet as the economy tanked.

All of this is being directed by Byrnesy from his hidey-hole behind locked gates in PNG.

Kay said...

So how are the cunning ones going to get round the catch-cry "Strategic Ports Land,vital for Ports Expansion", when they flog it off to developers? What happened to that environmental study into dredging of the inlet? Anyone know where it is at the moment? Someone did tell me it was with the Port Authority???. Is this being held back, so that it can be released IN A TIMELY MANNER, after Manning and Co are in the Council Chambers, and used oh so conveniently to explain away why "dredging" and "vital for Ports expansion" won't be practicable? Is it?? It is fishy, very fishy that the environmental study into re-dredging hasn't surfaced yet. It was supposed to be released in March.
PS I knew damned well there would be more obstructions over the Entertainment Precinct. SOMEONE has a lot at stake here. Big big bikkies.

Whale oil beef hooked said...

Oh dear - all the conspiracy theorists are coming out now.
Why can't you Labour losers just except the fact that Cairns people now have a choice.
If they want what Val wants then nothing has changed, and democracy has triumphed.
Bad luck Manning and all the "dark" men.

But of course, if he people don't want what Val says they will have, then they will vote Manning or Cochrane.
Again - democracy.

What's the problem all you sycophantic Fabian control freaks?
Scared of letting the people choose?
Must take control.

Oh dear.

nomooremike said...

Whale oil beef hooked, should beef hooked off, why is she given a voice?

Allowing crap like her here is ruining this board for those who seriously want to discuss.

Rugnut wouldn't give us the time of day, why is this bitch and those like her treated with respect?

Good posters are staying away already, is that what you want?

That's what happened to Cairns Blog, all you see there now is tumbleweed.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone woken up to the fact that the current CEP site is Lease Hold Land ! It belongs (owned by) to the State Government! Cairns Regional Council has NO SAY....NO SAY on what happens to it. Manning, Cochrane, Sheir,or Tomas cannot sell it, use it or develop it....Lease Hold Land is Lease Hold Land...It is not for Sale!!!!!
Cairns Regional Council has NO SAY....NO SAY in it....so why let the facts get in the way of your BS Bloggs.

Anonymous said...

CMC are on to this plus the Fed Police.

Curly Joe said...

GC Marine Investments, a subsidiary company of the CAPITAL GLOBE GROUP of which Kev Byrne is a local Director, is currently issuing Unit Series A Membership Shares. (Do a search on GC Marine Invesments, you will find the prospectus online.) The group has been active in the dry bulk shipping sector since 2003 with a managed fleet which has peaked at 19 vessels. Its wholly owned member is CG Shipping Limited, an international dry bulk shipping company headquartered in Hong Kong. CG Shipping vessels transports a range of major and minor dry bulk cargoes, including iron ore, coal, steel, cement and fertilizers.

I think this is behind the sudden huge interest in returning Cairns Port back into a "working port" and the hysteria over "future ports expansion".

Anonymous said...

All property owned by Ports North is deemed to be Strategic Port Land. Masthead Manning is just playing on these words when he condemns the use of the present site as Strategic Port Land. Where he is proposing to shift it to is on the present Ports North Head Office site which is also Strategic Port Land. What is not being considered in Mastheads plan is the cost to Ports Nort to build a new Head Office for the Port. Of course he wouldn't worry about that. However it will come at a cost to Ports North which is a GOC so the people of Queensland would be effectively be paying because Stench, Masthead and their mates have become bloody minded because this was not their idea. Charlie.