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25 April 2012


An anonymous poster commented thusly on the political situation:  "it's Bogans vs. Brains".  He's on the nose.  This describes the Cairns Regional Council elections.

Can you imagine Christopher Skase rolling up to Cairns in 2012, dreaming his big dream of a world-class resort on the waterfront of Port Douglas Four Mile Beach?  The hillbilly bogans would run his arse outta town for having such big ideas!  What, you want to cut down some of our lov-er-ly coconut palm trees?  A big project like that's gonna increase our rates, mate.   Less for beey-ah and besides, it will bring in all them pesky foreigners.

Such is the 2012 CRC election.  The bogans have been manipulated to hate a terrific community investment to be built on the waterfront.  So angry are the bogan leaders; guys like UnSir Bob Norman, ex-Mayor in hiding Kevin Byrne, and their developer mates that they've recruited THREE bogan candidates to attack our Mayor Schier, along with a raft of other junior bogans to go after the progressive majority that had the vision to democratically approve such an idea! Our own little "BoganGate".  

The hillbilly news media anchored by John "Cueball" MacKenzie and a handful of handpicked daily callers have been running a vile and sexist campaign against this Mayor and Council from DAY ONE of their election four years ago!  Never a moment of congratulations or good-wishes for the democratically elected Mayor Schier, MacKenzie instead day after day interviewed an angry, bitter, and virtually psychotic LOSER Kevin Byrne - so psychotic you actually had to duck to avoid his spittle coming out of your wireless!   Despite all being elected FAIR AND SQUARE, Mr. Self-Appointed Hillbilly bogan leader MacKenzie started his campaign of dirty tricks by insisting to be paid for public service radio time for the new Mayor - time he willingly donates to his handpicked hillbilly candidates.  After MacKenzie was caught and proved to again being a bigoted liar, the Mayor wisely decided to steer clear of the hillbilly contingent altogether and instead the community heard from her both on Locco's 4CA show in the AM, as well as the ABC.

MacKenzie called these people "ratbags" from day one.  There is a no more caustic, divisive, destructive, and cancerous plague on Cairns than John MacKenzie.  Look up the word "UnAustralian" in the Macquarie, and his picture is there.   He is evil incarnate, an unelected community divider, the devil who for years wore a bad wig.  Hell will be offended to have him as a resident.  

So incensed that a piece of waterfront land would be "wasted" on the general public instead of dished out in a sleazy developer deal like the Harbour Lights monstrosity, the hillbillies have been suckered into thinking they're "saving the port" - a port that stopped being an industrial port 20 years ago and will never be again.  As cities around the world are relocating their port activities out of the central CBD en-masse, the bogans have been convinced that this dust, noise, filth, and toxic chemicals are somehow more appropriate that the public use of the waterfront for the public. The words "STRATEGIC PORT LAND" have been manipulated beyond all reason and since the hillbilly bogans don't read anyway, they've bought into this erroneous argument.  In fact,  so worried are the big end of town, they rustled up THREE bogan candidates trying to stop our future-looking mayor.  We have Bob Manning, a washed-up retiree who by all accounts didn't want the job but was preyed on by Unity Team black hand Kevin Byrne.  A guy who by many accounts abused staff for years at the Port Authority, and has never had a progressive thought in his head.  Marge Cochrane, running apparently because John MacKenzie told her she looked great in a house dress.  And Ian Thomas - a guy who's campaign picture has captured his only smile in the last decade and who is widely rumoured to be running only because he's out of money.

And waiting in the wings is Campell Newman, hoping that the FNQ bogans give him the excuse to strip the PROMISED, CONTRACTUAL $57million off Cairns and pump it into the SE Corner. 

Don't get us wrong, Val has made mistakes.  No chance she's going to say "no rate rise" this time, even though the previous Unity Team had put the council into the ditch.  And she's learned from her mistakes and managed well.

Thru all of it, she fought off the rocky start and has run the Cairns Regional Council with fairness, competence, and an openness never before seen from our council.  Thru one of the most difficult economic times in almost 100 years.  This isn't even a close call.  Move Cairns forward, or remain Boganville. 



Tony Hillier said...

A masterfully incisive analysis HBW. Fingers crossed that bogan mentality will fail to carry the day on the weekend.

Whale oil beef hooked! said...

And when the vote comes in on Saturday night and Val and her "valcanoe" get less than 30% of the vote then Cairns will witness true democracy.

Instead of the proponent's "casting" vote - read votes twice - the residents of the Cairns region will have spoken.

Don't ya love democracy, Ms Hillbilly?

Now don't be too bitter and twisted comes Sunday morning, Ms Hillbilly.

Destiny Prophet said...

Val Schier has led a progressive and dynamic council who have mainly worked well together despite unprecedented and unrelenting pressure from those who felt cheated by local voters in the last election. Cairns has less debt per capita than all but two other cities with populations over 50,000 in Queensland - Bundaberg and Gympie - and who'd want to live in either?
Despite the impact of the GFC Cairns is also going ahead with more dollar value non- residential development approvals than anywhere but Brisbane and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts in the four quarters to December 2011.

It's intersting that at the Chamber of Commerce lunch, unless his team abstained from voting, even they did not judge that Bob Manning gave an excellent presentation. One of Bob's best points according to the summation was his suit - he looked like a businessman - so perhaps instead of voting we should just turn to the best dressed list.

Second Anonymous said...

From all those I have spoken to about voting intentions, sadly It appears a darkness is about to descend on Cairns.

People I have respected have become ignorant or just plain stupid.

I am now going to hand out for Val on Saturday and I call on all regulars to do the same.

We may need to work very hard over the next 4 years to rectify.

Anonymous said...

True, the Chamber of Commerce survey shows strongest support for Val. Everyone on FB that can string a sentance together supports VAL. That just leave the toothless tatooed misery gut bogans whose mindless slogans are the main content of Cairns Post comment page. Just hope hope they do no need a dentist in a hurry. They have already packed lol.

Destiny Prophet said...

There is still plenty of support for Val - no one should give up - and don't forget a lot of those mouthy folk are good at holding forth with a beer in them but too damned lazy to vote.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm does this diatribe result from an impending sensation of doom? It certainly reaveals an attitude of desperation......
Destiny sweety, I guess you hope you're right but lets see who is holding the majority of the cards after Saturday. Your optimism aside, what I really just can not understand is how HB and most of his supporters assume that they and their fellow travellers hold both the intellectual and moral high ground, whilst at the same time seem to admitt that the arguements of dull "hillbillies" and "bogans" appear to be winning more people over? PLEASE EXPLAIN?
Princess Pauline Bonaparte, nee Hanson.

Neil said...

Im supportng Val because I have admired the way she has stood up to the bullying campaign undertaken against her. I also admire her consistent interaction with the community. I also strongly support the way her Council is protecting the hillslopes of Cairns.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Christopher Skase knocked down any coconut palm trees in Pt Douglas to bring his dream to fruition, but he sure made up for it if he did do away with a few with his majestic avenue of Oil Palms. What tropical ambience has Val provide by way of any palm trees anywhere?

Destiny Prophet said...

Dear Princess Pauline,

If the voters of Cairns do not re-elect Val I will accept that and ponder how people like myself who support her vision for the town can better argue our case next time. I had practice with this a couple of weeks ago.

I will certainly not be like the other mob who launched a vicious unrelenting campaign of personal denigration, slander and outright lies from the day Cairns chose Val.

And please - I can't stand it when straight men get pissed while the wife is out, put on her lingeree, call themselves Pauline and start calling everyone 'sweetie' while fantasizing about being ravaged by long dead emperors.

Anonymous said...

The despot alcoholic Kevin Byrne still lurkes in the shadows. Vote for Manning and his cronies and it's a return to arrogance and bullying from the CRC. Forget democracy think back to four years ago. Do we really want that?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Destiny, love your last line, very clever but not correct:
1). Not straight and no wife
2). Notwithstanding above, never worn female apparel. Well once...
3). Have been using the term sweetie since I was an Ab Fab addict in the '90's
4). Never fantasised.....oh, ok, your right about the dead emperors ;-)But not that one, yuk my brother!
Princess Pauline Bonaparte

Anonymous said...

Marge Cochrane summed it up nicely on radio the other day, when she said : " Cairns people do not want public transport or bike paths. They just want to be able to drive straight up to the shop and park in front. They are not like big city people who don't mind walking 100 m to their destination.'

So back to the 70's it is...

athena said...

Val has been demonised so much by Mackenzie, King et al, that a lot of the blow-ins standing for Council have no idea whatsoever of what it will be like working with Manning with Byrne at his shoulder.
Of course, I'm hoping Val will be returned on Saturday!

Diana said...

Mackenzie and King have given us a very clear picture of the bullying and abusive tactics which will resurface in the CRC once Manning with Byrne behind him, get back into Council. I have had quite a few giggles thinking about the naivete of some of these Council candidates who have been sucked into believing Val is the big bad witch and Manning the second coming of Christ. Are they in for a shock!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the bogans might have some trouble actually understanding the voting slip...like the one who dissed the
CEP saying he didn't go to no Coral (sic) concerts. And while she may have had some slip- ups Val has provided a fantastic example of grace under pressure and really deserves a second term. Old man Manning does not have the imagination to do anything but turn back the clock..ditto Marge, while it's a wonder the men in white coats haven't already turned up for Ian I'm-outta-here Thomas. I once challenged don't rape me King on the subject of his lazy sexism in reporting on Val - even before she was first elected - he swiftly replied that "the people up here don't take politics very seriously and as such prefer a light hearted approach to any political reporting." Maybe he was right and Bogans do Rule ...but two days out from the election it seems to me that bogans aside it's all about giving the power back to the
blokes...enough of these bloody sheilas with their bloody
arty farty ideas...Sad. With Val back as Mayor we may have seen a more enlightened and brightened Cairns and hopefully that might still happen as the Bogans struggle to work out which end of the pencil to use on Saturday. Tinkerbelle.

Anonymous said...

Gee HBW if we ended up with your selection of Mayor and Divisional Councillors WOW what a great team we would have leading this city. Young, visionary, intelligent, active, enthusiastic and ALIVE. If we get the alternatives, time to move out as I don't want a Boring Bob or a no walking Cochrane and their hanger ons or even the other one representing me anywhere it would be an embarrassment and back to hicksville.

Dean said...

I've got my fingers crossed that if we must have Manning win the election, we have a Council still in favour of the CEP. It seems to be the likely outcome?

Cooper and Pyne voted for it(CEP) in the past and they're very likely to be re-elected. Leu was in favour and she's probably going to get in again. Div 1 whoever wins will be against it, they represent rednecks so they have to. I'd love to hear the frothing at the mouth then.

Tony Hillier said...

Dean, don't be surprised if Cooper does an about face.

Anonymous said...

frenzie mackenzie would not discuss the post texts this morning as they were all pro CEP what a weak and horrible fool he is ,the sooner he leaves town the much better we will be

athena said...

Dean, I would support what Tony above is saying. Don't count on the Independents supporting the Precinct or whatever. If Manning is elected as Mayor, then some Independents will change their tune quick smart. Others may be pressured to change their tune. Whatever. The politicking won't stop, that is one thing which is guaranteed. Remember at the back of all of this is...someone or some people have made "plans" and they won't stop until they have achieved them.

Destiny Prophet said...

I think it's a good thing if Independent councillors recognise that the Mayor, being by far the highest profile councillor elected, has a mandate to set the tone of the council, and so are willing to work constructively and at times, change their mind.

Linda Cooper deserves great credit for recognising after the last election that there was no Unity mandate and so resigning from it - and it took real guts to go against the unelected Unity clamour against the CEP.

Sadly, unlike Linda Cooper, the defeated Unity councillors and their cohorts did not accept that Val had a mandate and used every dirty underhanded trick possible to undermine community confidence in the council.

While people like Cooper and Pyne worked constructively with the elected Mayor, judging each issue on it's merits and voting according to their assesment of the actual issue, the local paper, the local talkback host and opposing politicians simply took a 'slam Val at every turn' approach. And the undermining didn't only come from the media and political opponents, but also from within the salaried ranks of council staff and from turncoats who had supported her election but then discovered she was not going to be their puppet simply implementing their agendas and feathering their nests.

It's been a disgraceful 4 years and the achievements of the council are astonishing testament to determination and work ethic of her and her allies.

If Manning is unfortunately elected, he has a mandate and the divisional representatives should respect that and take the Pyne/Cooper approach. If Val is re-elected, councillors opposed to her should take a similar approach, and if I can forgo my usual moderate tone - a certain radio hack who contrary to his own opinion is not Alan Jones, he's an even sadder and lonelier man, deluded that those who use him, actually like and respect him when they privately mock and deride him, should take his microphone, shove it up his arse and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Anonymous said...


ease up on the assumption about Div 1...

athena said...

Well said Destiny. The damage that black hand Mackenzie has done to Cairns is immeasurable. He led the hysterical campaign against DeLacy's offer of a brand new hospital back in 1995, until the Government pulled out and gave it to Townsville. I well recall fuckwits running around town at the time, their faces flushed with "success". "We told the Labor Government what to do with their brand new hospital, didn't we? Yeah we told them to stick up their arse." Mackenzie used the new hospital as a weapon of war against the Labor Member, in exactly the same way he has used the new Entertainment Precinct as a weapon of war against Val. The losers of the war, are of course, the people of Cairns and district.
During this whole ugly "war" on Val, it is just astounding that the reasons behind the new performing arts theatre have been lost. Lost in the endless diatribe and hate campaign, is the fact that our old Civic Theatre, built on the cheap in 1972, is literally falling down. Listen to what the tradies around town are saying about it. Manning reckons we will get a new one by 2016. Can we wait that long, before there is a major accident at the Civic Theatre? Thanks to Mackenzie once again, peoples lives are again at risk. This bastard needs to be tarred, feathered and booted out of town to be quite frank.

Dean said...

Destiny Prophet, that's exactly why progressives are slowly losing out to conservatives. Progressives take an altruistic approach and appease the conservatives. Whereas conservatives cling to their bibles and thump away come hell or high water. Obama does it, Gillard does it, they slowly agree to shift to the right. When the conservatives win anything they foresake anybody and everybody forcing confrontation. It's a natural thing. It's exactly the altruism that characterises progressives that is also a great political weakness.

To put it another way, if a majority of Councillors were Unity elects but Schier wins for Mayor, do you think they'll vote for the CEP? Hell No!

So if Manning wins, you think we shouldn't get the CEP, if his Councillors win we shouldn't get it. So the only way we should get it is if both Schier and a majority Council get in?

Curly Joe said...

Hear hear athena. I hope Mackenzie and King are reading this. What's the betting that Gavin King used Bill Cumming's biased and skewed report on the "Entertainment Precinct" to suckhole up to Newman? Think about it. King is ambitious and without scruples. Newman is looking around the State for as much money as he can get because the Brisbane City Council has a huge blow out in debt, and is facing a CLASS ACTION SUIT from investors over the failed CLEM 7 TUNNEL. The floods last year put a further strain on both the Brisbaner City Council and the State's finances. Added to this is Anna's plan to have the Commonwealth Games held at the Gold Coast. Newman needs money. So, how kind of Gavin King, newly elected Member for Cairns, toi point out the State Government funding for the Entertainment Precinct, to him, and to provide him with Cummings report? King has sold us all out.

Destiny Prophet said...


I think if we can't convince the voters of our position, we have to accept the mandate the others are given - but that doesn't mean backing away from what we believe in - it means working constructively with them to achieve the best possible outcome - otherwise we are just Abbott and Mckenzie ourselves - opposing for the sake of opposing .
And most importantly we have to get better at showing the voters the truth. The conservatives have leapt on the lack of accountability provided by social media to hammer home lie after lie. We have to be there to pick up every lie and correct it - we won't change the minds of the ones telling the lies but normal people quickly tire of being treated like fools and lose trust in the liars.

Tony Hillier said...

The sad fact is that while most of the regular posters on this blog really care about the city and its future, and apply considerable time, thought and intelligence to the subject, Mr & Mrs Manunda, Mr & Mrs White Rock and Mr & Mrs [insert the name of any one of a dozen suburbs here] don't give a stuff for anything other than whether they can make the mortgage payments for the homes they really couldn't afford in the first place, and whether they can scrape enough dosh together to acquire the latest 3D home entertainment centre or the latest SUV or Land Cruiser.

Dean said...

Destiny, their minds won't be changed no matter how much reason, science, data or common sense you throw at them. History has shown that time and again. This is the key area that lets progressives down.

You can't work with conservatives after they win an election, that's the main time you can't. Their bullshit has just been reinforced by the majority, which they take as meaning they're completely right and progressives are completely wrong.

I could go into the neruoscience of it, but it's a natural human reaction that once they made up their minds, their perception of facts or evidence will always be distorted. Working with them only fuels their fire, thinking they're slowly convincing you, because you've chosen to work with them.

I would agree that if you were working with other rational people, that's fine. But when dealing with the irrational mind of a conservative, it does more harm than good to be seen to be even slightly agreeing with them. See the example of the Lib Dems in the UK of where the progressives have been caught up trying to work with conservatives, now they enter their double dip recession and the Lib Dems are tarnished for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Tony Hillier, your comment reveals your elitist pretensions and lack of respect for aspirational people of a less favoured background to yourself. It is because of people like, you making this sort of statement, that these people are more than happy to support anything that is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of that which you support. Listen to Destiny in her last post here and look at where you went wrong and, please, drop the elitist superiority "I'm better educated/have better taste/am more social aware than you" crap (it really rubs people up the wrong way) and try harder to sell your position to "ordinary people" (ie the voting majority - like it or not)next time.

Princess Pauline Bonaparte

Bazza said...

They are FREELOADERS Tony.
LNP are the rip off and then they give it to these parasites.
LNP won't build community ifrastructer, just like howard didn't.
They have certainly been busy stealing many of Val Schiers corflutes.

Destiny Prophet said...

Bonnaparte nee Weitzmann,

A/ Poor old Bob hasn't wobbled across the line yet. Save your self congratulation for if and when it happens. And REMEMBER - if Manning ends up Mayor, even the people who put him up must be shaking their heads at what a piss poor candidate he has proven to be. If Manning is elected Mayor - he didn't win - Val lost - as a result of a 4 year unrelenting campaign of bullshit aimed at disenfranchising the voters off Cairns in 2008 when they elected Val Schier with a mandate to run the city differently to the previous incumbent. Manning will just be the 'anyone but Val' beneficiary as Lesina was the 'anyone but Freebody' beneficiary.

B/ Don't pull the 'I'm so rational and reasonable' line now. Too late. You have gleefully partaken in the dishonest campaign of lies directed against Mayor Schier, repeating nonsense like 'strategic port land' ad nauseum and dog whistling the misogynist, woman hating hillbillies directed from Abbott St.

C/ Nothing makes me sadder than that some gays are so needy for attention and so desperate to be 'different' and 'clever' and 'superior' that they allow themselves to be used as 'pet gays' by the conservative forces who have never done a bloody thing for us and in fact still actively campaign against our human rights. I cannot take a single word you say seriously until you explain the disgraceful record of the conservative forces in this country concerning not only gays, but every other minority except mining billionaires.

D/ Forgive my pretentiousness but the grown-ups are talking. Go and play with your Princess Di dolls and perhaps read some of those articles you so love by the bullshit prince/trolley dolley who left Primrose Dunlop at the altar. He writes so movingly about the self-entitled delusional relatives of deposed despots. Your facebook page is hysterical. And of course you can dream of the day Cairns is ruled again from afar - by the exiled Prince Regent in PNG.

Tony Hillier said...

Princess PB, It might surprise you to hear that I am very much wedged in the lower socio-economic group, with an annual income well below the supposed poverty line. I have no elitist pretensions. I merely refuse to worship at the shrine of the lowest common denominator, like so many of the local populace. I resent the fact that Cairns is about to forfeit what would have been a first-class cultural/entertainment precinct for something very much second-rate. I fear a lack of vision and a return to country town mentality will render the city a tropical outpost again.

Whale oil beef hooked! said...

Oh my god Ms Phophet ...

What a loser you are.

You say, "It's all a result of a 4 year unrelenting campaign of bullshit aimed at disenfranchising the voters off Cairns in 2008 when they elected Val Schier.

What about ...

1. "There will be no rate rise under the Council I lead" - bullshit - biggest rate rises in the history of Cairns.

2. "I will reclaim the footpaths outside the Vila Romana for the people of Cairns" - bullshit - never happened.

3. "I will bring open transparency to this Council" - bullshit - the suppression of the Jim Henry Report - this report showed that Schier did indeed know that McKenzie was being paid to have her on his show. She was caught out by Sno Bonneau's question and subsequently embarrassed by it all.
Poor Kerrie, she lost her job.
4. The adoption of a Cultural Centre at $145 million for 1000 seats without a mandate. That's $145,000 per seat.

Time to go Val and all you rusted on Fabian, Socialist, Labour losers that frequent this blog.

A brave new dawn on Sunday !!!

Dean said...

"Brave New Dawn" The policy platform of most candidates would have been brave or new in the 60's, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Whale oil beef hooked, do you know the meaning of the word "precinct"? Obviously you don't. What an ignoramus you are.

Anonymous said...

loooooooooserrrrrrs BoooooHoooooo now shut up and drink your milo. haahaaaaa

Curly Joe said...

Oh its the phocine dyslexic dugong man, Colin again (see Anonymous above). And how do you think you're going to benefit from Manning, you phocine fool? You reckon the top end of town are going to give a shit about you, you simple minded phocine village idiot?

Kay said...

Well Hillbilly, Newman now has his grubby paws on some of our Entertainment Precinct funding and has already announced a new performing arts theatre for Brisbane. I keep on thinking how easily Cairns people allow themselves to be hoodwinked and diddled out of their own taxpayers monies. The expression "taking candy off a baby" comes to mind.