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21 August 2012


The continual promotion of the right-wing government in Cairns by 4CA hillbilly radio reached a new low today, during an on-air discussion with "UnSIR Bob Norman" about the Cairns Base Hospital heliport.

In 2009 the Cairns Council, state trustee over the oceanfront parklands where the helipad is located, closed 30 carparks adjacent to the helipad due to legitimate safety concerns.  And in a council report from March 2011, Council and Queensland Health confirm that a solution that puts the helipad in the ocean on a pontoon was "well advanced".  The consultative group of stakeholders as well as local residents working on the problem all agreed on the pontoon solution.  Everyone knows helicopters are the "devil's machine", and are only kept airborne using witchcraft.  They can and do routinely crash - in fact, you're twice as likely to get killed in or by a helicopter than by an airplane.  The further away from the public these things are, the better.  

Norman, with claims that "common sense wins", said that his solution to the problem is to move the helipad 25 meters, we assume to the south.  Problem solved, done and dusted.  Lots of money saved.  LOTS OF MONEY SAVED.  We see, more money stripped from Cairns Base.  Got it.

And when Norman, (who was roundly rejected by the Chamber of Commerce membership as president), pointed out he's already discussed the plan with Mayor Bob "Screwdriver" Manning, our radio gasbag made the most imperious of statements:

Cueball then said, "well, he's the Council and you're the hospital board, so that's that." 

Apparently these positions are no longer "councillor" they've morphed into "dictator".  No pesky votes from other councillors or hospital board members.  No pesky consultations with stakeholders, or the public.  Taking a cue from Campbell Newman, LNP members all around the state are now acting by decree.  

It should be noted for the record that this hospital carpark was built via a "temporary" approval by the Pyne council - this carpark shouldn't even be there.  It's parkland.  And moving the helicopter pad 25m south puts our young people using the skate park (immediately adjacent) at risk.  Anyone consulted with them or their parents?

And with the announcement that Peter Tabulo, Kevin Byrne's lapdog in development horror across the city, is planned to fill the vacant CEO position "for the foreseeable future", the ten elected councillors are beginning to look a little superfluous.  Many in fact blame Tabulo for the recent destruction of the heritage-listed Rex Theater.

The helipad belongs in the ocean.  That's the commonsense solution.  A solution used in dozens of locations around the world.  Not filling up our parkland and endangering the thousands that use the Esplanade.  If we were having consultations anymore, that's what we'd tell them.


CBD Warrior said...

NEVER did this radio noon EVER cut Mayor Schier any slack, or offer her an iota of respect for being elected as Mayor. Instead MacKenzie, and his troop of neanderthals, abused, attacked, and disparaged Schier and most of the other elected councillors.

This is a crime.

T. Asquith said...

The reason the hospital Esplanade car-park is now part barracked off is because the previous EMQ helicopter, a Bell 412 was replaced with a more modern and powerful AW319. Rotor down-draft was significantly increased causing car doors to slam on to fingers, prams to blow over, etc. Moving the helipad up or down the Esplanade will do nothing to address the problem, it may well exacerbate it. If it were as simple as just moving the helipad in such a way, don't these recycled old has-beens wonder why it wasn't done? Yes, the pontoon is an expensive option, but there isn't a cheaper alternative which will solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

move it closer to the kids skate park WTF this bloke needs to get his head examined while his on the job and as for butch well what else would you expect

Anonymous said...

Was Work Place Health and Safety consulted on this matter? Or, is CANDO closing this Public Service Department as well!! If we do have any type of accident as a result of moving the helipad further to the South, I hope the injured parties sue Unsir Bob and Butch because obviously there is evidence now that will ensure any claim will be successful. Charlie.

Anonymous said...

Re CBD Warrior,the main reason Val and other Labour people never went onto mackenzie is because the program is an LNP tool.The Republicans in America,the Torries and the Liberals here all learnt from their ancenstory hero Goebbels,that master of propaganda well and how to use it. While monitoring the program for research yesterday I heard the ultimate insult to common sense when that failed car enthusiast Peter Rogencamp praise the LNP for getting the southern highway out of the city underway.It was Jim Turnour who got us the money,federal Labour who is building it thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Purrit on the roof

Jethro said...

Well said Anonymous, yes it was the quiet achiever, Jim Turnour who did more in his one term for the region than any other FederaL MP since John Gayler.

Anonymous said...

With our gazilion squillion brazillian debt, and everyone in the throes of starvation, no business activity anywhere, no-one with money left in the State, of course no money is going to be found to spend on a helipad. The kids will just have to find somewhere else to skate.

Anonymous said...

At present when the helicopter lands on the pad,a hospital trolley is wheeled out and the patient is transferred efficiently and quickly and wheeled into the hospital -what will happen if the proposed pontoon is used?? I like the hospital roof idea.

Gawain Bling, Member for Mackenzie said...

What intelligent men we have now running our city. With Norman, Manning and moi, I mean how can we go wrong, really? So here you all are bleating on like goats about what some silly old bag says about this tuberkolocis thing. I mean, who has ever seen this thing? I haven't. I'm in seventh heaven anyway because I have one of my absolute fav peeps in town, Andrew Bolt, DA MAN himself. Awesome. Im working hard on getting Usain to come as well. How good is that? Cool. Sometimes I really surprise myself at how great I am. Yes, I do. I surprise myself. I wonder just how this city ever survived without moi, you know? Well toodle-pip for now.

KitchenSlut said...

My recollection is the same as Hillbilly that the carpark in that location was supposed to be a temporary facility during the construction works in the mid 90's? Parking in the area has been a huge problem for some years with cars illegally parked everywhere but there doesn't seem to have been any strategy to deal with it adequately. Residents were told the centre parking in Abbott opposite the Private would create additional spaces but there has in fact been a net loss of street parking with the helipad closure and the bike path. Clearly the hospital car park is not adequate.

I would keep a watch on the future of the Esplanade tennis court. There were previous concerns by the club that they would be thrown out by the Byrne council however I believe a 10 year lease was renewed towards the end of that council. That land is not part of the Esplanade parkland but a separate block sp plans there as the lease approaches expiry could be worth watching. Multi-story carpark on The Esplanade?

T. Asquith said...

Hospital roof would be good except for one thing; it's too closely aligned to the airport runway. CASA would never approve.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the Shangri-LA hotel is flying in Chinese nationals to by by pass your industrial laws,they stay for two weeks as domestics cutting out Aussie jobs then they are replaced by a new batch?