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4CA - Queensland's Home for Fake News
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11 May 2012


While some have referred to the Hillbilly Watch as now the "Voice of the Opposition", we prefer to think of it as the voice of pragmatic realism.

In any case there has been some chatter recently about the comment posting policy.  We've sought to avoid the libel and slander hammer from those with deep pockets with several strategies.  We would however like everyone's views on the "trolls" that show up from time to time, and what we should be doing about them.

Keep in mind that an enormous amount of sludge has been left off the blog already.  You wouldn't believe it, frankly.

If you've got a comment, please EMAIL it to the link at the right,as this isn't designed to be a public discussion.  

And as always keep your eyes and ears open for interesting items.  It's a small town. . .


Liz said...

I, for one don't mind the odd comment from the "trolls", nor do I mind the odd nonsensical comment from "bogan" and his sparring with the long suffering "Neil". They have given me some of the best laughs I have ever had online. It is easy enough to navigate your way through the comments threads, scrolling down through those you don't want to know, and onto others whose opinions you might favour. Overall, I am quite content with the quality of moderation on the blog.

Terry Vance said...

I receive a good deal of traffic coming from "Hillbilly" onto my blog, "Cush over Cairns" and have long been aware that many posters on HBW also post on "Cush". While I am pretty tolerant of crude language and the odd bawdiness of people like "bogan",(after all my blog is "R" rated) I would prefer that people comment on my fiction series and not on current events in the city. People should make those comments on HBW!

Whale oil beef hooked! said...

You have chosen not to post quite a few of my meaningful and thought provoking comments, HBW.

Quite disappointing really ol' bean.

You really do need an alternative point of view to that from all the alias anonymous trolls that you have.

Anonymous said...

Whale oil beef hooked! 11/5/12 19:17 - Quote... "You really do need an alternative point of view to that from all the alias anonymous trolls that you have". Now this is a crock of shit. Alias, anonymous... Who then, are you Sire/Madam? Manufactured by: SCREWDRIVER PIES PTY LTD.

Destiny Prophet said...

Whale oil beef hooked!

Perhaps Hillbilly thought some of your posts didn't reflect the usual high standard of your sparkling effervescent wit and moderated to spare you ignomy.

Hillbilly has neglected to post some of my comments also but usually when they were off topic and not once when I made comment critical of, or in disagreement with him, her or they.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need a Cairns blog central website where all the region blogs are referenced along with entertainment, dining, travel so that it builds into a real community that also pays the contributors and is a true alternative to Cairns Post. Have anon forums , wikileaks type content and also real name opinion contributor colums. Go for centrist political stance that does not tolerate the idiots and with a community effort it could fly. So each blogger like Hillbilly keeps independant site but also has rights to the new site, sort of a modern local Reuters, AAP or any aggregation site :

Terry Vance said...

Anonymous, I think your suggestion of a BLOG CENTRAL does have some merit, however my own experience with BLOG CENTRALS in other countries is that they soon crowd up with the proliferation of blogs, many of which are abandoned after a few months and just left littering the place up. I am interested in hearing the opinions of other bloggers on this suggestion though.

Anonymous said...

Just don't go away Hillbilly. There's a cabal of crooked vultures in control of Cairns right now and we need something to try and keep the bastards honest. We're in for some hairy times I reckon, bloody oath.