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22 May 2012


The front page story in today's Cairns Post, heartily spruiked by ol' Cueball, is the BIG PROJECT (formerly planned by failed developer Glencorp and Udo Jattke) on the the former drive-in movie site in Woree.

The developer "front man" is a Gen X'er Jason Guarrera who "along with his Sydney partners" (who he curiously would not name) announced the start of this project in spectacular, glowing terms.  


Hidden in the Compost fine print was the key statement:.."they are "exploring a number of options to finance. . .with neither (project) yet going to the market".  Just as we thought:  VAPOURWARE.  And just what Cairns needs:  MORE DEVELOPER BULLSHIT.

This same Mr. Guarrera (who apparently has yet to even build a cubby house) announced with great fanfare the "imminent" start of the 36-unit "Terraces on the Hill" - in JUNE OF 2010!  This project has sat there, un-financed and unbuilt, since this "big announcement" by this credibility-short developer wanna-be.  Despite many attempts to troll the internet for money.

And now we're expected to believe this lying developer is going to get a 520 unit project off the ground?  He claims to be a director of "Drawbridge Developments", but no listing with ASIC means NO COMPANY.  And he claims to be a director of "On Work Experience.com", but this looks to be some kind of scam website.  All internet roads lead back to a shitty little house off Anderson Road.  

Is this how Roy Lavis started??

And why is Nick Dalton at the Cairns Post such a sucker for these kinds of stories?  Does he not check one detail of this crap?  Does he not realise that the neanderthals like MacKenzie read these stories to the public like the Gospel according to Hedley?  

Real Estate is the playground of the devil, with apparently the gates of hell located just south of Stockland.  Welcome to Cairns!


Tony Hillier said...

The questions begged to be asked and maybe answered. Is Nick Dalton a bona fide journalist? If so, he certainly seems to spruik a few spurious projects. Are there any trained journalists working for our increasingly insipid and supine daily organ? If so, do they ever undertake even fundamental research, such as company searches? Is there a news editor in the house?

jim-bob jnr. said...

That's the compost for you. Can't even be bothered to cross reference any detail, such as doing a check with ASIC. I mean how long would that take? A couple of minutes? What the fuck do they learn in "journalism" these days?

Dean said...

Every day is a slow news day for the Post and Cueball. They have to take what they can get. The alternative would be genuine in-depth analytical journalism, which they are totally incapable of.

To be fair, if they tore this guy to shreds, they wouldn't get any more stories.

It does seem like a concerted effort on behalf of the Post and 4CA to make everything look a lot better after years of trying to make things look a lot worse than they were. Just so happened they had the graphic for "Cairns Means Business" ready the Monday after the Council eletcion.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dean, it's all propaganda to make people think Cairns is on the up and up.

Anonymous said...

Without Dalton's infomercials the CP would only have 2 pages..

The questions must be asked :

Is there a shortage of units in Cairns ?
If there is, do we need another ghetto-like development of cheap and nasty apartments ?

McKenzie asked his regular police spokesman the other day what had caused the massive outbreak of crime in the Southern suburbs (Edmonton).

The copper sensibly pointed out that the area had exploded in size over the past 20 years and unfortunately that brings with it an increase in crime.

The same McKenzie was shamelessly flogging every possible development in Cairns back then. Anyone who objected by pointing out the lack of facilities and infrastructure and the increase in crime and anti-social behaviour such massive, rapid developments usually bring with them was immediately labeled "anti-development" or a "tree hugging greenie". We need GROWTH, GROWTH, GROWTH, no matter the cost.

The very people who are now constantly moaning about crime levels (and there is no doubt we have a problem on our hands) are the same people who are partly responsible for creating the problem in the first place.

Anybody considering working on these new developments (if they ever get off the ground) make sure you get paid in advance !!! Don't get screwed over by another greedy developer looking for interest free loans provided by the subbies, who will be left out of pocket when it all falls apart...

Jethro Bogan said...

Good point Anonymous above, about asking for payment in advance if you are a subby. Trouble is, we have a constant stream of subbies pouring into Cairns who don't know the poor reputation of developers in the region.

KitchenSlut said...

It will be damned hard to get any strata project to go in Tropical North Qld until the problems with strata insurance are resolved. There has been no news on this at all ......

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Entsch supposed to be doing something about the insurance thing?


We agree with both of these last two comments.

Units in FNQ have lost 30% of their value due to the massive increases in cost of insurances. This is especially true in large projects where apparently many companies are declining to insure. This alone should have told Nick Dalton at the Cairns Post that this story about this massive new unit development was stinky.

And blowhard Warren "Fat Fucker" Entsch hasn't cut back on the art openings or other freebie events where he can shove free food into his pie hole. He was all over everyone for these insurance increases, and now what? Bugger all.

Anon No. 4 said...

It's just the Compost looking after its advertisers and dudding the public, as it always does.

I read the story in the dunny paper rack at Woolies in Raintrees and even at that distance I could hear the sound of frantic slurping.

jim-bob jnr. said...

Entsch doesn't have to do anything for chrissakes. He's not facing the electors next election. He can get all the freebies and all the arse licking from rugnut and the compost to make him look good. (Of course Nick Dalton isn't going to mention anything about insurance and what's his good mate WAZZA doing about it. But if a Labor member is elected next time around it will all be HIS or HER fault and what are they doing about it?)

Meanwhile good ole WAZZA will be off into the sunet with his piles of super, finger up in the air at the rednecks here, SO LONG SUCKERS.I had a bludge, nyuk nyuk nyuk.

ruby red dress said...

What pisses me off is the grovelling way The Cairns Post refers to Entsch as "WAZZA", all matey, matey, back slapping, your shout, maaaaaaaate. As opposed to the sexist, ageist AUNTY VAL, and NANNA MARG. There is no subtlery about their misogynism and contempt for women nor their close friendship and admiration for Entsch. UGH!

Anon No. 4 said...

I just checked and pimping and almost all forms of prostition remain illegal uder the Criminal Code.

Illegal sex work includes street prostitution, unlicensed brothels or massage parlours used for sex work, outcalls from licensed brothels,and unlicensed home-based prostitution.

It is estimated that 90% of all prostitution is illegal.

I bet the cairns post hasn't checked the bona fides of any of the sex work advertisers in its notorious but highly profitable "adult services" pages.

So if its advertising pages pimp for illegal prostitition, why shouldn't its news pages also be a haven for commercial pimps and prostitutes?

Tony Hillier said...

The oldboys brigade well and truly rules the roost in Cairns now. Councillors Leu and Cooper and other female politicians will have to play hard-ball (as the Yanks are apt to say) to make themselves heard.

KitchenSlut said...

By the way, when it comes to strata unsurance (sic) there are substantial issues at state level also. The federal parliamentary inquiry report was released during the state election campaign. A request for a response from Lesina and King brought no response from either.

A key recommendation was for an intrerim moratorium on state stamp duty on strata insurance north of Rockhampton. A key difference between strata and house insurance is that strata is a legal obligaton ubnder the state legislation. Consequently when your compulsory insurance has gone up 200% or so then the state stamp duty payable also goes up 200%. A nice little earner out of tropical Qld for the state one would think?

It will be interesting to see when the state budget comes out whether our newly elected state members manage to extract anything for the region on this!

Dean said...
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community support said...

Mr Guarrera has achieved amazing things for his age. Find me one other 31 year old willing to put everything on the line to improve cairns! It's about time you opened your eyes and realized that it is people like Jason and his partners who have built the world we live in. Without developers we wouldn't have homes.

You take a cheap shot at the Terraces on The Hill project, did you see the financial crisis coming? If so, maybe you, in all your journalistic wisdom and power, could have notified the rest of the Australia.

You need to take a step back and realize that Mr Guarrera is one of very few young people in Cairns who will make a difference. A little community support wouldn't go astray. Unless, of course, you have nothing better to do with your time than bad mouth aspiring young people.

You refer to Mr. Guarrera as a "lying developer".... that is clearly a joke (much like the rest of the 'article'). These men aspire to greatness and you feel the need to put them down, from the safety of your website. I would love to see you address your issues with Jason in person rather than hiding behind your trashy website. You sir, are a coward!