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16 July 2012


Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King had, a year ago, his dream job.  He could spout any old bullshit that entered his pea brain and his newspaper, the Cairns Post, would print it!  ANYTHING!  Who would believe a newspaper in a city in Australia, dependent on the tourism business, would let you call your Chinese tourists "freaks and weirdos"?  Has he shared his opinion with the MD of China Eastern Airlines?  Or in a city where he longs to be a "crime buster", tell the women they should either stop drinking or accept they might be raped?  


Now, less than a year later and over 100 days into his new "career", Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King, Member for MacKenzie, is showing the stress of being a paid shill for extreme right-wing whack jobs - lying at the direction of Campbell Newman.  He's now learning things about politics he didn't know as a journo, learning that his LNP "saviours" for Cairns in fact have no interest in anything we, or King, might want for our city.  He's in fact just the paid local liar for the LNP Government.  

A chump.  A rube.  A patsy.  A Hudsucker proxy.

As a journo and editor he could say what he wanted and move the dialog along.  As an MP, he's become a robotic talking head and not allowed any opinions of his own.  Nor support in any way of local residents that contradicts the "party line".  Bugger all for Cairns, his new slogan.

On the Cueball show this morning, Norville sounded lethargic and downtrodden trying to sell another package of tripe.  Maybe his head's going to explode?

100 DAYS IN:

• Stripped $57M (plus $40M in federal money) from the CRC for a project he's on record as supporting!
 Stripped $37M from the rehab of the Cairns CBD, his pet project!  Says instead "shop owners need to do more" - after four years of collapsed tourism!
 Cuts over 200 jobs (so far) costing Cairns over $10Million per year - three times the economic input from the China Eastern flights from Shanghai!
 Stalling the Premier-promised dredging of Trinity Inlet.  Told proponent Elvis Ashwell "it make take two years of planning", while knowing full well the still-hidden dredging report is rumoured to suggest a cost of over $110million, with only an additional nine additional ship port-calls per year!
 Rolled back Gay and Lesbian IVF legislation, while telling the Cairns LGBT community he and Newman were moderates!
 Stands outside the police station and hails the "Cairns Anti-Crime Program" which insults Cairns with FIVE NEW police officers while the Gold Coast is promised 100!  Instead tells us we "Can-do" with more Neighbourhood Watch (do it yourself) policing.
 Heralded new legislation on the killing of dugongs and turtles that does NOTHING to stop the killing of dugongs and turtles!  So ashamed by this failure, King pulled the promise from his website like it never happened!
 Promised minimum sentencing for assaults on police and emergency workers - instead he just increases the maximum sentence.  No one ever gets a maximum sentence!  What a joke!
 A "freeze on car regos" that in fact results in increases of over $20 per year!
 Fails to deliver promised electricity price cuts, with all kinds of "Tariff 11" and "Tariff 33" double-talk.  And at the same time gutting the renewable electricity programme.
 Notes the huge ground transport issues at Cairns Airport and refuses to do anything despite being "Junior Member for Tourism".  The only Junior Member here is what's stuffed into his panties.
 Announces his "big policy" about smoking outside the hospital - where current policy of $150 spot fine has never been enforced!

And his major accomplishment??:

 His office, now under the direction of council loser and rent-a-car clerk Steve Grasso, (but given this perk as a proven loyal LNP bootlicker-in-training) spends every day reissuing LNP press releases signed by the Junior Member. 

Cairns has gotten another bootlicker for the SE corner, instead of a voice for the FNQ.  100 days proves it.     


ruby said...

Hillbilly, as well as a list of all the monies King has lost us, how about you publish a list of everything that Newman is now going to build in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast? Newman is spending up huge in Brisbane.

Anonymous said...

You know how the likes of mackenzie & pearl and the other usual suspects ran a hate campaign to get rid of the last council why don't the forward thinking people of this city start a campaign to demand the report into the dredging be released.It is obviously a damming report with all sorts of reasons why the dredging can't happen.Remember,that it was the present premier who said quote; the dredging will happen no matter what the report says:end quote.

Jethro said...

I might point out that by direct comparison. Desley Boyle got funding to re-develop the Cairns Esplanade to the great place it is today, funding to dredge the sludge away from the Northern beaches, funding for a new Court House, police station, public service offices like the McCormack Bulding, community health centres, extensions to the Cairns College of TAFE, the upgrade of the Cairns Base Hospital, plus land for the new hospital at Edmonton... I could go on and on. Despite the malevolent claims of the LNP, Cairns did very well under a Labor Government. Those of us who remember the Joh Bjelke Petersen days remember all too well how we were lucky to get a few crumbs. It beats me how King can get away with making conflicting claims about "Labor's overspending" and then claim that "Labor gave nothing to Cairns." ??? Are all those buildings, the Court House, the Police Station, the McCormack Building, the Liz Plummer Centre...Gavin King, are they all "Nothing"???

Anonymous said...

They engage in the politics of divide and rule without even realising that it can happen to whole towns as well. lol

Anonymous said...

And Gav was their second choice after Paul Freebody.

Freshwater Fundamentalist said...

...the people of Cairns & Nth Qld have been doubly conned! We are now blighted by embarassingly ineffectual new local members of parliament as well as a batch of simpering out-of-their-depth councillors who together have lost this city $135M..and that's just for starters! Gone is any guts...any resolve...any vision!
Welcome to the Newmann LNP circus!
What did "Genghis" Newmann have to say about Origin's electricity hike..."I am cross...I am cross...I am very cross"...that sounds like one more than a double cross... which has been perpetrated on all (bar the SE!) Qlders... by this arrogant upstart.

Merv from Mooroobool said...

How did King vote at the LNP conference? Did he vote for abolition of Abstudy? Did he vote for set terms of government? all I heard was him telling off his Cairns reps for embarrassing him!

shanghai said...

bowen and gladstone harbours will get dredged first so we export coal thats it cairns get used to it !!! also let me remind everyone we voted king and manning in why we did i dont know ? so lets go back to basics and not rely on goverment and roll our selves up get ourselfs out of this drama help each other network talk canjole cmon cairns help each other

Bob R. said...

Anonymous 12.41, I agree. That report into dredging should have been released to the public with all its findings and recommendations. Obviously King is going to practise the typical LNP culture of secrecy and lack of transparency. After firing up the population and stoking them up into a frenzy over "dredging" King needs to come clean over the report instead of getting his buddy buddy, best mate and LNP mouthpiece, Mackenzie, to broadcast some pissweak lying excuse about "Newman's cutbacks".

CBD Warrior said...

King is one frustrated muppet. You can hear it in his voice when he parrots the positions he's been given. He can barely choke the bile-flavoured words out.

He's on the road to political suicide. Better he gets out the harikiri knife now, and do the job himself. He clearly won't last a full term. . .

Anonymous said...

Well there is a big announcement with uncle Jack this week, what could it be, the 10new cops are now 15 maybe!!! Maybe they can take credit again for the youth camp? Oh I know we are moving Cairns south of Bowen and there is no crime there. Could it be that all the needs of Cairns will be addressed South of Bowen so we are best relocating Cairns there as while there is no crime there when we move there it will be so we will ship everyone off to the Army.

bob-too! said...

Mary, King religiously and zealously follows THE PARTY line. He's grimly ambitious to climb the greasy political pole to a Ministerial position, so he won't be sticking his neck out and disagreeing with anything. If he was a true fair dinkum representative for Cairns, he would have screamed blue murder at Newman over his grabbing the $100 million off us. He would be up there bellowing non-stop about getting Tier One funding status for the Base Hosital. Instead he has become as docile and servile as a lap dog dosed high on Prozac. Funny how he turned from a gladiator with a poison pen into a licking lap dog isn't it?

k.nevill said...

Today i sent an email to ports north asking where i can get a copy of the report re dredging the inlet and when it was going to be released to the people of Cairns. Then i sent one to Kings office asking when its going to be released and why is it being kept secret. My taxes paid for it and its not a "national security ssue" so it should be made public. I have also raised it a couple of times in posts to the Cairns Post. So, come on people start emailing and demanding we see the contents. What are the bastards hiding! Obviously its not good news from their perspective.

Anonymous said...

HBW, I think one of the reasons we haven't seen the Dredging Report is that the LNP Government want to charge every passanger disembarking at our Cruise Liner Terminal $25.00 each which is to go towards the cost of dredging the channel. Cairns will suffer as a result of this. Every visitor coming to Cairns is gonna get slogged to get off the Cruise Liner then have to pay the reef tax to go out and look at the Barrier Reef as well. Once again the Cairns tourism industry is getting slogged. I'm not surprised they are trying to hold the Dredging Report back. It is no surprise either that the local LNP are gutles and are using Cueball to soften the blow to us all. Charlie.

jim-bob jnr. said...

bob-too, old china plate mate, I think it was MERV not MARY of Mooroobool, you were replying to. Next time old bean you put those glass things over your eyes hey before ya post a comment. Yeah mate you do need to wear them.

Jethro said...

k. nevill, I agree wholeheartedly. This report is of great significance to the people of Cairns and region, and all over town people were waiting for it. We can't allow it to be sat on and shelved, so that in a few years time some other cunning, sleazy wanna be politicians bring up the issue AGAIN, fire up the people, and round and round we go AGAIN because this is exactly what will happen. Bear in mind there will be a new heap of mexicans up here in a few years who wont know the history of "dredging the inlet" so they will be easily influenced as has happened this time.

Merv from Mooroobool said...

Cheers jim-bob. My misses just had a huge cackle over someone calling me a shiela. bob-too King's bullshit is sickening. I reckon my misses has more balls than him.

Anonymous said...

I see where Curtis Pitt and the Leader of the State ALP have called for the report into dredging the inlet to be made public. King replied that "The report was the work of the previous Government and we aren't happy with what it says" or some such arrogant bullshit.

Bob R. said...

What about that piece of land "critical to ports expansion" to quote Bob Manning, verbatim.?? You know that one piece of land the Entertainment Precinct was to be built on? Remember how Bob Manning carried on about it on the Mackenzie Show?? What the hell is happening to it now? Hey? Funny how Bob the gob has shut up.