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28 June 2012


From: Russell Lyn 
Sent: Wednesday, 27 June 2012 11:17 AM
To: ~~~All Staff

Hello Everyone,

I’m writing with much regret to advise you that I will be leaving Council this Friday, 29 June.
I have greatly valued my two and a half years as CEO at Cairns Regional Council, and of having had the privilege of leading such an impressive team of people and working in such a wonderful community.
I am also very proud of the achievements of our Council and its workforce during that time,including initiatives such as:
-    your great customer service excellence results through our “Connecting” Program
     -     keep up the great work!
-          our excellent track record in effective disaster management
-    adopting a “principle-centred” leadership philosophy through our Covey leadership programs;
-    CRC being one of the first Councils in Queensland to sign a Reconciliation Action Plan;
-    many of you participating in the inspirational “Springboard” Program, helping our Council women to achieve their career and personal goals;
-    the development of a series of important strategic masterplans for a number of civic precincts, including the City Centre, Port Douglas Waterfront and Daintree Gateway:
-    a team effort in developing Council’s first Economic Development & Innovation Strategy to help diversify our challenging economy.
Cairns Regional Council has a wonderful reputation as a highly professional Council.  We have won a significant number of awards in recent times, of which you can all be very proud.
Finally, I would commend to all staff the very progressive enterprise bargaining agreement that you will all be voting on shortly.  This EBA is a legacy that I am very pleased to leave for the future - it will confirm Council as a progressive employer that values its people and offers them excellent conditions of employment.
Over the next couple of days I will be working to ensure a smooth leadership transition. Peter Tabulo will be acting as CEO following my departure.
I wish all of you the very best for the future.


Lyn Russell PSM FAIM FLGMA | Chief Executive Officer
Executive | Cairns Regional Council
t: 07 4044 3017 | m: 0417717601|  w: cairns.qld.gov.au
Mail: PO Box 359, Cairns Qld 4870 | Office: 119-145 Spence Street, Cairns


Anonymous said...

I am devastated. Lynn Russell has proved herself to be an award winning manager. This looks like a misogynists cleanout of powerful females. The loss to Cairns will be felt for a long time -this Council is disgusting -did Linda Cooper (or Richie Bates) vote for this sacking? or were they left out of this dreadful decision? Unity -you're joking!

ruby red dress said...

Thank you, Lyn for your dedication and innovative leadership. Yes, you introduced many new changes to the operations of the Cairns Regional Council, for which we thank you. Yours was a most difficult tenure at the Cairns Regional Council during the turbulent Mayoralty of Val Schier. Along with Val, you faced a very hostile and corrosive media hell-bent on destroying our first ever female Mayor, Councillors who were covertly undermining both yours and the Mayor's authority, and lastly, but not least, the notorious "boys' club" of Cairns. As a young woman, you faced and fought for women's rights, and, through progressive Governments, you saw women win those rights. However, in the arch-conservative region of Cairns, "the boys' club" have never accepted equality of women in public office. Our current State Member of Parliament, Gavin King, has never attempted to hide his contempt for women in power and the newly elected Newman State Government now has even fewer female members of parliament than Afghanistan. The forces of misogynism have risen once more and are blowing a strong gale, driven by the arch-conservative culture of the LNP. We women have a job to do, to stand united and force back those regressive gales. I'm sure Lyn, that you will be there right alongside us! Our daughters, our grand-daughters need us to go into battle, once again.

Tony Hillier said...

Mayor Manning's decision to axe a highly competent CEO will cost Cairns rates payers $500,000 or so. Makes a mockery of his manifesto of fiscal restraint. The disUnity council is going to cost the region dearly.

Dean said...

It was a unanimous decision.

Reading between the lines from what they both said, the Council and the CEO had different ideas about the direction of the Council.

Given that, they were both happy to be parting ways. Which isn't uncommon when new directors take over a business.

Lyn Russell's strengths were in marketing and communications. If the Council wants to shred those areas and pump all their money into planning and infrastructure, they could maybe do a better job with a different CEO.

I've quit jobs before because of new leadership/management. It sometimes best for everyone. Lyn Russell is a very good CEO and she'll get another job at the drop of a hat. One that might suit her better.

Mz Elly-May Clambutt said...

I am of the opinion myself that Lyn is glad to leave.

Anonymous said...

Why are we paying 500,000? Sounds very dodgy. She must not have wanted to go if it is costing us that much.

Hunter said...

Lyn now holds a new award in her short term she managed to take our operations budget and put it into a $5 million deficit. She oversaw the increase in admin staff by 30% and a large decrease in front line service staff. She wasted $12 million on the CEP and put in place a flawed contract that saw the Sugarworld rebuild blowout in costs by over $1.2 million.
Val put this CEO's contract in place with this massive payout. Bob has done the right thing and should be looking at a few other incompetent manager's he still has working there.

Dean said...

There isn't an economic manager in the world who could have taken CRC from 2008 to 2012 without running a deficit, given the economic circumstances. Especially considering what the developers were getting away with for the 4 years prior.

Real question is: which of the LNP cronies will get the job? It will almost certainly be a male, be over 55 yrs of age and a friend of Manning. How many qualified people in the area does that leave? Or am I making presumptions that they'll hire somebody who's qualified. Maybe it'll be Robyn Quick, she missed out on a cushy job.

Anonymous said...

Hunter - You sound like you enjoy a very close matress relationship with the disUnity string pullers. What you have said is absolute bullshit and you know it.

Anonymous said...

I thought the deficit was a timing difference due to change of reporting dates. At any rate certainly no debt blow out like what Newman did to Brisbane council.

Anonymous said...

If i was lyn russell i think i would want to go too

PollyWaffle said...

I'd say the decision was mutual. I'd say Lyn Russell may have even brought it on a little. She attended a local govt conference recently. Perhaps she was canvassing. After all 500K for getting sacked (or whatever) is money for jam and well beyond the scope of understanding for people in the real world. So when does KB start?

Liz said...

Ruby, I have no doubts there was perhaps an element of misogynism at play, however the CEO is a smart woman and I would tend to believe she is very agreeable on leaving. Frankly, as a professional woman myself, I would not willingly work with someone like Manning and his team. I would forever be wondering if Manning and some of his Unity Team members bullied and abused their wives and daughters in much the same way Val Schier was bullied and abused. I cannot respect or trust any man who cheered on the years of abuse and villification Val Schier was subject to. To my mind, they are nothing but common thugs.

Anonymous said...

Not sure it is ok we waste 1/2 million because she is happy to leave so all is ok. I do not get paid out masses when I am happy to leave anywhere!

JIm McMahon said...

$500K would fund every youth sport club that got knocked back recently being told "we don't have the funds".

Bob Manning and his nodders are off in the wrong direction. How do all these empty suits think we're going to get any progress on the Entertainment Precinct after being duped by their own unity team leader?

Dean Johnson said...

With Council setting the program, I don't see why they had to waste $500k of Council money to install one of their mates into the job so soon. Why not try to work with the existing CEO for a year before casting her aside? They've lost $97 million in grants, just tossed away another half a million. I thought the new Council was going to save money to spend wisely, not throw it all away? Maybe they're waiting for another cheque from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi before they can affod to actually do anything.

Johnno Nixon said...

So we pay amd the Mayor plays. What happened to the promised open and transparent leadership.

It is our right to know all details of council, WE PAY Mr,Mayor or have you forgotten already!

Josh Williamson said...

I find this unbelievable in a time when every dollar counts that these councilors have taken this extraordinary step. To dump the one person within council with the experience and track record that is required in these times beggars belief! How talented does a Chief Executive have to be to gain the support of this trigger happy inexperienced bunch of councilors? As the Local Government Management Association said, many CEO's in Qld now face this uncertainty, hard to see any of Australia's top CEO's or senior management included wanting to come to Cairns or Qld for that matter under these current conditions!! Really seems a waste whatever way you look at it!!Good luck to Lynn! Better put our rates up now councilors to pay for this "payout" and the next!!

Mz Elly-May said...

Liz, you more of less put my thoughts down in text. If I were in Lyn's shoes, I would be very wary that "the boys club" would start a big hate campaign against me, similar to the thuggish hatefest that was waged against Val. Of course they would use Mackenzie as chief attack hyena, then sit in Council smirking and snickering away as well as undermining the CEO wherever possible. I agree with you, men who obviously cheered on Mackenzie in his victimisation of Val, wouldn't have any scruples doing it to other women.

Jethro said...

I believe something called CYCLONE YASI put a bit of a dint in everyones budget. How much did that cost the CRC???

Second Anonymous said...

My sincere thanks to Lyn for what she has done for Cairns and the gracious way she has departed.

Before anyone says she was a Labor crony lets remember she was a star achiever for Thuringowa under Mayor Tyrell who never had a kind word to say about Labor.

There was a hit list for council managers before election day and it is sad to note that Lyn. as CEO is only the first to be shown the door.

It will be a long 4 years and it seems the council agenda is based on revenge.

It's time for councillors to do what they do best and seek media attention - and distance themselves from this LNP driven council.

Given what Campbell Newman is doing any council is safe by being relegated to page 20.

ruby said...

Liz and Elly-May, I am in complete agreement with you both. Any man who supports the bullying and abuse of a woman, will do it to other women with no hesitation and without conscience.

jim-bob jnr, said...

Ohh christ or mighty, poor ole Lyn was given the boot because she refused Manning's order for boxes of continence pads to be put in the gents.

Anonymous said...

jim-bob, you tool, you mean INCONTINENCE, not "continence". But you're probably right. Grandad Manning's Unity Team aka Dad's Army would all need their supply of TENA pads.

jim-bob jnr. said...

MEMO TO SELF: Must send one box of TENA Incontinence pads to Cairns Regional Council, C/- Mayor, Bob Manning. Plus one tartan dressing gown with ratty tassels.

Mz Elly-May said...

ROFL jim-bob jnr. However, I can't think of a better way for anyone to express their disgust at Manning's blithering and dithering and ineptitude than to hold up an incontinence pad at him.

Jethro said...

Hmm, might be a more appropriate protest to hold up some reems of toilet paper, Mz Elly-May. Read all the bullshit Manning is sprouting today in The Cairns Post about a new performing arts theatre. He's full of shit.