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25 May 2012


John MacKenzie and 4CA have previously been engaged in what can only be described as an "energy scam".  Hillbillies like the MacKenzie audience are easy prey for slick marketing and other bullshit promotions.  In 2001, Cueball was all breathless and orgasmatic about the "Lutec 1000 Free Energy Machine" that he promoted for a number of months before having a six-year-old explain to him why perpetual motion doesn't work.  Is 4CA and MacKenzie being dudded again by power scammers??

Let's hope "NAKED ENERGY" isn't one of these scams.

There are however serious questions being raised about the "NAKED ENERGY" company - questions that give rise to issues like consumer fraud.


The "Naked Energy" company is a business name only.  It has taken much work to expose the actual corporate name for the entity.  It is Bazo (like Bozo?) Pty Ltd., ACN 154306840.  It is listed with ASIC not at their offices in Smithfield, but at a residential address in Westcourt, and was registered only six months ago.

The "offices" are at Smithfield in the Campus Village Centre.  This was the previous location of a water tank scam called "Jim's Water Tanks", that was shut down by ASIC after thousands lost millions of $$$.  Supposedly selling Chinese-sourced products.  Coincidence?

The phone number is shown as beginning with "42".  This was explained as "because it's digital".  All phones are digital, mate.  This is a common tactic with boileroom sales operations.

The "Naked Energy" website has no BSA permit number listed, as required of online advertising.  This could be because "Naked Energy" has no BSA permits for this work.  BSA licences DO exist for the corporate entity "Bazo P/L", but NOT for electrical work!  An electrical licence is required for the main products they're selling!

The licence is shown at a residential address in Palm Cove.  Is this the same company?  Hard to know.  And "Naken Energy" isn't the same, either.  Details are important.

And the director, who said on the radio this morning "he was actively involved doing installs before active running of the company" could not have done so - HE ALSO HAS NO BSA LICENCE!

And the company has been advertising heavily on the internet for primarily backpackers to work at the company's "phone room" in Smithfield - PROMISING $8K-$15K PER MONTH FOR SELLING THESE SYSTEMS.  Over $100K to a backpacker selling from a "phone room".  What does that sound like to you??

So the company is a dud.  


The principal is said to be a man named "Wade Allen".  His LinkedIn page shows him (along with several others running the boiler room) as Canadian.  He's only been in Australia a short time - how has he received permission to work in our community?  And his comrades?  Canadians all.  What happens if the company shuts down?  Who's warranting the systems - Canadians??

He says he's a graduate of Canadian Uni Simon Fraser.  No listing for him there.  He claims to own another public company, "Akasha Tao Entertainment".  There is an ASIC listing for this company, at the same Westcourt rented accommodation, issued the same time as Bazo Pty. Ltd.  It isn't public.  

He also claims to have been a real estate agent in Canada.  This seems like it might have been true, at least for a while.

Is this someone you want to buy an expensive solar electric system from?

Lots of questions about this crew.  The splashy marketing and 4CA backing just heighten the suspicion.  We're recommending you give this company a pass.  A very WIDE pass.

We've turned over our suspicions to the BSA and Department of Migration.  


Tony Hillier said...

This is the sort of investigative journalism the Compost should be doing. You put the Murdoch infotainment organ to shame, Mr HBW!

CBD Warrior said...

I agree Tony! These scams can't happen without the media bein complicit. I checked these links and HBW looks to be spot on. The stink from this is obvious.

Let's tweet this company outta town.

Anonymous said...

I worry that vulnerable old people might be taken for a ride. Don't care about the hillbilly listeners.

CBD Tarzan said...

Nice bit of fairdinkum journalisim HBW.
This is why I read your blog on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

In between ads for this dodgy company, we had the member for Cook and assistant minister for Aboriginal affairs obfuscating about what the new government would do about youth crime etc.

Nothing much it seems..."years of neglect" bla bla bla, " we have to investigate what causes the problems" bla bla bla..

A caller with personal experience of being a juvenile delinquent provided an interesting insight in what drives indigeneous male offenders. He apparently has written a paper on it ( I would love to get hold of it) and made a lot of sense.

Not to the assistant Minister, who got irritated, said something about there being no difference between black and white , and McKenzie obligingly cut off the most interesting caller to his show he's had all year.

A subsequent complaint by someone else about the assistant Minister's less than impressive performance and the rude dismissal of the previous caller was similarly dismissed by McKenzie.

Well, he can' t get Bob to come on his show, so he can hardly afford his listerners putting shit on LNP members...

Anonymous said...

What people fail to realise is the amount of rain days we have in Cairns, so if its raining you are not putting back into the grid, and we have alot of days where its over cast as well, so the hole solar panel energy in Cairns is a scam.

Anonymous said...

Great investigative journalism HBW. goodonya.

Anonymous said...

Crrap above, assume you are fuckwit Phil, from the southern burbs? Data shows that even Cape Trib and Babnda are positive for solar energy which means greater efficiency for much less cloudy Cairns and region. Presume you mean whole not hole? High School is where you learn basic English.

Anonymous said...

In response to anonymous 25/5/12 @ 1947.My house has a German solar panel system,5.25 KW,21 panels.It likes slightly overcast days better than blazing sun as any supplier will tell you..We haven't had a bill for two years. That works out in our case to a $2000 a year pay rise.In retirement that pays for car rego's and some of the rates.If that is a scam then the panels should be compulsory on every new house in Australia. What's an extra $16,000 when your mortage is getting close to $500,000 anyway.

Anonymous said...

I happen to be best mates with one of the directors, having grown up with him in Cairns since age 16. Whilst such a claim may seem dubious at best, I can assure anyone reading this, the folks running Naked Energy are of genuine integrity. Naked are indeed a new company. But they are a committed group of young men and staff, with the single motivation of offering competitive and high quality solar to Cairns residents and businesses. I have personally recommended Naked to a few of my neighbours and each of them has been impressed with the levels of customer service and quality of installs undertaken.

I honestly cannot believe someone would want to drag a new local company through the mud, with baseless claims and media bulldogging such as this. McKenzie, I always thought you to be a champion of Cairns locals, businesses and individuals alike. This scaremongering is disgusting and may well ruin the lives of a genuine group of people and their families. Shame, McKenzie, shame!

Second Anonymous said...

Excellent work Hillbilly. Sadly all the repeat business means the Cueball endorsements must work. People must have purchased a lot of duds over the years.

Maybe radio presenters should be required to have a government ticket to show they are legitimate.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the ACMA supposed to vet this sort of thing? Oh right! now I remember how effective that Government organisation was over Kyle Pottymouth Sandilands and his abuse of a journalist-absolutely useless. I guess the gullible amongst us will be taken in by this alleged scam and scream when they are taken to the cleaners.

Anonymous said...

Re. Scam. Please elaborate

Anonymous said...

Anonymous re scam: read post.

Naked Energy said...

To the website owner,

Your comments are inacurate and constitute Libel.
This is your 1 and only warning to take down this article.
If this article is not removed by midnight 28th may 2012, we will take legal action.


As always, Naked Energy has the right of rebuttal. You have the right to dispute any item of fact in the article and rebut it with fact. We are always happy to stand corrected for a factual error. Name one.

Honest opinions are protected by the UDU as it relates to a public interest (my fellow citizens being defrauded by scammers) and the opinion is based on public documents.

And keep in mind companies have no right to defamation actions.

Here's a handy reference for you, Mr. Naked Energy.


Anonymous said...

You would think, with the local economy suffering from a period of global uncertainty, businesses being brought to their knees and dissolving, that any promotion of an up and coming business would be a good thing. Why would you wish to defame Naked Energy with such a crude article? Why would you want to see another local business close it's doors? Local identities have an obligation to help promote local business, not bring it to it's knees.

Anonymous said...

HBW is just doing what any good investigative journalist would do -bringing to public attention any business that does not appear to be fair dinkum. Tell us where HBW has got wrong and then we will be able to make up our own minds who is the scammer. BTW "its" does not have an apostrophe.

Naked Energy said...

Thank you for the legal advice, we don't need it as we are well represented. FYI "To be actionable defamation, the "imputation" (or meaning) must cause damage to the plaintiff's reputation. It is not sufficient that it is harsh or has hurt the plaintiff's feelings." I think we have this one covered. We will not give you the pleasure of having this argument here and supporting your worthless blog which obviously aims to incite inflammatory discourse. The dictate stands, keep this up and roll the dice. Mr HBW, you think you can hide behind domainsbyproxy, and an anonymous blogger profile. Roll the dice mate, do we have a leg to stand on? How well have you really done your homework. We are serious with our business, everyone knows our names and we don't play games with people like you!


Any "defence" from the company would be welcomed and published. Their only "defence" so far is to send a threat of legal action (published above when received).

The company should be happy that additional information provided and verified hasn't yet been published for the community to evaluate. It's all downhill from here.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that it wasn't just Jim's Water Tanks that was run from that office, but also Rudd's Insulation Army (and Jim's Insulation, the "wholesaler" who supplied the Chinese made batts). That was also Alan Jorgensen's business under someone else's name. I worked there for a couple of weeks before walking out in disgust. I met Alan a few times while there.

I think it's a fairly safe bet it's Jorgensen at it again. At least this time he had the sense not to register the domain under his own name.

Anonymous said...

Thank you John Mackenzie !! I know and work in this industry locally and you could not have hit the nail on the head any better!!

This type of exposure in the solar industry is way overdue.

Unfortunately there are plenty more that can, will and do operate in this area from affar. In all honesty I think The entire country needs to be cleansed of dodgy solar companies so consumers can go solar in confidence.

Again, thank you for publicly exposing these fraudsters. This is a very valuable community service you have performed.

Kind Regards