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23 August 2012


While campaigning for Mayor, Bob "Screwdriver" Manning's core complaint with the Schier council was that "the Cairns Entertainment Precinct, at $57million, is a "one trick" pony" of city rehabilitation and economic recovery.

Sadly we're all learning now that we've traded a shovel-ready, "one-trick pony" for a dead jackass.  We're well and truly now living in Bogangate.

Three of the biggest community destroyers, whom Cueball MacKenzie kept on speed dial whenever he needed an attack on the former council, are now starting to see the depth of damage they've done to the community and their neighbours over the last couple years.  Crazy Pearl has bitched about it to anyone who'll listen in Port.

The "Screwdriver" Manning led council rubber stamps hid their discussions about the Cairns Entertainment Precinct from the public yesterday in secret executive session.  The dark wall of council secrecy has fully descended on the public under Manning.  One of the first, little-publicised decisions was the rescission of a previous council plan to video all council meetings and make the meeting recordings public.  Some councils in the UK, US, Germany, and other democratic countries have been doing this for up to 15 years!  The Schier council was prepared to do it.  Manning shut it down. 

So what did Manning do yesterday?  COMMISSION ANOTHER FUCKING FEASIBILITY STUDY!  More expensive consultants to tell us what WE want.  Since what's really happening is being done in secret, compared to the Schier council, it's of course impossible for the public to know what's really going on.  But those involved in the last consultation know full well what a new feasibility study will show.  The Hartley Street site is needed for convention accommodation.  The cash-strapped Newman government won't spend the additional $20M to move the Port offices.  And this site still has the same "problems" as the waterfront site - it floods, and it's in the Raj-promoted port "blast zone".  It's essentially no different than the existing plan on the waterfront!

All of this is painted with the LNP mantra of "we're broke, we're out of money".  A bigger lie was never promulgated by Goebbels, and in fact the lie has gotten so big that parliamentarians were made to apologise to the public.   In fact, the whole "debt is bad" lie has spun out of control.  Debt in fact is how growth is conducted, and the markets clearly have determined that we easily have the capacity to pay what we've borrowed.  But the LNP is in full-bullshit mode now, no logic wanted here. 

If the level of Queensland debt, or the importance of our "credit rating" was so important, why have market rates on Queensland debt crashed to less than 3.4%?  Because it's LNP bullshit, now being shoveled by Manning.  And we're already knee-deep in it.

Council used yesterday's meeting in Mossman to "approve" another project, the Port Douglas lagoon project while then saying "sorry, no dosh".  

On behalf of Cairns ratepayers, we're telling our councillor - NO PROJECTS FOR PORT FROM OUR TILL.  They want to de-amalgamate, let 'em go.  BUT WE'RE NOT PAYING FOR IT.

But idiots like Pearl and Raj have told their own pack of lies to the Port community.  "If we get rid of Cairns Council, our rates will drop to what they were before".  But even Friends of Douglas Shire chair Robert Hanan, who's circulating the deamalgamation petition, has quietly noted that "the rates won't go down.  That just doesn't happen".  

If the clowns in Port want a big project on the waterfront, give 'em the plans and let them find the money themselves.  Cairns ratepayers don't want to pay for their project.  Screw 'em.

So as the economic malaise begins to show a little lift, the Manning council and the bigmouth Cairns MP have thrown away over $155 million in projects that should have come on line in order to provide a REAL underpinning to the lifting malaise.  In addition Manning pushed thru a 4% rates rise instead of a rollback, forgot to restore the early-payment discount, forgot to give residents promised "free tip" vouchers, forgot to extend Lake Street to airport road. . . it's the "Alzheimer's Mayor" at work!

Instead we're given nonsense campaigns to "stand like Usain Bolt" - an idea so original, dozens of locations around the world are doing it.  While real projects get shit-canned by idiot ideologues.  Didn't we learn anything from "Oprah"?

Welcome to Bogangate.

Come'on Pearl, give us a little tune, ya' wanker.


Jethro said...

Round and round we go, back over past decisions. Byrne discarded the old Port Authority office site, ditto Schier. But hey ho and a derryoh, it's round and round we go. Hey Pearl, Raj, Phil, are you all on for the ride again? You can all ride the jackasses in "Roundabout City". And around and around, we gooooooooooooooooo.

ruby said...

Of course it's all secretive now. Whatever happened to the bellowing of King and Mackenzie about TRANSPARENCY hey? Remember how Mackenzie would rant about "transparency" over and over like a tourette's stutterer on steroids? Why weren't we told about the findings and recommedations of the Report into Dredging the Cairns Inlet?

Alan P in City View said...

As a voter for both King and Manning, I'm disgusted. King says on the radio this morning "Cairns can't afford to take any more hits". This from the guy that stripped $150m from the community without so much as a sorry, mate.

And Manning is clearly over his head and going down fast. In a job that requires consummate management of details, he fired his city manager and put a brainless puppet in her place. Manning's on his way to a stroke with the pressure he's under. He should go now.

Tony Hillier said...

Jethro's "round and round" and regression observations prompted the recollection of verses from a couple of well-thumbed songs (with variations):

It's astounding, time is fleeting
Madness takes its toll
But listen closely, not for very much longer
Cairns has clearly lost control

Cairns does the time warp again...
Let's do the time warp again!

With a bit of a mind flip
Cairns is in a time slip
And nothing can ever be the same
An absence of sensation, like you're under sedation
Let's do the Time Warp again!

Round like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending on beginning
On an ever-spinning reel
Like a clock whose hands are sweeping
Past the minutes on its face
And Cairns is like an apple
Whirling silently in space
Like the circles that you find
In the windmills of your mind


Doug Lassiter said...

"If the clowns in Port want a big project in the waterfront, give 'em the plans and let them find the money themselves.....Cairns ratepayers don't want to pay for their project. Screw 'em"......

Oh HBW get a grip! And while you're about it stop giving oxygen to the lie regarding who pays for what. Douglas ratepayers are not exactly thrilled to be paying for the maintenance and operational costs of Cairns Esplanade Lagoon and other non-Div 10 projects -----but hey - it may come as a surprise to you - but we do - clowns that we are!

CBD Warrior said...

I think you're being a little precious there, Doug Lassiter. And you've made the absurdity of the point - Pearly continued to argue that "she wouldn't use it, why should she pay for it". Hillbilly Watcher has just hoisted her and the other bogans on their own petard. Of course it's a ridiculous argument. Might as well say "I don't go to the Daintree, why should I pay for the road" or "I don't fly anywhere, why should I pay for an airport". BECAUSE THAT'S HOW A CIVIL SOCIETY WORKS! But sadly, Port is now likely to get the pointy end of this same argument from the hillbillies in Cairns who don't get the joke, and really DON'T want to pay for anything in Port anymore.

What goes around, comes around.

Anonymous said...

I just can't see the state government bulldozing a perfectly good admin building(port authority offices)then give money to build new offices somewhere else then find even more money to build the CEP in that spot because the council has no capital to work with to build it.The CRC borrowed 6 million don't forget so that they can maintain works programs instead of raising rates.

ruby said...

ROFL Tont Hillier. I think that chorus sums it all up neatly.


Tony Hillier said...

Yesterday's pronouncements by Not So Big Chief Manning relating to the CEP and the Port Douglas waterfront were smoke signals, hopeful puffs of nothingness designed to placate restless natives.

So have we left Shangri LaLa Gaga land behind??????

Doug Lassiter said...

Far from being "precious" on this subject CBD Warrior I am simply highlighting the nonsense that is constantly re-iterated by the illiterati that Cairns residents are subsidising the Douglas ratepayers in their long and protracted fight to progress the long-overdue Port Douglas waterfront re-habilitation. In his pre-electoral pitch to the residents of the former Douglas Shire, the Mayor made the somewhat surprising, but not wholly unrealistic observation that Cairns was not an attractive place and that tourists are drawn to the twin attractions of the Reef and Daintree Rainforest. Douglas is arguably the only place on earth to be blessed by two such world-heritage attractions. The advantages to the economies of BOTH the Cairns and Douglas communities should be apparent and not subjected to denigrating comments by those who are blinkered to this reality.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for it Doug, if it wasn't for that f**** ng Pearl ! But seriously, I agree with you. All this nonsense about who funds who should stop. We are all part of this area and should work together to make it a better place and support each other in promoting it.

Anonymous said...

It is all about being "seen to be doing something" (not actually doing anything of course), but BEING SEEN to be doing something.

Anonymous said...

WOW HBW -just heard wazza on ABC 24 (Capital Hill) giving you a serve -he is watching you and will be raising your blog in Parliament as an example of "misinformation" -he gave you lots of publicity by giving your site two mentions!! Fame at last!

Mick said...

Wow, and yet in all the time he has been in Parliament Where's Wazza never said the same about the misinformation dished out daily by McKenzie. Probably just an oversight hey Warren?

Anonymous said...

Hi Hillbilly crowd -- been reading for some months but first time commenting (since I pretty much agree with most of HBW's stories and any points I'd like to make are usually already made).

The Bolt To Cairns comment is a bit unfair though. It's not tax-payer funded or funded from anything except local business donations for prizes. And, it's seriously one of the very few large scale (for Cairns) bits of harmless fun I've seen in Cairns for a while.

The photos submitted by the community are great. Whether Usain Bolt comes to cairns or not doesn't really matter. It's just refreshing to see so many people, individuals, families and businesses alike just have fun. We're sorely missing some light-hearted stuff with all the doom and gloom.

On the topic of the non-existent CEP, I will forever mourn the loss of the public gathering space. That's what I was looking forward to the most as it's something private enterprise will never fund (just like they'd never fund a public park).

Jethro said...

Anonymous 17.42, we know a lot of peoples feathers are ruffled by HBW. However, remember Hillbilly Watch commenced AS A DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of the vitriolic demonisation of individuals, lies and misinformation broadcast by John Mackenzie and his supporters. Not forgetting of course that "Wazza" is a close mate of long standing with rugnut.

Anonymous said...

Frankly wazza wouldnt know the difference between the truth and misinformation if it hit him in the face. He peddles a fair amount of misinformation himself!

Anonymous said...

I saw Mackenzie on local news last night saying the crocodile population is out of control in the Baron river.
He went on to say the Baron runs past hundreds of homes and through suburbs.There are four houses opposite the boat ramp at Machans,the river runs through cane fields until Caravonica,those houses are half a kilometer away.The river has been full of crocidiles since I was a kid,early 1950's.Is there another Baron river he was talking about?Instead of basing his facts on people who call in how about getting out of the office and have a look.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jethro. I (Anon 17.42) am an avid supporter of HBW in case you are mistaken. Wazza said a lot more about HBW on the Tv program, if you can get a transcript of the program you will be as concerned as I was about the libellous and threatening statements made against HBW. Wazza is is mostly all talk and no action but he holds a powerful position in Canberra and with social media being more in the spotlight these days we need to be vigilant and keep asking questions and raising subjects that the local media won't touch.

Anonymous said...

Cueball has a fanatic hatred of crocodiles and keeps saying that "one day a child shall be killed". That's an old trick surely to get the rednecks on site. There is not a day in the last 10 years that he has been moaning about it and the only child taken belonged to a family who lived in the Daintree and actually did crocodile tours. No one is listening, not even his beloved LNP. Spreading misinformation certainly won't help his case.

The same applies to his simplistic falsification of an extensive report on people dying while out on the on the Reef. He completely ignored the contents of the actual report and falsely claimed that 'those whackos" would make everybody do a medical test before they could go snorkeling at green island. The cranky old hate brigade called in on cue to spew their venom about this total beat-up and non-issue.

It will be interesting to see if his favourite gossip queen will be on today, as he is banned from his own talk show in Melbourne for screaming "Sieg Heil" at Assange's mother. I suppose he can always call on our own resident Nazi, the former minister for brown paper bags, who at his ripe old age has got nothing better to do than whinge and bitch and moan about everything under the sun. The poor old deluded fool has obviously learned nothing from life and is nothing but a cranky, bitter, racist and vitriolic old bigot.

Jethro said...

Anonymous, 07.47, trouble with a lot of these people like Mackenzie and co,. is they can dish it out, but they can't take it back. People in glass houses -
Anonymous 05.54, Mackenzie gets away with his outrageous misinformation about crocodiles, dredging the inlet and so on and so on, because he knows the population of Cairns keeps on changing. Every year there are fewer and fewer of us who recall crocs being in the Barron River for decades.

Val Schier said...

Sitting in my room at the historical Foreign Correspondents Club in Phomh Penh with FREE wifi and the iPad and having a chuckle. Except it's not funny that the Asian cities are moving ahead in leaps and bounds whilst many Cairns people gaze at their navels, whinge and don't realize how lucky we are and how much more we can be with some vision and passion.

Interesting that hillbillywatch has been mentioned in the federal parliament. The local member made a couple of untrue and unnecessary comments in parliament about me too. You are correct that "they" can dish it out but can't handle it.

Keep up the blogposts hillbillywatch.

Anonymous said...

I have just been listening to John MacKenzie and Mayor Manning on talk-back. How on earth did we, the citizens of Cairns end up with a mumbling, fumbling no decisions, no idea of the electorate Mayor like this one. He ought to go to the Seniors Week fair today and have an assessment done. The man is off the tree and can't put words together. No wonder we don't see him up at public outings giving speeches. Wake up Cairns, you deserve better.

Second Anonymous said...

Tony Hiller - The image of Bob Manning dressed in fishnet stockings doing the time warp has made me feel ill.

Tony Hillier said...

It couldn't possibly be as gruesome as sight as the erstwhile Foreign Minister Alexander "Baboon Chops" Downer!!!!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't imagine "Monty Burns" Manning or Dolly Downing doing too much of a 'jump to the left' but certainly a big 'step to the right'!

Al said...

Re Anonymous 24/8/12 10:59: How did we end up with Manning? We bloody well voted for him, that's how. Well, maybe you didn't, and I certainly didn't, but collectively; that's what we did. We also voted for the most ineffective member for Cairns ever, plus the invisible trout for Barron River. And a little earlier, we voted to top up the parliamentary pension of that recycled lump of lard who keeps a seat warm on the opposition benches for Leichardt, replacing one of the hardest working members we have ever had. And the fact that we did this reflects the intellectual ability of the folks in FNQ to make an intelligent informed choice. As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap.