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10 April 2012


One commitment made by Val Schier to Cairns at the 2008 election was more "openness" and "transparency" in local government.  Not easy to do when a culture of secrecy and outright hostility to the public had been the norm from the Kevin Byrne council (and the Peter Beattie state government, and the John Howard federal government).

However there has been quite an increase in openness - an increase that allows us to easily call Bob Manning a liar in statements he made this morning on John MacKenzie's Hillbilly hour.

Manning claimed "Val Schier and the 2008 council voted to not proceed with the Hartley Street Theater Site after they were elected".  

THIS IS A LIE, Bob.  And the available council documents prove you're a liar.

In the 2006-2007 Cairns City Council Annual Report, the Byrne council reported that planning had been done for the Hartley Street site, and the preferred concept included (page 155) "a public car park with over 400 spaces".  As Annette Sheppard, member of that council has confirmed, there was no place to put 400 cars on that site and it was abandoned.    

In the 2007-2008 Annual Report, the project has disappeared from Council planning.  Not one word about this project, not one dollar expended on its development. 

As everyone knows, this was because the Byrne council voted in 2007-2008 to discontinue work on the Hartley Street site due to lack of parking, lack of connection to the Convention Centre, and inability to get any funding from the State or Federal governments.  The project was dead before the Schier council was ever elected!

While the Shier council reviewed the Hartley Street site upon taking government, they too quickly agreed that it was inappropriate and unworkable.  This vote included Marge Cochrane and Alan Blake, who now desperately try to rewrite their history on this project.  They voted to kill Hartley.  They voted to site the project on the waterfront.  FACTS.  They voted "aye".  

Now Manning wants to LIE and claim the Hartley Street site is again on the table?

Discussion of this whole issue is a colossal waste of time.  It's a done deal.  None of the contenders can unwind the work done on this project, and the almost $100million secured by Val Schier from our government partners.  

Lying as a campaign strategy is never a winning idea, Bob.


CBD Estate Agent said...

The adjacent land is known as the "Capital Globe" site. It has a very dense approval on it, the and the first "high rise" outside the central CBD areal. This was jammed thru by Kevin Byrne just prior to his defeat in 2008, and just prior to him becoming a director for Capital Globe.

After the murder of two Capital Globe directors in Pakistan, Capital Globe went bankrupt. The site is now being "offered" to other investors, and they're being told "when Unity wins the CRC election, the site will be worth much more with a theatre attached".

Good job exposing Manning and his cronies.

Tony Hillier said...

The news that real estate speculators, palpably the driving force behind the Unity team, are setting the agenda for opposition to the cultural precinct site on the inlet and the preposterous push to put the tainted Capital Globe project back on the drawing board, sets alarm bells ringing loud and clear. Coupled with the LNP's truly scary mandate, a majority for Unity at the upcoming local govt election would spell a return to the dark days of Bjelke-Petersen and Byrne regimes and lead to a flood of inappropriate development.

CBD Warrior said...

The "faceless men", Kevin Byrne, Bob Manning, and others are telling Manning what to say, do, and think.

He's their bitch.

If Manning had a whit of sense he'd do at least a perfunctory check on what he's being set up to say. I would guess he was told "Byrnsey never would allow council minutes on the internet, so there's no record of any Byrne council actions". I guess they forgot about the required annual report. HBW is a great researcher!

Ed in Edge HIll said...

Annette Sheppard is squealing like a stuck pig on fluoride about this story on Facebook where some of this is being discussed.

She's a liar, too.

Sure the Schier council "approved" the Capital Globe high rise project - on land that was rezoned for the purpose by Kevin Byrne and the Unity Team in 2005!


See Page 325

It was said then to be part of the "Cairns Performing Arts Centre Precinct".

Council approved it under the threat of a lawsuit, once Annette and her Byrne council cohorts had done the deed and rezoned the land. The actual DA approval isn't where a giant project of this type can be opposed successfully.

Annette Sheppard knows this, as an experienced councillor. While she plays dumb with aplomb, her hands are as black as most of the Byrne councillors, approving rezonings that facilitated dozens of abusive projects. The reason she was voted out.

Now she clams "the Schier council approved it". They had little choice. Every abusive zoning can't be litigated.

Sick of Elections said...

The preferred site by the other Mayoral Candidates is the current Port Authority Office Site. It's in their policies.It is also a site of very worthy consideration however to reinvent the wheel will take years.We need the construction NOW.
The Hartley St site is useless and should have never been purchased but it was a very favourable deal for the owner at the time Frank Gasparin.How Kevin Byrne could have seen this as a viable option tucked in behind the State Governement buildings with no or little carparking is beyond logic. The site was purchased by stealth at the same time the other Council sites that should have never been sold off were sold. (The old Library site and the Grafton St land next to the old Playpen).
Don't forget that Annette Shepard and Terry James were all part of this back in their days.We also have Terry James to thank for our current concrete City Place. The Council has since purchased the old Post Office site for carparking for the new CEP.
The property dealings of the previous Council were just plain stupid and short sighted.

Argus Tuft said...

Annette Sheppard is as trustworthy as a basket of Margaret Cochranes in a container of Kevin Byrnes'

athena said...

So we end up with a small theatre built on the Hartley Street site. The Council pays a premium price for the land, builds the theatre and pays the yearly maintenance. Meanwhile next door, the developer puts up a hotel/accommodation complex, and asks the Council to pay for the basement garage which will be used for patrons of the theatre as well as patrons of the hotel. The developer also asks the Council to contribute to the costs of the downstairs bars and restaurant floor, as these two will be patronised by theatre goers. In other words, the entire venture will be a "public/private" funding venture between Council and its FAVORITE developer. Of course the developer comes out on top. Having a theatre hotel and complex gives him the edge on gaining the bigger share of "show tourists" and ensures he will always have a steady clientele. Moreover he can guarantee that his hotel guests get first pick of the theatre seats, by "sharing" administration staff with the Council. Yep, I can see it all coming....we are being set up for a cunning handout of our money over to corporate interests. Community groups will have to stand in line and beg to use THEIR theatre. We are seeing the biggest scam ever perpetuated in Cairns.

uneasy said...

Just a thought for everyone. I see where Newman is doing the unthinkable and denying the ALP all traditional Opposition facilities in State Parliament like no phones, no I.T. facilities etc. This is an unprecedented denial of the Westminster Parliamentary system and an indication that Newman fully intends to run the state as a one party dictatorship. You should all be hearing alarm bells crashing like mad. If Newman isn't going to honour democratic government, then it isn't beyond the realm of possibilities that he would sack an elected Mayor if he felt like it. It's something for us all to think about.

Curly Joe said...

Here we go for a nice serving of cororate welfare, courtesy of the lackeys and hillbillies in Cairns.

Anonymous said...

Lest news is that the State Government Minister for Local Government has intervened and said the Council cannot do anything with the Entertainment Precinct until the Council Election is over.

Anonymous said...

Is the CEP a done deal? Yesterday, the local government minister effectively froze the project and it's implementation will be up to the next council. It will only go ahead on the currant site if Mayor Schier and a supportive council are returned.

Anonymous said...

Many responses to the Cairns Post in favour of the CEP today. Interestingly far more intelligent contributors than what CP usually attracts.

Bazza said...

It is obvious to me that to turn this into a one item council election is to propaganda the electors into voting against the CEP, with misinformation re rate rises/port use etc.
The main aim of LNP and its supporters developers/real estate agents/freeloaders is to have control of council to change zonings so to be able to build wherever and no one will be able to have a say. Newman has already said they are going to change the local gov act so there is confirmation.
When you see that David Kempton is going to put to gov to have $37 million dollars put into sheraton Port Douglas for a convention centre it shows this gov is only interested in their developer mates and don't want to spend tax payers dollars on community infrastructure, who would end up owning this structure in the end. Marriner has a large history of failed development.
You are being had if you believe any of the stuff from Cochrane/Manning/their candidates, they are being driven by the rip offs.