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24 September 2012


Local petrol-head Peter Roggenkamp has for years been conducting two campaigns about his car hobby.  One we've been critical of- the establishment of an amateur race track with council and ratepayer participation.  Don't need it, don't want it.  

However Roggenkamp is finding that the new Joh Bjelke Newman LNP government has been no more receptive to fixing the training system (none!) for obtaining driver's licences in Queensland.  Roggenkamp made several pleas for support to MP Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King as well as LNP leaders prior to the election.  With the election now long-past and the budget priorities set, Roggenkamp now realises that his expertise in this matter is being ignored just as completely as the ALP idiots before them.

On this subject we are in full agreement with Roggenkamp.  Anyone who travels internationally knows that Queensland drivers are the worst in the world, and it's these driver-parents "teaching" their children who continue to infect the next generation.  Add to it mobile phones, texting, and Australia's huge drink driving problem - it's no wonder the traffic fatality and injury RATE in Australia is climbing while most other countries are seeing declines.

And recently several countries who used to accept an Australian driving licence as equal to their own (Japan, Germany, some U.S. states) now require those with an Australian licence to sit a written test as well as driving test due to the disrepute of our system.

There are several features of "best practise" driver training that need to be adopted in Australia.  Some of these include:

  • Compulsory Classroom Training Hours BEFORE issuance of learner's permit
  • Compulsory in-car training BEFORE any practise with parents
  • Required retraining class hours for tickets prior to age 21
  • Licencing of all driver's training professionals and schools

In many countries the required classroom education is given by secondary schools prior to the minimum age for issuance of a Learner's Licence.  Oddly, the QTU has in the past indicated disinterest in adding this to the high school curriculum.  Teachers not wanting to teach?  Funny that.

What do we do about the rest of the bad drivers on the road?  Requirements for retraining and retesting after violations or accidents would be a start.  Jail for second (and more) drink driving convictions - a little Sharia law for these people wouldn't be a bad thing.

There would seem to be little chance of government leadership on this issue in Queensland.  Politicians are too drunk on speed camera money and we see none with the cajones to do anything.

Roggenkamp has regularly called in to the Cueball show to lobby for overhaul of our system.  Roggenkamp is delusional if he thinks this radio hack or his listeners have the intelligence or interest in this issue - if he was really serious he'd have a written plan, with requirements and outcomes, and he'd be pushing it on the ABC and television networks, not with the King of hillbilly radio.  For MacKenzie, this subject doesn't have the pizazz of attacking and tearing down a female mayor, or pushing for the idiotic $120M dredging of the inlet to sell a few more never-to-be-used tourist didgeridoos.  Getting 300 hillbilly listeners to get interested in this subject is near to impossible, so it's ignored by MacKenzie who has never shown any interest in improving our community.  

$120M would go a long way towards saving lives, but it requires actual work from our pollies on the back of an organised and reasoned media campaign.  Funny that.


Ms Elly-May said...

The USA has compulsory classroom training and is a subject loved by most students. Interesting that there was a news item this morning wherein police have revealed that in a certain number of car accidents they have found mobile phones on and relatives or friends waiting on the other end of the phone. Apparently the drivers were either talking of texting when the accident occurred.

Anonymous said...

So when did the QTU start deciding the curriculum in schools? First I've heard of it and I've been a member for 34 years. Or was thatt just another cheap shot at teachers?

Anonymous said...

The Hillbillies keep whingeing about the same stuff; law and order, indigeneous people, crocodiles, etc. They don't see m to realise that a LNP government has been in charge for a while now and that there is no improvement whatsoever. I don't hear any of the nasty comments that were directed at our previous leaders, so I think the fact that 2 women were in charge of the State and Local Government was the real problem for these backward dinosaurs, not any of the politics. The health department payroll woes apparently continue as well. Looks like CAN DO CANNOT fix anything.

As for the things to improve the appalling local driving skills, add a mandatory defensive driving course and a course in controlling aggressive behaviour on the roads.

Anonymous said...

When you first arrive in Queensland the driving is really frightening. Sad how you sort of get used to it. Should be a priority, but most too quick to blame roads. Small popultion up here so bad roads will remain an issue forever more.

Anonymous said...

"Bad" roads UP HERE will remain because you are now in the wettest region in Australia, mate. And don't give me that tired asinine cliche about fucken "goats tracks." You weren't here to remember the Bruce Highway as a SINGLE laned nightmare full of potholes.

T. Asquith said...

Last anonymous (19:51) pretty much sums it up. And so too those who advocate a tunnel through the Kuranda Range; (Kevin Byrne was one) it's an economically stupid idea which would warrant a toll of about $250 toll each way to break even. It ain't never gonna happen.
PS: Same economics apply to dredging the inlet.

Anonymous said...

Good drivers don't have problems with bad roads. Bad drivers will be bad drivers no matter how good the road is. This place is full of unskilled, agressive, ignorant drivers who don't understand the basic concept of " sharing" the road and who don't have the skills and experience to deal with unexpected situations.

Gawain Bling, Dishonourable Member for Mackenzie said...

I know you all listened to me yesterday on my good friend John Mackenzies show. I talked about the amazing growth in tourism which has happened since I was elected as Member for Cairns. Yes, me. I spoke about how the parents of young teens are now visiting Cairns in their thousands, you know once the teens have wandered here in their gap years, they go back home and they tell Mum and dad how awesome, AWESOME it is up here, so then Mum and Dad arrive and not forgetting Granddad and Grandma they come too, so we are seeing a phenomenal growth in tourism here. They come to see our beautiful reef and rainforest, They see nothing like this wherever they come from. It's just AWESOME. I mean, as I said, what more do you need? What more do you need, so I said it's just so good that since I was elected that word is getting out finally about just how awesome it is up here. Im so gratified that it has been the results of all my hard work in getting that message out there really out there to all the Mums and Dads, and the grandparents. So that now we are finally seeing our tourist industry take off. As it should take off, we have a truly AWESOME region here, and I am so pleased that it has been my efforts which have resulted in this. I often wonder how Cairns managed without, you know, me?

Anonymous said...

Lol Gavin has done nothing. I guess he planned the eclipse as well.

jim-bob jnr, said...

Christ, I was in the irritating situation of having to listen to BLING blithering and bullshitting on yesterday on mackenzie's fascist program and yeah, thats about the guts of the shit he spruiked. Pure bloody shit but full of himself.

Anonymous said...

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