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06 September 2012


Warren "Run for the Door" Entsch, this morning.  Describing himself apparently, a local pollie living on public handouts and doing little in return.

Today's 4CA MacKenzie show suspiciously sounded like a cross between a religious revival meeting, and an informercial.  In what seemed to be an organised effort, we heard first from "Phil in White Rock", who was given almost ten minutes of uninterrupted time to spruik "Team Wild".  

"Team Wild" was said by "Phil" to be a program that has stopped young thugs and habitual juvenile offenders from reoffending.  Terrific if true.  But as they've apparently been operational for years and we've all been told we're in the midst of a "juvenile crime wave of epic proportions", why hasn't "Team Wild" been effective? And even more important, why all the hoopla today?

Then "Phil from White Rock" got to his point.  He wants everyone to given Gavin "Don't Rape Me" King the message that tenders for juvenile boot camps should be given to this "local" company instead of outsiders!  Apparently, big money is now being tossed around by the LNP to attack this so-called crime wave, and the "Team Wild" management today used the Cueball show to lobby for this cash.

And then even more suspiciously, we then got treated to an organised parade of calls from "single mums" and other failed parents who told tearful stories about sending their budding little crims to "Team Wild", and collecting mini-saints a few weeks later.  Can you give me an "Amen".

Since callers only get on air after being vetted by Junelle McFright, it seems likely that the whole sorry episode was a set-up.  A fraud.  In other words, another normal day for the John MacKenzie show.

A ministerial team was recently at the Wangetti College site, apparently a frontrunner as one of the aboriginal boot camp sites.  But when the government, either ALP or LNP, is proffering a pocketful of dosh, no tactic is too low to scoop it up. 

Perhaps ol' Cueball can take some of that cash and see a doctor.  He's sounded like he's coughing up a lung the last few days. 


Anonymous said...

David Jackson, rusted on Liberal who is rampant Favebook troll is listed as the business manager so he wants handouts I see. So more money for the boys club. I see.

ruby said...

I was suspicious about the idea of "boot camps" right from the beginning. One way to cream off the taxpayers, invent the success stories etc. while meanwhile a few people pocket themselves a nice little sum. Coo ta everyone.
For the record I once worked in one of those public/private organisations, where the managers fudged the client statistics in order to continue receiving government funding. It's all too easy!

Anonymous said...

Don't Government contracts have to go to tender so that everyone can compete for a piece of the pie.

Anonymous said...

Ole rugnut coughing, did you say HBW? Interesting, wonder if he has the good ole consumption?

Anonymous said...

Maybe this organisation is simply a good one who is getting results. I believe government contracts do go to tender so there is no money for mates? I have heard of these guys before and I also heard the show yesterday, I was actually taken back by the stories, if this is true these guys deserve medals not our volitile attacks. I heard one lady say that Team Wild went to her rescue at 1 am in the morning! That is amazing and real dedication. For once I am against the attack on McKenzie as he seemed as surprised by the stories as I was. Does anyone know if they are even looking to obtain the boot camp money?

Phil said...

I would just like to say that I know team wild and they only work with 40 participants per annum with unprecidented outcomes. With a serious youth crime issue exceeding 300 per year Team WIld currently only have the capacity to address a little over 10% of the problem. They are a very effective organisation that was effective as they choose to fly under the radar, possibly the McKenzie show has caused them to recieve attention they do not seek as I know they prefer to just do their job without nay sayers getting in their way. You know it is unbelievable how all these big organisation would not have a bar of these young criminals because they don't know how to handel them even youth justice dont have the answers. But as soon as you mention that word money or funding or long term progams then all these companies or org's or programs and there cats, dogs, reptiles all seem to have all of a sudden found the answers, how is that. I dont have a problem with anyone putting in for the progam but when you have been around this area from the police to the courts on to youth justice through to townsville youth detention centre and I have seen how it all works or more to the point doesn't work. and then you come across a progam like Team wild well what a breath of fresh air I mean you dont need to ask questions all you need to do is stand back and watch, the proof is in the pudding. So giving a small progam like this the opportunity, I know will put a big dent in this problem and help to make our community a safer place for us all. I would like to state just for the record also that this wasn't co-ordinated as stated I am not apart of Team Wild I am just an admirer of their progam I only become aware of Team Wild when one of our mentee's from our program become engaged with them this kid was realy out of control. So when I had seen him after a couple of months he was a very different kid hence why I called John Mackenzie. At the end of the day we all need to work together, i mean every one and this includes the hole community and so who ever wins the tender will be the one that I will be working with and if the truth is to be known that will be the same with Team Wild I expect.

Anonymous said...

Phil, you are a No. 1 Cockhead!
This information was tabled in Parliament this week:
It has also been suggested that the business development manager for Team Wild, David Grant Jackson, told a credible stakeholder two weeks before the submission deadline that he was the government’s preferred supplier, allegedly based on verbal advice from the member for Cairns. I have been provided with information that I believe to be credible that David Jackson, who was put forward as a potential service provider for a boot camps tender, has a more than suspect background. Team Wild is listed as a charity, but it seemed odd that photos or background information about Mr Jackson were almost nonexistent. He had made claims to youth sector workers about his military background, including time in the Special Air Service Regiment out of Perth during 1996. After being questioned by a youth sector worker, who had actually served in the SAS, subsequent searches of military records indicated that Mr Jackson may never have been in the SAS. This prompted further investigation into the character of the potential boot camp provider. David Jackson’s personal Facebook posts are littered with anti-Labor and pro-LNP rhetoric and his likes include ‘I Hate Julia Gillard’ and LNP politicians such as Jarrod Bleijie. On 19 November he posted—
The very essence of success is reliant on the provider—
being able—
to gain the trust of the youths and their families, I can speak from experience on this and can say this will be a very difficult task.
Gaining people’s trust is of more interest to David Jackson than most, because in July 2005 he pleaded guilty in the Cairns District Court to stealing and fraud committed in 2003. He used company funds for personal purchases and air travel as well as stealing a post office key, computer hard drive and other items, which were found when police searched his residence. He was given a 12-month suspended prison sentence and was ordered to pay $2,881 in restitution.
But the real test of David Jackson’s character came earlier. An article from the Woman’s Day magazine of October 2003, which I table, features a photo of a 17-year-old Jackson, then known as David MacLeod.
Tabled paper: Article from the Woman’s Day titled ‘My grandson stole my home’ [1731].
The article titled ‘My grandson stole my home’ tells of a 29-year-old Mr MacLeod defrauding his
own grandmother, fleecing her of her home and being found guilty through subsequent civil action in the Maroochydore District Court.
Team Wild claims to have been delivering services to young offenders since 1999, yet this assertion appears to be false. The first many people in my region had heard of Team Wild was earlier this year through self-promotion by David Jackson. David Jackson has been supported and encouraged by the member for Cairns after the delivery of a school holiday program over June-July this year, appearing in various photographs to promote Team Wild as a can-do group that can get the job done. The nature of Mr Jackson’s criminal offences raises the question of whether he is a suitable individual to deliver youth programs designed to instil qualities of integrity, honesty and accountability. There is also a concern about his capacity to manage public funds.
For those in the House who think my contribution to this debate is nothing but a kick in the head for the member for Cairns and the LNP, I acknowledge that funding for Team Wild’s Right of Passage Entitlements—or ROPE—under the Get Set for Work program was approved by the previous government and was used by Team Wild to work with offenders during the dress rehearsal for the boot camp job. This is a matter of public interest and I do not intend to omit the facts and I do not raise these matters lightly. Yesterday, Mr Jackson posted the following on a Facebook forum discussing boot camps—
... Team Wild are delivering another School Holiday program with some funding from the State Government for two months starting December 1.