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27 June 2012


Bob "Screwdriver" Manning and the disUnity team ran a campaign against Val Schier and the previous council on the foundation of a blatant, stinky lie - that the Entertainment Precinct costs were grossly above what a "responsible" council could build.  A "responsible" council and mayor meaning THEM.

Hidden in the CEO Lyn Russell's last monthly report was a report from the new council's Entertainment Precinct workshop on 18 June. (page 185) In this workshop, the absurdity of remodelling the existing Civic Theater was obvious to all, and rejected by the councillors with little further discussion.

So this leaves the Cairns Port office building site adjacent to the Convention Centre, a site still unavailable to Council.  Building the required project on this site, councillors were told would cost a minimum of $118.5 Million, to $124 Million.

We're wondering how this group of disUnity neanderthals, thrown into office on the back of such huge lies, is going to explain this to their constituents.  Essentially, they'll be saying "We're going to build Val's project across the street, without the public and museum space that the community needed from White's Shed, on land we don't own, and a requirement that the Campbell Newman-controlled Cairns Ports move their offices at the cost of $20 Million - in a state that's said to be "broke".

The report also confirms, best case, NOVEMBER 2016!  So Bob Manning won't even be able to keep the disUnity commitment of delivering a project during this term of government! (Page 188)

AND, to top it off, this idiot group of councillors have formed a committee to convince the state and feds to let us keep the CEP-pledged $97 Million!

You've got to wonder how a guy like Bob Manning can look himself in the mirror after such a dishonest deception of the public.  You've disgraced yourself and your family, all for a little political power.  You're a smart guy, you obviously knew what ANY theatre was going to cost.  You clearly have demonstrated you don't have the best interests of Cairns anywhere in your agenda.  

And we're waiting patiently to hear how Karin "Pearl Necklace" Pollard reacts when she hears she's going to get a MORE EXPENSIVE project!

Don't say we didn't warn you. . . 


jim-bob snr. said...

Of course the bastards are going to leave the matter of a new performing arts theatre for the NEXT Council to build.

Anonymous said...

Butch Manning has only ever been about Butch Manning. He doesnt give a root about anyone or anything but his own grossly exaggerated sense of self importance. Didnt he say it all, when he said,"Oh my wife and I fly to Sydney and Melbourne to see shows." He couldnt have said, "GET ROOTED, CAIRNS!" any louder.

Anonymous said...

Manning campaigned against the CEP because it was being built on "Strategic Port Land". Ports North (Cairns Port Authority) office on the corner of Grafton and Hartley Streets is on "Strategic Port Land". It will be interesting how Manning explains this. Of course the LNP stooge who is now Chair of Ports North along with his Cueball mate will be there to help him. Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Cairns is stupid.

Dean said...

Perhaps the majority of the people of Cairns are stupid. Anyone who thought an alternative site was a good idea is a blatant idiot.

But, there's a section of the population who don't want a new theatre at all, they don't go to the theatre. They want V8 supercars and a rectangular stadium instead. Regardless of the cost!

The real question is "are Unity members so stupid that they thought the alternative would be less than $100 million. Or did they know all along and simply lie to the people?" I don't know what's worse.

If they're that stupid, imagine the stupidity that's going to follow for the next 3.5 years. If they're lying, imagine what else they're lying about.

jim-bob jnr. said...

Get used to it, we have a Council full of second rate dithering bumbling fools who were only elected because of the tidal wave of hatred generated by Mackenzie and King against Val Schier. Who could EVER forget Mackenzie saying, over and over, ad nauseum, "Anyone, anyone, other than Val Schier." Well, that is what we got. A bloody mumbling nincompoop as a Mayor and a pack of howling hyenas who excitedly joined the kill against the demonised Val and the Entertainment Precinct. No doubt they were thrilled to their backbones that they "beat" Val Schier and stopped the Entertainment Precinct from going ahead. And that is what it was all about. They have achieved the highlight of their term on Council. Robbed Cairns Regional Council of its greatest amount of Government funding ever. Left Cairns and the people in the region with a grossly inadequate and deteriorating Civic Theatre which can't even cope with the annual kids Eisteddfod. (Hey Unity Councillors, did you all know that 5000 kids attended this years Eisteddfod and that the numbers of kids attending are rising each year?? Did you know that? Where the fuck are they going to go now thanks to you bastards?) Now the nincompoop and his hyenas don't have a fucken clue what to do next. What a fucken mess.

Dean said...

MacKenzie and King were only some of the cacophany of buffoons in the media, who with their shredding of journalistic integrity and sinking to the lowest denominator have sunk their business. Cairns Post sub-editors are being sacked.

Perhaps one thing the media forgot is that if there's nobody around to fight for the little guy against the big end of town, who's going to stand up for them when it's their job on the line?

The Cairns Post office in Cairns will be shrunk to a couple of remote reporters with most of the work handled elsewhwere and not a peep will be heard about it. Why should it? They provide more of a disservice than a benefit to Cairns people these days.

Anonymous said...

Good colourful description there, jim-bob, of our current Mayor. I see him as wearing slippers, a tartan dressing gown with a tatty tassel, striped pjamas and a big incontinence pad wedged between his legs.
I liked your description too of the trio of LNP State representatives.
Rub a dub dub
three limp dicks in a tub
Kempton, King and Trout
We can't wait to toss 'em out.

Anonymous said...

Whilst talking about the Cairns Post let me say it is no longer "our" paper. It is being printed in Townsville; edited from Brisbane and we will be seeing more and more bullshit printed by the likes of Andrew Bolt. What does he have in common with this area? Fucken' nothing he just spews out the Murdoch agenda. Charlie.

Tony Hillier said...

Maybe it's an opportune time for a fair dinkum community weekly or street magazine (dare I say another Barfly) to emerge. Blogs, such as the admirable HBW, are all well and good, but they preach to the converted. Something tactile and freely available is the way to go.

Maybe several former Cairns Post employees should think about pooling their redundancy payments and produce a publication that tells punters what's REALLY happening in Cairns and environs. It might just ignite a thirst for print meedya with apathetic generation Y'ers and X'ers, who seem disinterested in local affairs.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea Tony H -we have just subscribed to Crikey so that we can see what is really happening out there in wider Australia and an independant publication here in Cairns that gives more than the current Post plus HBW will keep us informed on subjects not touched by the Murdoch press. Let's call it the Cairns Clarion!

ruby red dress said...

It is patently obvious Manning and his Unity Team are going to leave the building of a new performing arts theatre for the next Council, after they have retired and pissed off. Let's see, in the next four years they will hire architects and engage on a series of public "consultations", then leave it. So, once again, Cairns would have endured several decades of stuffing around while nothing is completed. It's the same ole story of the new hospital all over again. Oh....and let's not forget that the new Council elected in 2016 will have to find the finance, over $100 million, to build the performing arts theatre. This will give cause for Mackenzie to lead big hatefest. And so it will go on ...AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

You're right there ruby. This can go round and round and round. These actions succeed because journalists don't do their job and never research how long an issue has been going round in circles and secondly the population changes here so much that newcomers only know the latest developments and are therefore easy to manipulate. So if Manning and his Unity Team dump the new performing arts centre onto the incoming Council of 2016, it will provide the perfect vote winning weapon for the next team. And so it goes on, hospital style, and we get nothing but a heap of self-serving bums in seats.