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17 April 2012


Division 9 - stretching from Caravonica north thru the high-end beach suburbs of Trinity Beach, Trinity Park, Kewarra Beach, and the Paradise Palms area, has been subjected to four years of Sno "Max T Brown" Bonneau.  SnoMax during the Byrne years represented a division that encompassed the area where he lived, in Clifton Beach as well as Palm Cove and north to the border with Douglas.  After the amalgamation, SnoMax new he had little chance of support from Clifton Beach and Palm Cove - he supported massive housing on the Novotel Golf Course, supported Byrne's plans for developments with tiny housing blocks, Byrne's development of all the caravan parks into high density shitbox housing, and even Hedley nonsense around Paradise Palms.  Bonneau was and is a hated figure in Clifton and Palm Cove.  

Little did the residents of the new Division 9 know how badly SnoMax would disrespect them during his (mercifully for everyone) last term in Council.  Fortunately with a collapsed regional economy, he had no chance to "work his magic" on Division 9 - with the exception of Taylor Point.

Taylor Point has long been contentious in Trinity Beach.  We won't review the history, but safe to say that Buchans Point got the SnoMax treatment which has rendered it a hideous mess and eyesore.  The residents of Trinity Beach had one request of their councillor - STOP any development at Taylor Point.

SnoMax went into full bullshit arsehole mode with the residents.  One guy smelled a rat, and ensured the community was ready to do battle - Tim O'Hallahan.  Tim was the "point man" for the residents of not just Trinity Beach, but all of Cairns - residents who saw the results of unbridled developer greed to the headland at Palm Cove, and were rock solid in opposing development of Taylor Point.

And with a sympathetic council (with SnoMax voting "aye" on the losing side of this project), council saw the wisdom in supporting O'Hallahan and his well organised neighbourhood group and the result was a resounding win in the Land Court.

For a Division that has large tracts of sensitive and undeveloped land, major plans to overload Smithfield Centre, a Cook Highway with unworkable roundabouts needing major overhaul, and JCU - there can be no question that Tim O'Hallahan is head and shoulders above the competition in the areas of vital importance to this Division.  It's rare you get the opportunity to elect a new councillor that already has runs on the board!

And he ticks all the other boxes in a way none of the others do.  Family man.  Sport coach.  Trinity Beach cheerleader.  Well-known and well-liked.  

So what of the other candidates?  Unity?  No thanks, we don't need a car salesman.  Community Alliance?  Another Marge Cochran lightweight.  Independent Lorraine Miller?  Lots of whinging about "high rates" from a person living on the beachfront in Arlington Esplanade, Clifton Beach is so much crocodile tears that aren't likely to be seen as mainstream.  For battlers around the traps, complaints from councillors in million dollar houses can't be justified.  

Then there's Ross Parisi.  A former councillor from some thirty years ago, Parisi got into the game late.  It's a mystery why he threw his hat in the ring so late.  

However we're disturbed by Parisi's admitted small-thinking mentality.  This may have been appropriate for Cairns in 1980, but surely not today.  While a councillor is of course expected to represent their constituents on divisional matters, our preference if for councillors to have some bigger thinking.  As Parisi freely admits, if his views had carried the day in 1980, we'd have no International Airport here.  There's a lesson in this for all the newly elected councillors. 


nomooremike said...

Hey Hillbilly, how about a wages campaign, let's see what these potential councillors think they're worth.

The last lot, every one of them, voted to give themselves the largest share of the trough possible, I don't remember the numbers, but I'm pretty sure it was over three grand a week.

How about a rock solid commitment from them all that they will take the lowest wage, let them set an example to all the battlers in Cairns having it tough.

athena said...

I must also disagree with you on your pick for Division 9, Hillbilly. My knowledge of Ross Parisi, is that he is very much a consensus person, able to relate well with many people from vastly different backgrounds and with differing interests. From knowing him, these are valuable interpersonal skills developed over time and would be of great benefit in a mixed Council comprising both Independents and Team members. Ross is a local through and through and his personal knowledge of the area is excellent. Of great importance, is that unlike many of the younger candidates, or those candidates who are "blow ins" to the area, Ross has personal knowledge of our economic and local government history. Knowing why certain decisions were made years ago, what paths we took, what we discarded, what failed and why, is vital knowledge to a Council. Ross readily shares this information with people when asked and doesn't use knowledge as "power" which unfortunately some people will do. Reading through his vision and plans for his Division, I cannot fault them. I don't have any personal issues with Mr Ohallahan, but I feel that Ross Parisi would make the better Councillor by far.

Anonymous said...

nomooremike, Rob Pyne voted against the salary and was the only one to do so.

Mick said...

The other side of the coin is that if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. In a large town like Caiirns I'd rather have someone working full time as a councillor than someone having a part time job and not being on top of all the issues (or even there as in the case of a couple of existing councillors).

Dean said...

Do you think the poor candidates lining up in many seats is to do with the fact that anyone half decent in a professional career, over 30, is making a lot more than a Councillor would? And you want to increase the gap more? If you want to pay peanuts, you're going to get monkeys. It used to be that business leaders took up these positions. Now it's mostly car salesmen/renters and retirees running for the job. The Tablelands couldn't even get 1 candidate for a seat since the pay is so low but responsibility and criticism so great. If you were unemployed all you had to do was put your name down!

I'd vote for O'Hallahan. Parisi's living in the past, man.

Mr Grumpy said...

Ross Parisi is a failed Developer ,farmer,and still owes money around town. He was part of Tom Pyne's Mulgrave Shire which conducted Town Planning by whatever they liked to hear at the time.They made it up as they went along as Peter Robinson was the worst Town Planner we ever had and couldn't plan a thing.
Ross supported the current Highway level that now floods by claiming he was representing the farmers at the time and now he is critising the decision that was made. This man was the Developers best mate and to deny it Ross is a blatant lie. Time has passed him by and he simply needs and wants a job.
A vote for this bloke is to wind the clock back 30 years

Anonymous said...

Ross Parisi has an enormous ego, quite narcissistic. He craves attention. Everything he publishes is all about himself. If we could get a dollar for every time he uses the words, I, me, and my, or his own name branded on every thought like a banner, we'd all be rich. Most of his policies have been either unearthed from the archive of his past when in his younger days he was somebody, or borrowed from other candidates around him. On the crucial issues he tries to make virtue out of sitting on the fence.

Ian P said...

I thought your blog on division 9 was spot on! Being a local small business owner in the division I have been horrified to hears rumblings that Mr Parisi had failed to pay for $5000.00 in printing costs after his last tilt at the title. Maybe you could follow this up

Matt Heirink said...

What's with all those giant Parisi posters up along the highway? At first I thought they were development applications. Isn't there some kind of rule about the size of these posters? Anyway, Parisi seems to have two bob each way on the Entertainment Precinct. His flyer says he will "call for a financial and legal audit.. to establish if its not too late to revisit the proposal". WTF does that mean? Surely the Federal and State governments have already given this project the utmost financial and legal scrutiny, since they have both agreed to fund it.

O'Halloran is the man. Anyone who can stand up to Bonneau and his developers, and win, is a hero.

Anonymous said...

a quick search of CRC's website for local govt. Remuneration gives links to CRC minutes.
These minutes indicate that
for 2010 Schier, Leu, Forsyth, Lesina and Lanskey voted against a pay rise.
for 2011 Leu, Forsyth, Lesina and Pyne voted against a pay rise
The Cairns Post on Dec 16 reported that for 2012 CRC councillors pay will fall from $95K to $91k.

nomooremike please check the accuracy of your statements before revealing your ignorance.

Dean said...

To the Blog Author.

If you want to know more about the why of Manning's/Mackenzie's plans for the CEP, find out who owns the land where they're trying to have it moved to. I believe they'll correlate with the ones making donations/involved with Unity. They stand to lose more than just the money they're donating to the cause.

Sorry I can't email you, I can't use my real name. Since the only 'journalists' in town are in the pocket of the LNP, i doubt it would be revealed by them.

Anonymous said...

Hillbilly watch, on a couple of ocassions you have mentioned having read the cmc report on sno bonneau and suggested he did not come out of it squeaky clean. Are you going to elaborate or how do i access the report to read myself. On a different subject can you throw any light on the report re dredging the inlet?


Since SnoMax decided he was unelectable, the damning information about him is in the sack for discussion after the election. We're trying to be fair and sensible to all the candidates and this requires wading thru a lot of info. All in due time.

Anonymous said...

I Don't know Tim but I am aware of the leadership he showed with Taylor Point so I understand why you would be supporting him HBW. At least we know he is honest and is prepared to stand up a fight for the right things. Charlie.

athena said...

Eugenie Navarre was the very first person to commence the fight against the Taylor Point development, and that goes back many years.