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19 September 2012


In a Cairns Post letter entitled "TOO MUCH CRITICISM TOO SOON IN THE TERM", Brett Moller has rushed to the defence of his LNP mates in both the State Government as well as Cairns Regional Council.  He claims the Council approach, "to its credit", kept rate increases to only 3.7%, forgetting to mention that to do this, Manning and his Unity Team have cut services, gutted needed projects, and plan on increasing deficits and debt to finance day-to-day operations.  

What he fails to mention is that this is completely opposite of the approach taken by his LNP mates in Brisbane.  The Schier council had already begun the process of tightening and reducing staff numbers, but this is something Manning has been gutless to continue.  Instead his budget is ALP inspired, with a huge and growing deficit planned for this year, and next!  And while they steadfastly claim the shortfall is "only $6.6 million", it's already been exposed to be closer to $16 million, including the required Capital Reserve payments they're not making.  

Moller has signed this misleading letter as "FNQ Chairman Policy Council CCIQ".  Forgetting (conveniently?) to mention his recent appointment as Chair of Ports North, a Queensland Government-owned corporation!  It's one thing to be sniping at the public as a representative of some kind of corporate lobbying outfit (the stated purpose of CCIQ).  Moller used his CCIQ position to attack the Schier council plans for the Entertainment Precinct with many members considering the attacks unfair.  And as a lawyer in the community, the public expects a certain sleaziness in actions.    But now he's continuing to use this CCIQ position to come to the new council's defence, despite it conflicting with his strongly-voiced opinions over the last four years?  

As Chair of Ports North, Moller is like all officers bound by the Ports North Code of Conduct.  And yet this letter to the Cairns Post would seem to be in direct contravention of this code.  And many have concluded intentionally misleading - CCIQ has often positioned itself as a "Chamber of Commerce" when in fact it is nothing of the kind.  It's a bare-knuckled lobbying organisation on behalf of big business.  Why has the Ports North board allowed this clear conflict to continue?

One also has to examine the conflicts that exist between Moller's continued work as a solicitor in Cairns, especially when his website lists as specialties "Land Developers, Local Government, Local Shopping Centres, Unit Developers, Chambers of Commerce".  All potential conflicts with his position as chair of Ports North.  His firm is regularly "on the record" in CRC legal matters.  Why hasn't he been asked to resign from this legal position which is fraught with so many conflicts?

Just a year ago, Moller was allied with Anthony Mirotsos in demanding government support for business and government in Cairns.  A year later, Moller has conveniently done a 180, now writing letters supporting his LNP mates in stripping tens of millions from Cairns.  Ethical?  Clearly not.  Even the CCIQ is getting dudded by this guy, who now at the head of Ports North is taking orders from Joh Bjelke Newman.

It would seem important that the boards of Ports North and CCIQ figure out exactly who's interest comes first with Brett Moller.  His actions have already answered this question for the public.

Mirotsos is looking like the only one speaking for Cairns.  Bob Manning's attempt at humour during yesterday's Chamber of Commerce lunch exposed CRC leadership to the public as a doddering old, weak man incapable of taking criticism or even reacting to it.  But as we have seen, even Mirotsos' leadership can be changed with one cushy LNP appointment.


Anonymous said...

Could they at least explain how LNP can be good for Cairns? Anything positive has been the ongoing results of Val Schier and the council members that she led. LNP is poison for Cairns. Loss of job, loss of funding and this is supposed to be offset in the economy by payroll tax cuts. Cairns being somewhat of a branch economy will not actually get the benefit of those cuts.

The economy is very strong and the government has a mandate to direct resources to where they are most needed and Cairns needs them.

Free train in Brisbane not required. 15,000 handouts to rich kids buildidng 750,000 not required. Dictator temples in Brisbane CBD not required.

Give them time? For what more stupidity.?

Ivor said...

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Anonymous said...

An angry and confused Manning was on ABC radio this morning trying to explain his "vision" for Cairns. After 10 excruciating minutes of mumbling, stuttering, forgetting names and places and even the subject he was supposed to address, it came to this: Lake Street will be opened to traffic, maybe. That's it. There is no money for anything else.

The toxic former member for brown paper bags was given unlimited oxygen on Sledgehammer's increasingly farcical talk back show. This vile man represents all the worst qualities of our area: bigoted, racist, inward looking, backwards and totally out of touch with modern Australia. This was followed by the usual conga line of sycophants and LNP suck-ups including Pearl and PNG Kevvie. It is a very uncomfortable thought that this bunch of total idiots is running the show.

Sledgehammer then got Kevvie to find excuses for the incompetent do-nothing new council and that they should be given some slack. Pity he didn't apply the same principles to the former council. if that had been the case he would at least have a sliver of credibility.

Dean said...

Could somebody explain to me what the traffic problem is that requires Lake Street is opened up for through traffic?

McLeod, Sheridan, Grafton and Abbott Streets are all suitable through routes about 100m apart. If anything, they're too close to each other and should be made one-way.

Or does asphalt now form some sort of urban beautification purpose? I thought everyone was against more black asphalt?

The old man is an idiot whose best days are clearly behind him and has no place in functioning society. If he was a woman, the hillbillies would be saying to put her in a home.

He should resign and save himself the embarrassment of 3.5 more years. Claim it's for medical grounds and safe face. Terry James is running the show anyway, but he's too busy sorting out jobs for his mates.

Anonymous said...

Dean, Manning is HUNGRY mate. HUNGRY $$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Dean, Lake St. must be opened up because that's what Sledgehammer John "Macca" McKenzie wants.

Bumbling Bob and Gullable Gavin do as Sledgehammer tells them, while Sledgehammer takes orders from PNG based mayor-in-hiding Kevvie "on the buses" Byrnes.

Sledgehammer also wants the 2 lanes back in Mcleod St. and is against one-lane-ing of Grafton St.

And why is that so ? Look at who Sledgehammer's sponsors are and where their business are located...

In the end all these decisions are driven by commercial interests. Someone will eventually make a lot of money out of the scrapping of the CEP as well.