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22 September 2012


Funny thing about communist countries - while slow off the mark, when they do "economically invade" a region, they do it in a planned and coordinated way.  So today's announced purchase by Chinese companies of the Palazzo Versace at the Gold Coast shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.  And the Chinese know full-well that destinations like the Gold Coast and Cairns have been in a long tourist drought, which has softened-up the sellers.  The Palazzo Versace, a favourite with the monied as well as the bogan class, whom owners Sunland have been trying to unload for some time at $80m, sold to the Chinese at $68m.  Financed using all that dosh we've sent them for TV's, white goods, appliances - well, damn near everything we buy now.  

You'd be hard pressed to find something other than "Made in China" at the new Masters Hardware.  China's now buying up big with our money.  

The Chinese are said to be negotiating for the new Hilton Surfer's Paradise as well, and earlier this week we were told Bob "Screwdriver" Manning and others were escorting Chinese investors around Cairns, showing them all the iconic properties we're ready to sell them at cut-rate prices.  Is it to late to get them to by the Rex Theater?

Many merchants in the CBD have often noticed and commented about the groups of 4-10 middle-aged Chinese men, ostensibly tourists, wandering the streets and rarely buying anything.  Those are your Chinese business executives, who've been studying and cataloging Cairns for years now.  Many of them likely know more about our city that we do.

With the door being held wide by pollies on both sides of the chamber, we can expect business, housing, and schools all being on the block.  

Meanwhile in Port Douglas, hopes were dashed for an LNP mateship injection of state money into the rapidly fading Sheraton Mirage.  With an overhaul years overdue, and little interest shown by Chinese tour packagers in Port, the Mirage situation is grim indeed.  Insiders claim it may be only weeks before Sheraton brand owner Starwood strips the property of the Sheraton branding.  

All of this was expected by those who've seen the Chinese "economic invasion" elsewhere in the world.  Sellers should just try not to look so pathetic and desperate.  There's a lot to be said for a culture who, after first being shown the spoon, said "no thanks, we're staying with the sticks". 


Anonymous said...

I think in the Cairns region they will love the farmland. Would not everyone? Such a massive asset to Australia as very lush and bountiful.

Tourism, do not see it. Think we would have needed CEP plus a massive working port plus another casino plus a unique Australian shopping experience. Working port will kill more of Cairns that it saves I reckon.

I do know what I think maybe a very good industry would be to partner with Chinese. Possibly a very lucrative one. So there are options but not the obvious ones imo.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10;17,

I recommend you (a) look at a map; (b) think about transport/energy efficiency; and (c) think about how much work and treasure comes out of the Port of Cairns.

The future of Cairns is intimately tied to the future of its port (among other things)

Anonymous said...

Anon #2 This is Anon #1.I have lived in port towns and the wealth went to many entities, except the town.

So maybe worth more to China than to Cairns.

Anonymous said...

Well, China IS a whole bunch smarter than us when it comes to business.

"Cairns, you know it used to belong to thieving white trash?"

bob deacon said...

Anon #1, why aren't you using your 'Luigi' ID? Is it because you run this blog down on another Cairns blog?

Anonymous said...

Bob Deacon ???? You sound like Moore with weirdo claims that defy belief. I am no Luigi.


Anon #1

Anonymous said...

China is doing what the USA did to every other country and that is devalue there dollar.

Doc said...

China is seducing us with cheap goods in every bit the same way white man seduced the natives with glass beads and mirrors. One thing they will do is to leave us with a raging contagion of t.b. Newman is an idiot for closing the tuberculosis centre in Brisbane.

Ed in Edge Hill said...

Typical great journalism from HBW. A story ignored by the Cairns Post, with great links showing good research, and an inside view from the players, in this case the Mirage. I'm happy to hear that readership is growing thanks to our local members - this is a vital part of Cairns reporting.

Bob R. said...

Wonder if a huge tower is going to be built on THE BLOCK OF LAND Manning stated was absolutely "critical" for ports expansion? (The site of the Entertainment Precinct.) I think Terry Vance wrote this in his blog, that a huge tower bearing the Chinese national flag, was built there. Funny if his blog was prophetic.

jim-bob snr said...

Off the topic I guess, but I read in The Cairns Post the other day about bottlenecks already occurring within the Courts system, as extra police have resulted in extra cases to be heard in the courts, and yet the slashing of the bueaucracy is slowing things down. So we may well end us with cattle truckloads of people waiting outside CourtHouses for their cases to be heard. Would be real nice for the tourists to see I guess. Still, we're gunna see a hell of a lot of this from now on. This won't be able to be done, because we're waiting on this Department to try and process this, but the Department can't process it because such and such a Department has a six month waiting list. People will all start bellowing and screaming like mad and will try and hightail it into their local LNP Member's office, and hey presto...he won't be there!! See also where bushfires around the State are starting. Will be interesting to see the damage now that the fire services have been savaged. We're all gunna cop some of the consequences of this slash and burn of Newmans.

shanghai said...

love the photo i was watching the midnight oil song the other day and in the back ground was a map of oz with the stars and stripes painted within our borders that clip is 30 years old but why bag the chinese again like a broken record allaying fears about them their smart hardworking love their family hardly the ethos of war mongers by the way japan started this episode about the islands of course america will come to their aid funny that !!!!china the only country with money get used to it oh and by the way the chinese find port douglas boring theres nothing to do there give it a few years for the f.i.ts

Anonymous said...

There is one certainty and that is if the mackenzies,crockfords,bills and pearls of this world keep debating everything to death the Chinese and any of their future investment in this area will hopefully go elsewhere as this city remains a hopeless backwater with that lot in the media.Thanks to that lot and our boy wonder we have lost to much already and remain the laughing stock of progressive councils south of us.

Ms Elly-May said...

Just listening to rugnut at the moment and he is on again about the "parkies". He has said the same thing now for over 30 years, over and over, like a broken record. Followed by juvenile delinquency, another topic he has done to death over the 30 years.

Seth said...

The management behind Shangri La must have laughed their guts out when Manning and his Unity Team promptly canned the Entertainment Precinct. I can believe this information would have found its way back to China, that Cairns city rejected over a hundred million in funding to build an iconic centre leaving behind an ageing and rapidly disintegrating inadequate community theatre and no regional museum. One thing that investors like to see is where a city shows CONFIDENCE in itself and its future. Confidence in the future is a feature of strong civic leadership. Val Schier demonstrated this with her Entertainment Precinct vision.

Anonymous said...

Not Chinese but Asia -

Singapore developer blacklists Qld under Newman

An international developer says he's blacklisted Queensland.

Singapore-based firm Sembawang has cited the Queensland government's public sector job cuts as part of the reason it won't consider any future investment in Queensland


Bob R. said...

Guess they realise that if they wanted anything from the State Government they would now have to wait feckin months and months.