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27 June 2012


Heard MP for Mulgrave Curtis "Thanks Daddy" Pitt speaking to some residents at a local shopping centre last week.  Pitt's got an opinion on everything, and all of it negative.  

In his press release today, Pitt beats the "heartless government" drum about the changes coming from the LNP on public housing.  Pitt apparently hasn't figured out yet - YOU AND YOUR PARTY'S IDEAS LOST.  The only reason you've still got your seat is that half your electorate still thinks they're electing your daddy, and the LNP put up their meanest candidate possible.  

The public housing issue is a case in point.  Labor's continual solution, throwing money at a problem, is clearly unsustainable.  Pitt tells of "crying people calling his office" - many of whom are lazy, able-bodied bludgers occupying government housing that should be reserved for the proven needy.  Women who have 3 and 4 bedroom houses and the kids are living elsewhere with daddy.  Lazy bums that have been in public housing for 10, 20, or 30 years.  

Curtis, stop being an idiot.  Your ideas LOST.  Your performance was REJECTED.  The LNP is doing what they were elected to do, right or wrong, to the judgement of the voters three years hence.  I'd think you'd be more concerned about figuring out policies that can win in the marketplace of ideas, instead of launching cry-baby tirade against everything.  You're wasting your time.  Close your pie hole and do something productive.

Then there's the stunning reversal of Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King, who can't get his head up CanDo's arse any further.  From outspoken journo with well-known and on-the-record opinions, he's now the ultimate in "yes-men" to his LNP masters.  

He's gone from calling for the closure of TTNQ to applauding the LNP doubling of their funding.  Standing outside police headquarters expecting accolades for FIVE MORE POLICE OFFICERS while his boss gave the Gold Coast over 100 right out of the box.  Insisting turtle and dugong hunting would end at tourist areas, now rolling over and admitting it can't be done by his government.  And then his biggest turnaround - the 100 day promise to get dredging of the inlet started, which he now says will take two years MINIMUM to start!

The fact is, how we're operating this Westminster form of government is a sick joke.  The government in power demands from OUR elected representatives that they make their views conform to the leader, rather then their electorate.  The party out of power takes potshots at every single action instead of figuring out how to deliver what the public really wants.

Both of you two should get a backbone.  Neither of you is representing the needs and wishes of Cairns.  Voters in Cairns are in for a bleak period if neither of you will man up.


Anonymous said...

What a pile of crap hillbilly!

How fuckin dare you knock us for voting for Pitt, who the fuck are you, who did you vote for?

Pitt was elected to speak for those of us who voted him in, whether you like it or not, your lot aren't exactly covering themselves in glory, are they?

Oh, that's right, they were elected too, weren't they?

You urged people to vote for those who are screwing us now, stop pretending you're the knight in shining armour!


Actually, I don't recall "urging" people to vote for anyone. We did an analysis of the available candidates and their history of community engagement. Their personal motivations. Their integrity. Pitt failed the test, purely by years of sitting on his hands and allowing his constituents to get screwed by HIS boss, Anna Bligh. The same thing that Gavin King is doing now.

If this is how you think government is supposed to work, you're part of the problem.

Dean said...

Those clinging to the two-party system simply know no other way. King is bad, Pitt wasn't/isn't any better.

The two partys have created a false dichotomy where if you think the LNP is crap, you must like the ALP and vice versa. Well, increasingly, voters are thinking both are rubbish and recent polling suggests those under 29 have lost faith in democracy altogether.

We need to shift away from 2-party politics. The ALP and LNP are both beasts from the same mother with slightly different stripes. They all march to the Brisbane tune.

Cairns and surrounds has for years had ineffective or no representation. I've found in opposition, they're at their most truthful when they can actually say what they think. Then when elected, they have to reign everything back while Brisbane decides what's actually going to happen.

ruby said...

Dean, I vehemently disagree with your assertion that Cairns has had "ineffective or no representation." I remember Cairns when Mulgrave Rd was a single laned, rutted and pot-holed lane into the CBD. I remember Cairns when we only had two State High Schools, and the Cairns College of TAFE was located within the Cairns State High School grounds. No, Im not talking about Cairns back in the 1940s. Im talking about Cairns in the early 1970s. We have in fact had very effective representation in Cairns, and received a hell of a lot in State Government funding particularly with the arrival of the Goss Labor Government. Those of us who are locals appreciate just what we have received since the Bjelke-Petersen Government lost office.

PollyWaffle said...

Well said Dean.

If you hate the LNP, you really should hate Labor even more, given that it's THEIR fault we now have Can Do and his minions (and wait till the slaughter federally). Labor branch members don't hold their State and Federal representatives to account and instead become apologists for policy they don't even agree with.

Democracy's a joke. It's like deciding whether to shop at Woolies or Coles, then you go to the little guy and discover s/he can't even compete!

Mz. Elly-May Clambutt said...

I know people in public housing and I worry for them. One has multiple sclerosis and the other is a double amputee. You may not know this, Hillbilly, but private landlords basically just do not want sick or invalided people renting their homes or units. Both these people, are struggling on at the moment, caring for themselves in public housing, however in the case of the MS sufferer, eventually she will have to go into care somewhere. She doesn't want to share, because she takes a long time to dress herself, feed herself, takes a long time on the toilet, in the shower etc, but she is determined to remain independent as long as possible. Also she worries that if she is forced to share accommodations, the other person will bully and abuse her. She has in the past had people abuse her for taking so long eating a meal, but that is because of her illness. She cannot chew and swallow fast anymore. The double amputee also is frightened of sharing accommodation because of his vulerability, dependence on pain killers which causes bouts of constipation and his episodes of crying and depression. Occasionally his stumps become infected and he knows this repulses people as well. He doesn't like strangers to see or smell the infections.
As I said, I don't know what is going to happen to these people. They are both frantic with worry at the moment. I have advised both of them to contact Curtis Pitt. It is a pity that the whole issue has become one of bludger bashing, when in reality our public housing provides shelter for many of our most vulnerable, sick and disabled people.

Anonymous said...

I agree a bit about ALP and LNP but the public housing is wrong on so many levels. The "us and them" politics forcing the people to fight each other over resource allocation, like dogs fighting over a bone is wrong. There are sensible and humane ways to achieve same results and some ethics, dignity and respect would not go astray. With Curtis on this one. We do not live in kennels.

Bazza said...

Apparently Lyn Russell CEO Council has resigned and leaving at end of week. So you stupid morons who voted in this puppet Manning and this state gov have not only wrecked Qld but Cairns. The tax payers dollars is going to be given to private enterprise at the expense of community infrastructure. We had better start calling for an election asap before too much damage is done.

ECKERS said...

Mz. Elly-May, I believe I know the young lass you are talking about. Yes, she is frantic with fear that she will be removed from her unit which is two bed-roomed, or be forced to share with someone. The unit has been extensively modified to cope with a crippled person, which she is. I have occasionally volunteered with Meals on Wheels and have seen for myself the numbers of sick and crippled people in public housing, also the intellectually challenged. They won't have much luck trying to privately rent. It is a shock to me that "Hillbilly" has revealed his appalling ignorance of the community. If I were still a person of some influence I would order "Hillbilly" to perform many hours community service for these poor unfortunates in order that he could learn the facts of life and some basic humility. It is all too easy to be arrogant, brash and judgemental, but one's life can change dramatically in one second. We should never forget, "There, but for the grace of God, go I."


Elly-May and ECKERS, I take your point but suggest that you've missed the point. We absolutely need public housing for those truly in need. I've seen no suggestion that the LNP have suggested otherwise. There is equally no doubt that abuse is rampant in this program, and taxpayers were fed up with programs being mismanaged. The key point is that all of this was known by some/most/all of Queensland Labor MP's prior to the election and instead of putting forward a campaign of reform and renewal, they defended the indefensible.

And you can be quite sure those at HBW have long been doing their bit in community service. Something that loudmouth Bryan Law won't do even when ordered to by a court!

Dean said...

Ruby, getting the scraps or the absolute minimum to avoid scandal is not a good outcome for the people of Cairns considering the money Cairns and the region brings into the economy. Public transport here is a disgrace, health system is bad, public schools are poor, police are understaffed.

Cairns, due to its socioeconomic status requires above average funding, not below.

ECKERS said...

Hillbilly, you are the one who has missed the point, entirely. Our lass with multiple sclerosis is EXACTLY the type of person being targetted by the LNP. She is crippled, her condition deteriorating, but she lives in a TWO BEDROOMED unit, which was, at the time of allocation, the only one modified for her specific needs and which was available. Over time, she has herself made further modifications so that she can move around, often dragging herself on her backside when her legs give out. Now she faces eviction with no certainty that she will get a unit suitable for her needs OR have to try and live with a stranger housed in the extra bedroom. This will pose enormous problems for her. I point out her fears are very real. She stands every chance now of losing what little independence and dignity she has fought so hard to hold on to.

Liz said...

ECKERS, I would hope that each case is decided in accordance with individual circumstances. I agree, it would be deleterious to her health to move the MS lady at this stage of her illness. I am sure her medical practitioner would rise to the occasion and support her case.

ruby red dress said...

Bazza, having met the lady once, I can only surmise that Ms Lyn Russell is probably very glad to go! I really cannot, for the life of me, picture her crying into her pillow at night over it. PS Bazza, you also met me as well!

Miss Chief said...

A disappointing analysis HBW I have to say. I had hoped for better from you. Yes there are those that abuse the public housing system, but to penalise those that don't is extremely unfair. I am also disappointed in your summation of Curtis Pitt. I am lucky to have had Curtis as my local MP at one point and have witnessed first hand his tireless work for his electorate. Now we are seeing him as a representative for all across Queensland. Since the election was such a whitewash, we need voices like Curtis'to speak up for us. In case you haven't noticed, the Newman government has sucked the life out of Queensland and many are not in a position to feel positive about their future. Sure we might end up out of debt, but at what cost? So you will have to excuse Curtis for his negativity when it really is only a reflection of what the people of Queensland are feeling. I gather you aren't a fan of Tony Abbott then if you are so against negative politicians?

Anonymous said...

Curtis should spend more time polishing his ALP01 egotistical number plate and forget the next three years,in a minority government. Trust me his verbal repetitive dialogue in parliament will sound like a re-run of the beverly hill-billies.It amazes me that some readers expect Gavin to fix 20 years of labour disasters in six months,Curtis remember at the state debate your suggested Gavin might need to show some respect to your fellow colleagues if he got in,well he did, so please afford him the same courtesy in future as you suggested

shanghai said...

whats the problem with kids looking after their parents???? instead of waiting for them to die so u can inherit their house put something back u might learn something and maybe your kids might look after u p.s i live with my mum and my nephew and i get funny looks

Anonymous said...

king show respect what i just saw another flock of pigs!

jim-bob jnr. said...

Anonymous 22.06, why don't you learn your Queensland history before mouthing off. For a start, Labor has not been in Government for the past 20 years. Ever heard of the Borbidge LNP State Government? Very convenient of you to have a memory lapse of the disastrous period 1996-1998.
King himself doesn't even bother to research history. For a so called "journalist" he also forgets the Borbidge Government. You reckon King is going to achieve anything? Huh? Don't you understand that in a Parliament with such a huge majority, King has NO POWER. He has no bargaining power at all. Newman doesn't need the seat of Cairns, or Barron River, or Cook to keep Government. The political reality is King is superfluous to Newman's needs and is totally impotent. Mate, to put it to you straight, King is as impotent as a limp dick.

Jethro said...

Pitt is the only person we have at the moment speaking up for North Queensland and trying to keep the bastards honest. The LNP State representatives, King, Trout and Kempton, are a troika of limp dicks, powerless because of the huge majority Newman has. Our Federal representative is only in office for one term to top up his Parlamentary super and piss off to a comfortable, publicly funded retirement, so he doesnt give a stuff. Lastly we now have a bumbling old fool of a Mayor who should be in slippers and dressing gown, sipping cocoa.
Keep your voice loud and strong Curtis mate. We need you now more than ever.