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27 April 2012


Who's running for mayor in the Unity Team?  Bob Manning?  Or Kevin Byrne and Cairns' own Faceless Men?  Clearly Manning is showing he doesn't have a whit of intelligence as he's decided two days before the election to announce I DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT TO DO ABOUT THE ENTERTAINMENT PRECINCT!

In Unity's BigPolicyStatement issued just February 10, he lists Munro Martin Park and the Hartley Street sites as likely locations for the precinct.

These sites have been examined by THREE MAYORS and councils over 12 YEARS, and rejected.  REJECTED BOB!  ARE YOU FUCKING DEAF!  CAN YOU NOT READ THE REPORTS??

He then suggests that if they can get the Ports North block adjacent to the Convention Centre (with the added $30M cost to the taxpayers to move Ports North offices, dickhead), he'll put a "boutique hotel" on the site as well.  

Let's see, that will about about 900 car parking spaces Bob.  That's another $60M that the taxpayers will be up for (you don't think your developer mates are going to pay for the parking at their "boutique hotel", do ya Bob?)

$90M in added cost - BEFORE WE DROP A BUCK ON THE THEATRE.  What kind of shitty theatre is the UNITY TEAM and senile Bob Manning going to give Cairns?

If this is "Bob Manning's Vision", you need a fucking seeing eye dog, Bob.  Fortunately, most in Cairns know you're not running the Unity Team, or your campaign,  And the ratbags telling you what to say are destroying what little was left of your reputation.  They'll be by to pick of your Order of Australia any day now.  You don't deserve it, mate.  Your ethics are well and truly in the dunny.   

Gavin King has then done the unthinkable - he for the first time claimed that Campbell Newman has "made it clear they LNP government will not support a waterfront project".  Apparently showing again that the LNP is going to to whatever they want to Far North Queensland, irrespective of whatever we have to say!

This is a stunning election manipulation by the state government!  All from the big mouth of Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King!

The one caller inquired as to why there is no "integrity check" for candidates, including bankruptcies.  Cueball quickly shouted out "don't mention any names" - and yet bigoted senile Martin Tenni offered his comments - including his statement that council rates have gone up 300% under the current council!  Not one demurrer from the host despite the absurdity of this statement.  The Cueball boys are in full hyperactivity today!

Also noted was that TWICE today John MacKenzie called Gavin - "Kevin".  Gotta love when the truth slips out via old Freudian parapraxis.


Anonymous said...

He says in todays Cairns Post, the new performing arts centre is to be completed by 2016. He won't be the Mayor then!! In other words the bastard is just going to frig around with it until his term is over.

Dean said...

They're not going to build anything. Everybody knows that. They're going to say "oh, we tried this other site, but it wouldn't work so lets just forget about it and start approving McHighrises". If anyone but Val gets in, I have absolutely no idea what any of them are actually going to do.

Destiny Prophet said...

Unity promised a $2million refurbishment of the Civic Theatre in their 1994 election campaign - that never happened - why believe them this time?

They also spent the 1990's saying Cairns didn't need anymore carparking - well as we circle the CBD looking for a carpark we all know where they're farsightedness landed us.

Bob needs to spend his time more sensibly - perhaps a nice seniors singalong at Morning Melody's and then a Bex and lie down.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Val is proceeding with the building of a multi story car park in the City. The first car park this size since 1979. That's 33 years. More jobs, more car spaces - thanks Val. Boring Bob (have you heard his poor effort at public speaking) hasn't even mentioned car parks OR jobs.

Tony Hillier said...

Maybe Bob Manning should don his best white shoes and go and join Ian Thomas on the Gold Coast. He'd be right at home there, and he'd been unable to stuff up the joint!

roketeer said...

Uneducated is all I can say! You're just all jealous and having the last say because you know who has won already!!! Come back to me tomorrow when MANNING is the MAYOR!! Suck shit the lot of ya's !!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Cueball has been made Cairns secretary of the C.W.A?

Anonymous said...

When people begin to realise that "ordinary people" out there, who a few elitist commenters seem to look down on, are hurting financially and can't afford further cost of living pressures such as rate rises, you'll begin to understand the appeal of Mackenzie et al. Most people do not wish to see their money spent on grandiose projects that will not bring them any further income to help pay their ever increasing rates, especially in the current financial climate and with the spectre of the dreaded Carbon Tax loomimg. But other forms of development ("McHighrises???) broaden the rate base and are therefore less likely to lead to rate rises. And with a broader rate base, there can be more money for the "finer things in life" such as cultural/entertainment precints. Look at other major world cultural meccas and you will realise that we need to reach a "critical mass" in population to afford that status. Please proponents of the cultural precint, address your arguements to the Cairns voting majority, not just to your cultural, educational and socio ecconomic peers. Princess Pauline Bonaparte

Anonymous said...

gee you lot will have a heap to complain about when Val's booted out, or will Hillbilly admit himself in to the loony bin. HaHHa

Anonymous said...

Crap to anonymous above. Always excuses from narrow-mind people like you who do not care about future generations. You are just selfish.

Anonymous said...

With that in mind anonymous 17:02 how can us 'ordinary people' bear the cost of the Esplanade development and pool, the conference centre, the tennis centre etc etc. Because these developments define our city and more importantly bring much needed money into the Cairns economy. Wall to wall high rise will turn Cairns into an economic desert and the rate base would never compete with the economic potential of these projects. The only people to gain from this will be anonymous's developer mates flogging off prime public land and lining their own pockets. The constant flow of misinformation through muppets like McKenzie have assured that, like our chance for a new hospital, our CEP is dead.
Ironically, the money for this project was actually signed off on before these arseholes and the sheeple of Cairns sunk it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Princess please let me know which year we have not had a rate rise or for that matter a rise in anything . Learn to budget and live within your means and you will find life is not that hard, except for those 20 odd frenzie mackenzie drones

Destiny Prophet said...


I have no idea who you or 'youse' are but I want to sincerely thank you for the effort you have put in to researching and writing this blog. Also all the intelligent and thoughtful people who post here (there are of course exceptions identified by their mispellings, bad grammar and crude hysterical rants).

I don't always agree with Hillbilly or all the regular posters but it's been in the main a thoughtful and intelligent discussion - shame there's not more of that about.

It's refreshing to know that there's a person or people out there willing to unselfishly devote so much time and effort to improving the political discourse.

Thank You

Mr. Ramsey said...

Anonymous 18:36. Looking forward to see your mob solve all Cairns' problems if they get in tomorrow.

There might be an outbreak of mental illness in the burbs though if McKenzie's regular whingers no longer have Val to blame for all their unhappiness . I

I think I'll invest in some brown paper bags.

Bring on the 70's! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god Ms Phophet ...

What a loser you are.

You say, "It's all a result of a 4 year unrelenting campaign of bullshit aimed at disenfranchising the voters off Cairns in 2008 when they elected Val Schier.

What about ...

1. "There will be no rate rise under the Council I lead" - bullshit - biggest rate rises in the history of Cairns.

2. "I will reclaim the footpaths outside the Vila Romana for the people of Cairns" - bullshit - never happened.

3. "I will bring open transparency to this Council" - bullshit - the suppression of the Jim Henry Report - this report showed that Schier did indeed know that McKenzie was being paid to have her on his show. She was caught out by Sno Bonneau's question and subsequently embarrassed by it all.
Poor Kerrie, she lost her job.
4. The adoption of a Cultural Centre at $145 million for 1000 seats without a mandate. That's $145,000 per seat.

Time to go Val and all you rusted on Fabian, Socialist, Labour losers that frequent this blog.

A brave new dawn on Sunday !!!


Well anon 22:40, your comments are direct out of the Cueball bullshit machine.

1. That's not what she said, but I'm quite sure she knows it was a mistake. Under the Byrne developer club, there were no financials made public by him to anyone under his secrecy rules. Val found a giant hole in the council finances, which coupled with the massive commodity price rises resulted in no choice. No one could have done better.

2. Sure it did. The structure built by Villa Romana was removed, and a compromise modification was allowed.

3. The council was misled into thinking that they had always paid for 4CA time. Even MacKenzie lied big time on this one. It was a set up designed to pressure her just after she became mayor. Disgraceful. She was found to be blameless.

4. That's how much concert halls cost, ya wanker. You want a hall where you can hear ever car horn and airplane during the performance, build a cheap shitty hall like the one we have. A proper theatre needs to be constructed not some hillbilly bogan place.

You need to get out more!

Anonymous said...

1. Don't make a promise you can't keep. I'm sure she sucked a lot of voters in with that one. 2. The area over the public footpath has not changed at all. Sure the walls changed material but the encroachment remains. 3. If Val was found blameless then I'm sure the report would have been released. Why was it not? 4. Why build on riverbank mud? Of course it is expensive. Build the same design on decent ground and save tens of millions. So "Hillbilly", I am not a "wanker", nor am I a part of the "Cue ball spin machine". I am a realist

Mike "hillbilly' Jones said...

Oh, quickly find a gold star and smiley stamp for anonymous 10:29 with a bad dose of sour grapes. He's outed Hillbilly! Or has he???
And yes, you are a wanker. If you bothered to do some research you'd find most of the Cairns city area is built on mud anonymous - including the airport.

nomooremike said...

@ anon 10:52 ... Why build on riverbank mud?

This shows how pig ignorant you and your fellow hillbillies are, you have no idea where the CEP was to be built, nor anything about the land, it's no wonder you post as anonymous, I doubt you've learned to spell your own name yet.

Dina said...

I guess the last word on the old Civic Theatre is how long will it continue before there is a major accident? Tradies who work on it are telling their stories all over town about what a disgusting rundown state it is in. It was in fact one of the reasons why people approached Mayor Tom Pyne OVER A DECADE AGo requesting his Council look at building a new one. Well during the course of the GREAT WAR over the Entertainment Precinct, the public seem to have forgotten this. Neither is Mackenzie, Manning etc reminding people either. So, it goes on and that is what it is coming down to. The only way we will see a new performing arts theatre is if there is a major accident at the current one. Too bad about the people who mnight suffer.

Anonymous said...

Of course Manning is not going to build another performing arts theatre. He's got no money to do it so he will sit there sweating it out and ginning around planning another one, and hoping to Christ the old Civic Theatre doesnt go up in bloody flames while he is Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah... everyone who gets in looks after their own objectives... eg. salary and overseas holidays... They are all the same and personally Val did nothing but raise rates and propose bullshit WAY TOO LATE.... you had your chance... "Let's do more together" no one wanted bike lanes either VAL!!!!! Tell em not to ride 2 or 3 abreast and there wont be an issue!!

Anonymous said...

Now boring Bob and the missus can fly to Brisbane, Sydney to see a quality show at our expense. It will be easy to arrange a "meeting" with Can Do and O'Farrell on an all-expenses paid trip. They won't get quality shows up here in a 2nd rate theatre (not precinct which included much more) building. We will be watching.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting the freudian slips of Mackenzie calling gobsnot "Kevin". What is really going on there?

bogan said...

christ or mighty Anonymous above, you silly sausage, old rugnut is showing all the signs of dementia and we are all so sorry. Not.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that when in the car I do listen to when John Mackenzie talks NQ listens its the best comedy show ever I just laugh my guts out. Surely nobody takes him seriously.Could you just imagine the bullshit he tells the young female asian students that homestay at his house.