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05 August 2012


"Deal or No Deal".  A game show many in Australia watch just prior to their local evening news.  Andrew O'Keefe asks the same question of each contestant every night, and we're never surprised at the answer.

Q:  "What are you going to do with the money?"
A:  "I'm going to Disneyland", or New York, or Thailand, or Europe.  Never are they going to Cairns, or Lizard Island, or Kalgoorlie.  Or even New Zealand.  Nope, we're getting the hell out, in numbers double 10 years ago.

With the "failure" of Australian swimmers and others at this year's London Olympic games, some are pointing a finger at the Gen Y swimmers, and their inability to turn their talent into medals via hard work.  Starting with Ian Thorpe's fizzled comeback, which looks even more embarrassing in light of the  performance of the aging Yank Michael Phelps (who first medaled in the Sydney Olympics), the search for scapegoats to blame is now underway.  

My vote for Aussie traitor is one Ken Wood, swimming coach at Redcliffe, Brisbane.  Chinese swimmers have been training with Wood and other coaches in Australia, paying them huge stipends and bonuses for what is essentially a traitorous act.  It's the equivalent of the theft of intellectual property - no different than manufacturing secrets.  Aussie coaching knowledge in swimming has been built up, and paid for by Australian taxpayers over some 30 years or more.  Our coaches are the repository of this knowledge.  We've known for at least three years that Ken Wood was selling us out.    And we've been sold out so an unpatriotic few can get rich on the backs of the Chinese, and apparently at the expense of Aussie swimmers.  And Wood signed on with the Chinese after being feted by his local community, who raised tens of thousands of $$ to support him, although some believe Australian coaches are not compensated fairly, especially compared to the swimmers.  But Wood and others involved in this traitorous act should be forced to pay a "traitor's tax" on their tainted winnings.

While clearly the Chinese swimmers train very hard, perhaps harder than any other country, this training would be ineffectual without the coaching and training knowledge being sold to them by Australia.  You don't see the American coaches, home of the most world-class swimmers, hosting Chinese swimmers and sharing with them their knowledge.  American patriotism wouldn't tolerate it.  A coach doing such a thing would be ostracized and gone.

Likewise our local "debate" on Coral Sea fishing.  We don't pretend to understand green zones, red zones, ocean trawlers, and the debate over closing more of the Great Barrier Reef to fishing.  We do know that criticism of the Pew Environmental group, claiming they're "outsiders", is unfair given that only a small part of the Coral Sea is Australian territory, under international law.  The survival and prosperity of the oceans is a global responsibility.  No country can own or control the oceans.

MacKenzie show callers complaining about the new proposals for the reef bitterly talk about the high price of reef fish at their local monger, with Warren "Run for the Door" Entsch promoting the idea that visitors want to eat locally caught fish.  So why is so much of our reef fish being sold off to Hong Kong?  Cathay Pacific has hung tough servicing the Cairns market during the GFC for only one reason - the tonnage of live seafood being shipped from Cairns to wealthy Hong Kong restauranteurs.  As fishing has declined in Cairns, the live seafood shipments to Hong Kong have GONE UP?  Where is the outcry by the Cairns hillbilly contingent on a few fisho's making squillions while the rest of us put up with farmed or imported seafood? 

This is unpatriotic.  Fisho's in Cairns, as a requirement of any new fishing regulations, should be required to sell their catch at home, and pay the equivalent of a "mining royalty" for any fish they wish to sell abroad.  We should be doing like most of the Asian countries anyway and expanding our capability for fish farming to meet demand.  Want to eat local fish?  Stop them from going abroad.

Then there's everyone's favourite bigmouth, Dick Smith.  Dick hangs his hat on the "Buy Australian" mantra, and is currently promoting again his "Dick Smith Foods", featuring his Australian owned version of Vegemite, Ozemite.  Made in Australia (as is Vegemite), Smith engages in the lowest of hillbilly marketing to get people to buy his product.  He claims it's the "patriotic thing to do", keeping the profits at home.  Sadly he ignores the reasons why Vegemite, Arnotts, and other Australian companies are now in foreign hands.  Arnotts is a case on point.  As Arnott's began to struggle in the 1990's, primarily due to lack of modern plant and equipment, Australian banks refused to loan the company any money and Australian equity investors refused to provide new capital for the company.  In a desperate bid for survival, Arnott's turned to overseas investors and was purchased in toto by Campbells Soup, an American company.  

How can we now bitch about foreign ownership of our iconic companies when we had the opportunity to save them, by investing in them?

The Dick Smith argument is then taken to absurd levels.  One local advertiser on the Cueball show says we should "buy from them" because their local Cairns businessman and competitor is a franchise, and "the profits are going down south".  Apparently to Australians, but what's the difference?  Cairns would be booming if Australians just took holidays in Australia, instead of Thailand, Bali, and other foreign destinations.  

Sadly, when fisho's and swimming coaches can sell out their own country to make a quid, Aussie patriotism is hitting rock bottom.


T. Asquith said...

Isn't all of this just the inevitable result of globalisation; a laissez-faire, no-barriers-to-trade approach? And who cares that our swimmers miss out on 'gold' because they swim a micro-second slower than someone else from another country? Certainly not me! In a country of 23 million, it's no big deal, except that the national ego has been way too big for far too long. I'm more concerned about the millions of dollars of taxpayer's money funnelled into the Academy of Sport in an attempt to feed that ego. It wouldn't be so bad if their was some sort of material payback from successful sports graduates (such as the HECS). A medical graduate, for example, can expect to pay tens of thousands of dollars over many years to recompense the community for the training they have been given, yet successful athletes pay zilch - whilst reaping in potential millions for endorsements and the like. And which of the two will contribute more to the long-term well-being and quality of life of the nation as a whole?

JETHRO said...

Good argument there T. Asquith. As for people preferring to go overseas rather than spend holidays in Oz, there are many factors contributing to the attraction. Cheaper accommodation, meals, transport is probably the most important factor. However not broadcasted so much is the attractions of sexual thrills and availability of drugs. Yeah we're all supposed to believe that when a group of boyos all head for a holiday in Thailand that they're going to see the temples and Buddhists. Yeah, right.

Dean said...

Dick Smith's fortune was made from importing cheap electronics from overseas. It's still where most of his money comes from. His Australian made trick is just a front for establishing his Australian supporting bona-fides.

It's not just sex and drugs. There's a lot of things that are a lot easier to do overseas than in Cairns without the man pestering you. Like the Mayor and others talking about restricting trade hours for licensed venues. That will only make Thailand more attractive. Families aren't in the CBD after midnight and its perfectly safe during the day. Restricting hours will just reduce the number of Australian tourists. Families don't check nightclub opening hours when booking a trip.

Anonymous said...

Then of course there are the medical and dentistry reasons why Aussies are heading to Asia. They sure as fucks sake don't want the Australian Government to make medical and dental costs cheaper so they head off to Vietnam for a breast implant or a new false tooth.

Second Anonymous said...

Should Gav(e)in King be forced to pay the Traitors Tax because of all the money he has lost for the people of Cairns?

Anon Three said...

Anon 12:21 is right, the outrageous charges by dentists in this country force people to seek dentistry overseas.

I took my dentistry problems to Bali. The fare there and back, a month in a nice bungalow, two dental plates, two extractions, four fillings, and two caps, plus a couple of tattoos, piles of clothes, and wonderful trips around the island .... $3,000.

ONE cap in my local Mulgrave Road dentist .... $1,250!

Anonymous said...

Australia has some nice nature but really there is nice nature everywhere. We spent 2 years travelling Australia and it was pretty boring, Every town the same. Woolworths, Coles, Caltex, Katies, Bunnings. Same, same, same. Plus we are greedy,

jim-bob jnr. said...

Jeeeeeeeeeezuz Christ, Anon Three. All of that for $3,000?? Shit. The dentist wanted to charge me $6,000 for a couple of caps to the front teeth. Could you let us know how you got onto that dentist in Bali for future reference? Ta. Hillbilly, there you go! One very very good reason why Aussies are trekking overseas.

ruby said...

I have spent a bit of time travelling Australia and I disagree about our scenery being "boring" Anonymous above. To be sure the towns are mostly the same, but OH, the countryside, the bush, the beaches, the mountains, the desert...and our wonderful array of wildlife!! We have a wonderful country.

Anon Three said...

@ jim-bob

I was recommended a dentist called Dr Rudy Salindeho, so I phoned him and got a price.


The nearest town to the surgery is Kuta, not the nicest place to stay, Seminyak, a little further on, is much better.

I got a special from Cairns to Darwin on Jetstar for $110 each way, and return with Jetstar from Darwin to Bali for around $140 each way.

Google Earth ... 8°43'23.65"S 115°11'1.34"E

Al said...

Nothing boring about Australia, but wherever you live, it's always nice to see somewhere different, that's what drives tourism.
The problem with tourism Cairns has been the gold rush mentality, most notably evident with the influx of affluent Japanese in the 90's. It was a rich seam which would never be exhausted - except, like gold, it was.
We are now pinning our hopes on the next big strike; China. Our tourism 'leaders', our local pollies (and The Cairns Post) all hyped up with the prospect of some direct flights from China - and more recently; the G20 - the next rich seams. But always the servile atmosphere of desperation shows through. Example; Mayor Mannering on 7 News tonight; 'we will tart up the CBD', (but the Feds will pay). Read; we wouldn't do it for ourselves, but we'll re-make ourselves to be what ever you want. Sushi out, dim-sum in.
Well, this is my place, come visit, you are welcome, but take me as you find me. I'll take the time to tidy the place before you come, but no more than I ordinarily would. If that's not good enough; don't come. I have some some self-respect.

Dean said...

King and Manning "what a good chance to spruce up the CBD" which is clearly a Council function. The Council won't fund it. King's got his fingers crossed that Newman might let something trickle down to him and the Feds still have their $40 million on the table that these two buffoons don't know how to use.

It's like a contest between the two to see who's more useless. Manning with his doddering and misunderstanding of modern finance. And King with his juvenile idealism as a journalist being crushed to death by the party political machine in Brisbane. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad for the people of Cairns. At least they voted overwhelmingly for this, so they can't blame anyone but themselves. And the rest of us should hang our heads for letting the level of debate stoop as low as it did to result in this.

Anonymous said...

Aww come on HBW -the AIS has used Chinese gymnastic coaches in Canberra for the last 20 years or so, and wasn't the Socceroos coach from Holland? (and the Boomers have used Americans for years)
I am sure there are other examples of foreign coaches being used in Australia to get our athletes up to speed -I can't really see the problem with Aus coaches chasing money o/seas

ruby said...

King is now campaigning to get Usain Bolt to holiday in Cairns. Pity he can't campaign to get our AUSSIE athletes to come to Cairns. Sally Pearson put in a magnificent performance and would easily be one of our best female athletes, but I guess she has the wrong bits and pieces to excite the Member for Mackenzie.

shanghai said...

china smart aussie dumb but why point finger at china ? aussie coaches trained 14 gold medals for other countries so put your doughnuts down its called globeasation