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16 April 2012


By far the hardest councillor position is that of Division 5.  While representing areas like Bungalow, Parramatta Park, and Westcourt, the biggest challenge for this division is the sprawling CBD of Cairns.  With this the heart of not just the business community, but the tourism centre, clearly a councillor in this division has got their work cut out for them.

Current councillor Alan Blake is a shameless self-promoter, and is known by his colleagues as a whiteant menace.  His whiteanting isn't limited to Mayor Val Schier, he was undermining Kevin Byrne in his previous term.  Blake has been peripheral to many of the whiteant scandals at council, allegedly having council employee girlfriends and other personal relationships that have been aptly reported on other community blogs.  Most in the CBD complain that Blake has little time to listen, dismisses legitimate complainants as whingers, and residents in Division 5 call him "the invisible man".  And Blake is "on the record" in support of the waterfront site for the Entertainment Precinct, and as his reelection hopes went off the rails he's changed his stripes again.  He's an embarrassment to everyone.  Weasel. 

And there are still unresolved ethics complaints against Blake.  Why they haven't been dealt with prior to the election is a mystery, but they are but a symptom of the way this guy does business.  

Many of the drainage problems in recent rains, for example, have been in Division 5 - with their primary representative "missing in action", these drains are said to be among the worst in the city.  Blake however did ensure that a couple $Million in pumps were installed in front of his unit complex at Wharf and Lake Streets.  Nice work, Alan.

We won't rehash the mountain of problems that come with the candidacy of ALP leader turned immoral pollie for hire, Richie Bates.  No chance.

We breathed a sigh of relief when 4CA Radio morning host Michael "Locco" O'Loughlin jumped into the race in the most ethical of ways - he didn't spend endless weeks spruiking his imminent candidacy unfairly on the radio, unlike Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King did for months after his preselection by the LNP.  Tick 1 - good moral compass.

As we blogged several months ago, O'Loughlin has been an unstoppable positive cheerleader for Cairns.  Always found out on the streets, incessantly promoting all the good things happening in town, Locco was instrumental in the world-record breaking Zumba turnout.  And in a great exchange of talent, O'Loughlin and his morning show colleagues from Guam regularly talk up the positive elements in their towns.  

Since taking leave from his job to campaign, O'Loughlin has done great work learning the ins and outs of the domestic areas of Division 5.  He's an avid supporter of the Cairns we all want - outdoorsy, tropical, friendly, and safe.  With boundless energy, a work-with-everyone attitude, and strong history of community support and involvement, Mike O'Loughlin is our choice for Division 5. 


Anonymous said...

Well at least Locco supports Margaret Cochrane for Mayor, I saw him today at pre polling and heard him say he'd given Margaret his vote. He's a sensible as well as passionate guy and is missed on the air waves at present.

Anonymous said...

Even though I do like Loco, he does not live in the Division and has not really done anything to inspire me. As for Blake, he should hang his head in shame to even put his hand in the ring again as he has done nothing for his Division, Master Bates, may be a Laborite but has proved he can work alongside others with differing views and I feel we need this type of person in council.
Jennifer Eckles Will be interesting when you get to Divisions which have all new candidates and no incumbents. J E

Anonymous said...

Division 5 is a difficult division to represent having the CBD and the older suburbs of Cairns. It's a pity Richie Bates has absconded to the House of Slitherin. However I dont like the idea of Locco exchanging preferences with Snakey Blakey either.

Anonymous said...

HBW I also agree with your choice here. He is the only candidate worth voting for in this Division. Bates is a Member of the LNP Unity Team and a Labor Party Rat who has no principles and is only looking after himself and therefore cannot be trusted ever again. You will have to be careful of Blake though as he has sued the other BLOG because he could not handle the critism he was receiving on that BLOG. I wouldn't put it past him to do the same to you. He is also a rat by the way for what he did to KB. Charlie.

nomooremike said...

@ Anonymous 21:34

"... be careful of Blake though as he has sued the other BLOG because he could not handle the critism"

You can't sue someone for criticism, he sued for libel and defamation. Michael Moore was warned many times that he was treading on thin ice, and should make sure he could prove all of his allegations. He went at it like a bull in a china shop, with his "mate" Bryan Law pushing him along, convincing him he was OK, that it was 'freedom of speech', and he came unstuck. With friends like Bryan Law bullshitting you, you don't need enemies.

BTW. Does anyone know how that case is going?

Ron said...

OLoughlin is, in his own words, "good mates with King". He has a photo with King on his website. He is totally opposed to the Entertainment Precinct and supports Manning as Mayor. While I dont care too much about the Entertainment Precinct much, I get the old heevy jeevies when I see him right up close to Gavin King. He will be King's eyes inside the Council, reporting directly back to King. King has already showed more than enough intent that he will go beyond his responsibiities as a member of Parliament and interfere with the Council.

Curly Joe said...

nomooremike, who goes into that blog anymore? Its now controlled completely by Law.

Liz said...

It would seem to me that this Locco is trying to be all things to all people. Perhaps he really means that he would support and work with all three Mayoral candidates, whoever is elected? Is that so bad? His flyer, which I have a copy of, definitely does not state he is "totally opposed to the Entertainment Precinct". He clearly states that he will "ensure the Entertainment Precinct is affordable and accountable to the people of Cairns." So you are well and truly mistaken there Ron. Lastly, his friendship with King is probably not too much different from say Rob Pyne's friendship with Curtis Pitt. I can only say however, that it does concern me in that King has already showed a willingness and preparedness to interfere in the issues of the CRC. I don't believe for one second that the Entertainment Precinct will be allowed to go ahead. The conflict which both John Mackenzie and Gavin King, when he was Editor at The Cairns Post,initiated and inflicted on the people of Cairns, has been just too bitter, too emotional, and too much a war zone for it to be merely over a site. I have never doubted there is much more to this, and it isn't "above board". I believe however, we will, in time, find out just why the likes of King and Mackenzie have mounted such a grim and at times, hysterical campaign.

athena said...

Well said Liz. Ron above is wrong about Locco's non support for the Entertainment Precinct. Frankly, I think it a good sign that candidates state they are fully prepared to work with whoever is elected as Mayor. As for having politician friends, this is a free country and we have that wonderful thing, "freedom of association". Personally, I like both Ritchie Bates and Locco as Candidates for Division 5, and believe we have a tough choice between the two. One thing I know is that both will be much more dedicated and committed to serving the people than the current Councillor!

Anonymous said...

On O loughlins website there is a photo of himself , can do & cannot do king. not looking very independant to me

Anon No. 4 said...

He clearly opposes the Entertainment Precinct - these are the weasel words he uses on his web site: I’ll be an independent voice that ensures the Cairns Entertainment Precinct is affordable and accountable to the people of Cairns.

If you were in any doubt about where he stands, look at the photo of him on his website grovelling to Can't Do and the the Rapist. Independent my foot.

I'll be voting informal.